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  1. I am going to have to beg off of the game. mainly due to the whole covid thing. If you still need a player once things have been resolved(and my wife is back from helping her mother) my schedule should open up. sorry about this.
  2. Can i get an invite to your discord server?
  3. I was thinking of a speedster type or an energy projector that generate portal. the energy projector would be like a guy i saw in a spiderman comic that had a guy that had spots on a completely white body where he could grab them and toss them around. He could reach in on "hole" and his fist would come out of a "hole" behind spiderman thus hitting him by surprise. The speedster would be very fast and electrically based with all of the typical things (powers and disadvantages) you would expect from an electrically based character. Think misfits of science for anyone who might have heard of it. i could rough out a build for both if you would like and post it in the thread or in discord if you were to have a server i can get on and post to.
  4. My son is having some issues and that is why I will have to postpone until next time. I will come up with a concept in the mean time and we can go over it on discord or email. which would you prefer?
  5. due to real life i will have to do it in two weeks.
  6. what time is the session this saturday and how long do you play? Also, would i be able to attend? what would i need to bring?
  7. are you still looking to run and online game? If so, I would be interested.
  8. do you guys have room for another player? I live in yukon but I wouldn't mind the drive.
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