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  1. Hi all. When does a piece of equipment generally need to be paid for in a Fantasy Hero setting? I’m putting together my game word and want to do it right is it relative to starting character power level? Can I have a powerful character find an item, powerful or otherwise, without paying for it?
  2. Hi guys. Something over Google chat, VC or otherwise. and something to handle the file sharing. Then also something where dice rolls are done in a fair, observable way. Details! lol Papnpiper, what's your game? Hero fascinates me as the scalability is *almost* perfect. I haven't seen it more ably done in an Old School Resurgence game than Hero. That being said, FUDGE looks amazing. That's next. However, Hero and Champs is still my personal gold standard and I'd like to run a game. I love low fantasy with high fantasy elements. Sci-fi can be fun but the "hand-wavium" kil
  3. Greeting all. Player / GM in Ontario, Canada looking for a group for on-line play. Sounds like half a Craigslist ad! Anyway, old school Champs player looking to reconnect. Respond here and let's talk! -Sean
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