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  1. I read a lot of good alternative names. How about Heroes of Legend or Legendary Heroes or Mystical Champions?
  2. Tasha: Thanks for your articles in this forum. I ask the GM, what he/she will and will not allow in beginning characters and generally which skills and abilities would be good idea to have, even if just as familiarities. One GM asked that my character have some Limitations that I did not consider originally, but those helped get the plot started, with consequences that were hilarious to all of the players, but embarrassing for my character. Bait and Switch (as discussed earlier in this forum): That's OK, as long as the players know about it before the game starts, so they can make characters t
  3. So no slient, tiptoing or hovering monsters that leave no trails nor scents?
  4. As always, it's up to the GM. I like Exenor!'s "A motivation, a DNPC, an arch-nemesis, a secret ID, maybe a weakness, and Done!". Some may ask for different mixes, but please make each character unique and believable, with at least some "chinks in his/her/its armo(u)r". (please, no flaming for leaving out several more pronouns). Some PCs may have, say, 3 DNPCs, no arch-nemesis, a code of honour and no weakness. Does anyone prefer that PCs complications are changed and reduced, but never eliminated during play? Some min/maxers can't wait to buy off all of their PCs' complications, so the PCs
  5. When I have something relevant to say So far, my posts have been positive and not ad hominem (SP).
  6. I lost my HD v3 after a computer upgrade .... When may I buy the new, improved, ultimate Hero Designer?
  7. If "emailing spells" becomes common, then someone will find a way to counter it, just like in the current "malware vs anti malware" war. I believe Robert Bloch did something like this in a short story. Could this be done with text messages, tweets, or other instant message systems? How about mind control by email?
  8. I'd have the player make a sanity (EGO) Roll at -1 for every 20 active points in the spell that the character casts a spell. Failing the roll gives the character 1 point towards a Limitiation of the GM's choosing, e.g. "Soul belongs to .....", "Beserk", and/or reducing an advantage. Success has no effect on the slide to "the dark side".
  9. Re: Fairytale Princess Template Thanks, everyone! I'll quote your usernames as references when I use this. Now to make busy wid da Hero Books and patch a campaign together...
  10. Remember the princess from the cartoons and recently, the movie "Enchanted"? So far, I have: Min COMliness 13 Skills: Singing +3, Dancing +1 Powers: Summon ("swarm" of small, furry and feathered animals), RSR: Singing. Change Environment (Cleaning) Incantations (sing), OIF (small animals from the general area), RSR: Singing. Limitations: Hunted: Wicked Stepmom (severely punish) Psych Lim: Bursts into song 8- (11- if in a musical setting) Can anyone else add to this?
  11. Re: Intermediate levels of +5 = x2 My work on what I call the "Sensible STRength Table", gave me the same figures. If we extend the table that post a little, we have: +33 = x100 +50 = x1 000 +66 = x10 000 +83 = x100 000 +100 = x1 000 000 Using +50 for every thousand, +100 for every million helps with make a large congregation, or making a whole country of followers. Does this help?
  12. Re: Your "2007" Pet Gaming Projects Revising Armor and the Strength Table. I know that the formula for "How much can I carry if my strength is ...." more or less works, but the numbers can be a little clumsy. Now, using the idea that +17 STR means x10 Carrying capacity, +33 STR means x100 and +50 STR means x1000, and "64x2 = 125" makes life a little easier. Then we only need to rate carrying capacity vs STR for STR -23 (1kg) to STR 50 (1000kg), then apply the modifiers for x10, x100, x1000, or indeed, x1/10 (-17), x1/100 (-33) and x1/1000 (-50), to work out carrying capacit
  13. Re: Probability question Using the following notation: C(n,r) = n!/(r!*(n-r)!), The I use N(m,r) for the number of times that 'r' is rolled on 'm' D6. So N(m,r) is: 1, for r = m m, for r = m+1 C(r-1,m-1) for r = m+2 to m+5 C(r-1,m-1) - m*C(r-7,m-1) for r = m+6 to (m*3.5, rounded down) N(m,mn+m-r), for r > (m*3.5, rounded down) The probability of rolling 'r' on 'm' D6 = N(m,r)/(6^m) The cumulative probability, for calculating the probability of rolling 'r' or less on 'm' D6 is N(m+1,r+1)/(6^(m+1)).
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