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  1. Yeah. I guess my biggest issue is that I see "Mental Duplication" as the effect, but when I think "what does it let me do?" the answer (to me) is that it allows me to ask the "clone mind" questions, to see how the "clone mind" would behave under certain circumstances and would possibly let me make the "clone mind" use mental powers it might have, but I think I need to break it down even more. How does asking the "clone mind" questions actually benefit my character? I finally found the power "knowledge sharing" in the powers book and this seems like one of the things that a cloned mind should be able to provide. because I've cloned a mind that has the skill, I would be able to use certain skills myself. (I might eventually be able to learn physical skills, but that should be a lot harder I'd think, or simply not possible.) I would also want to be able to ask questions like "where is your hideout?" or "where did you bury the girl?" or "what's the password to your computer?" I'm not really sure how getting those answers would work mechanically. As far as being able to examine the "cloned minds" likely fighting technique it would obviously be some kind of combat awareness.. although I'd like it to have non combat uses too. Maybe I need to take a closer look at precognition powers examples.. I hadn't really been thinking along those lines. So I guess what I'm looking at is some sort of power framework?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm an old FASERIP Marvel player, but now my group is getting ready to do a 6th ed. champions game. With that in mind, I'm trying to figure out how to translate one of my Marvel character ideas into a Champions character. The focal point of the character, was going to be "Mental Duplication" from the old Marvel Super Heroes Ultimate Powers book. The gist of it is that my character would be able to copy the mind of other characters within his own mind.. he could then "interrogate" the copied mind or "force it to do things" (like telling him the combination to drop the forcefield around their home planet of Druidia, teaching him all of their secret fighting techniques, or perhaps even forcing them to use a mental power for him if they have one.) Keep in mind that I'm not actually effecting my opponent's mind, so they probably have no idea what's up. This is actually creating a "cloned mind" within and (mostly?) subordinate to my character's mind. This effect should be very long-lasting, if not permanent. (although perhaps limited to a certain number of "cloned minds".) The downside is that, when I try to force the mind to do something, if it's strong enough, it may actually be able to take over my character for a short period of time. So that's the main thing I'm hoping some people can help me build. As you may know, Marvel Super Heroes had something called "power stunts", essentially alternate uses for a power. I was planning on having this character get increased mental defenses because his mind contains several possible targets (though it would be interesting if a strong mental attack could possibly cause a "jail break" in his mind or destroy one of the cloned minds). He would also get combat sense by copying his opponent's mind and having it show him how it's likely to fight. (this may take a while before it actually takes effect.) He might be able to train skills or just get the skills of people nearby (temporarily at least). I might have eventually tried to actually trap an opponent's real mind within my own or force my mind into them (getting possession, but that doesn't seem very heroic). These and any other abilities you can think of that have to do with "Mental Duplication" could be helpful and might be an interesting thought exercise, but aren't really necessary for me to start the character. This is meant for a Superheroic 400 pt. game Thank you
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