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  1. There's a question with this same title, but it's for fifth edition, and while I don't think the rules on Martial Throw have meaningfully changed, there is one line of the text that makes me pause, namely 'that applies only to characters'. Now, this seems to be, contextually, about disallowing throwing things at characters, but I just want to make sure. I guess this is part of a broader question- are vehicles characters, or do they at least count as characters?
  2. So, a couple folks and I came across something odd in Champions 6e, in the 'choose your powers' section for the Brick. For 25 points, the Brick makes 25 PD and 25 ED Resistant. So far so good. For another 18 points, that 25 rPD/rED is made Hardened. Now, this calculation appears to be done treating the resistant defenses as though they are 37 point powers with no advantages on them. Sort of as though they're simultaneously being treated as PD with an advantage and as Resistant Protection. But, all of this aside, I realized that advantaged PD and Resistant Protection *isn't* the same when it comes to adding additional advantages to them. Resistant Protection ends up costing marginally more. Is there anything that makes Resistant Protection better than PD (Resistant) or is this just a byproduct of the way modifiers work?
  3. What's the right way of building a set of powers, say, a Blast, a Drain, and a Transform, that must all be used at the same time, or not at all? It seems obvious to me that Linked is going to be involved in some way, but it's not clear to me what combination of links you would use and on which powers.
  4. I'm not unclear about what sort of special effect would represent this kind of power, I'm trying to figure out how to make it work mechanically.
  5. Something that isn't clear to me is how powers generally get used when you take them from persistent to instant like this. If I made a persistent power constant, I've have to spend a zero-phase action activating it, right? And if it's instant, isn't that still the case, except it only lasts for a single phase?
  6. Apologies if this has been covered already, but I've been looking for an answer to this for a bit now and haven't managed to turn anything up. I'm imagining a simple power- Resistant Protection with a small number of Charges. Mechanically, what I would like to happen is that when a character is hit by an attack, they can decide whether or not to use one of the charges to apply their Protection to that attack. Using something like Trigger for this seems cumbersome, but I don't think merely making the Protection instant would accomplish what I'm going for. Is this kind of power readily supported by Hero?
  7. I'm imagining something in the vein of 5e D&D, where characters have one or two signature items (these would likely be things they just pay points for as normal), a handful of miscellaneous tools they swap out based on what they think they'll be doing that day (represented by the VPP), and then some unknown body of consumables that they can use as one-time solutions to problems, which I guess just anyone could use without paying points? The idea of someone rooting around in a magic bag for a Potion of Water Breathing seems fine to me. Looking at seven swords in the middle of combat to pick the one that seems like it would do the most damage to an enemy ooze, less so.
  8. Hi there everyone. Short-time lurker, first time poster. I am planning on running not one but two Hero System 6e campaigns in the coming months, both of them in different high fantasy settings. Something I'd like to be able to do in them is allow my players to acquire magic items much like they might expect to in Dungeons & Dragons, while trying to keep in mind the difference in feel caused by using the Hero System (or any points-based power-based system, for that matter) I've read through the item creation rules in Fantasy Hero, and the idea of just paying character points to get a new power in the form of a magic item seems redundant. On the other hand, letting players just accumulate magic items without end seems not in the spirit of the system. So, the compromise I've come up with (that I'd like feedback on) is an attunement system, in the form of players buying a VPP with some heavy limitations, (Only to wield magic items, Can only be changed after resting for at least an hour) and then only being able to use some combination of items if they can fit in the framework. Additionally, points for creating magic items would likely come primarily from materials, as described in Fantasy Hero. I might let a player who wants to become an artificer follow the alternate enchanted item creation rules, but any creation they make would still need to be fit in a framework. Any thoughts?
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