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  1. Doc, I figured I would have him teleport in and attack, in all likelihood with surprise, and then his phase would be over, per the rules. His next phase he will teleport away and attack someone else, or teleport around his target. His target will at least occasionally get a chance to hit back that way. I haven't play tested it yet to see if that works, but will before I run a game with other people in it. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks, both of you. I'm the GM (designing a villain for my adventure), so it sounds like I can do it whichever way I see fit. It is a superherioc adventure, so Gnome BODY was right for pointing out I don't need weapon familiarity, I hadn't caught that nuance.
  3. I am building a character whose main power is teleporting. As I want him to have some offensive abilities as well, I want to make him good with blades (he teleports in, stabs you, teleports out, etc). I'm confused on how this all works, though. Do you have to buy a Hand Killing Attack to be able to use a sword? Martial Arts with a Weapon Element, plus at least a Martial Strike? A weapon familiarity skill? All of the above? If all, can you combine a HKA with a martial strike or is it one or the other? Could you just have martial arts with a martial strike and have a sword without the HKA power? If someone is willing to walk me through it, I'd sure appreciate it. (I'm using Champions Complete, by the way).
  4. So I have finished reading Champions Complete, am working on understanding everything so I can run a game with my kids (seems like a great way to spend some quarantine quality time), and have a question. If a character, super or otherwise, uses a normal firearm (no powers added to it), does it cost Endurance somehow? I found one passage in Champions Complete that pointed out that firearms have to have the Charges and Beam limitations, so perhaps there is no endurance requirement because you already pay a price with those limitations? I see in some of the examples in the book that weapons that have powers attached (like a bow that shoots arrows with various abilities such as Blast or Entangle) do cost END, but I can't find anything definitive about regular guns and bullets. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
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