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  1. What I meant was that the fact that the power I built in its current state could only be reflected as an attack and not pure damage was a problem that needs to be fixed. I like the curse as an uncontrollable blast. I think I can now build the power that my player wanted with everyone's help. I just have one more question, is there a way to build the curse power as a reflection of an attack instead? I ask because the blast method only guarantees both targets take damage at the same time, having the reflection allows the damage to be exactly the same. I just need to get the new attack to ignore armor. Then I can alter the attack to ignore normal defense using variable advantages. Maybe one more minor -0 limitation saying the attack can only do the same amount of damage it did to the player.
  2. One of my players wants to make an ability for his character which would link him with one target. Any time the target took damage he would take an equal amount of damage, any time he took damage the target would take damage. Other than this ability he's a pretty average guy, but he can turn the power on and off with a half phase action. Right Now I have this: Reflection 60, DA Constant (+1/2), Reduced END 0 (+1/2) (80 Active points); Feedback (-1) (40 Real Points) Reflection HTH 60, DA Constant (+1/2), Reduced END 0 (+1/2) (80 Active points); Feedback (-1) (40 Real Points) The problem is that the ability only lets all of the characters damage flow into the target, and not the target's damage into the character. Also the damage isn't exactly reflected but the attack is, so even if the character got stabbed in the stomach and is bleeding out, if the target was wearing a chest plate he wouldn't really feel anything. How would I build this power?
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