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  1. Hello Simon, So what I have settled on is doing both a custom Template and Prefabs for my skills. I have created all the new skills in a modified XML template file which I load, then I have built a Prefab of the skills list in each Profession... But... Do you, or anyone else have any ideas on how to make the Separators or the List Text actually appear when I load the Prefab? It just says "separator"...I have tried notes, etc. But nothing seems to actually display the name I gave the Separator. Thanks in advance! Sabene
  2. Oh...well I am having a duh moment here! I am not sure why I did not look there first. Thanks.
  3. Hello Simon, So I bought a new version of the software as my existing version was saying that the Heroic6E.hdt file was from version 2 of the software and that I needed a version 3... However, the new version of the software does not seem to have the HD6 folder included in the download? I could not find any of the template files to modify. I guess I am looking for the HDv3.jar file that will contain the templates? Is that available from Hero Games in some form I can still get at and use?
  4. Yes, I am looking through the XML right now...I will play a bit with it, but I may have to resort to a Prefab. Thanks again Simon!
  5. Hello Simon, Thank you much for your reply! So I am thinking that I would like to build these new skills inside a template. I have never added skills into a template before...how do I get them into the skills list for the players to be able to select them? I have look all through the software and have not found where I can add skills into the list... Now, perhaps I am not understanding how templates work... EDIT: Reading in the documentation, it looks like I will need to modify an XML file...can you help with where I can get a baseline XML to start from? Thanks again fo
  6. I am doing a space game that will have skill groups for players to buy as part of building their profession on a spaceship. They are all sort of custom skills like Zero G Operation, Astrogation, etc. I would like to have them preloaded into Hero Designer for my players to just buy them. I am not sure how to do such a thing and if it would be more appropriate to put them into a Template or a Prefab? Any assistance is appreciated. :)
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