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  1. Re: A Thread for Random Videos NSFW! I looked back through the tread and didn't see this one posted and apologize if it's been posted before. I also apologize if you watch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86wKWjvUD50
  2. The Nazi never fail to provide some of the best pulp. Link
  3. Re: Would you play a game with pre-generated characters? One of the best GM's I've ever played under once did a game with a NBC 'Heroes' theme, in that there was a total world blackout and when everybody woke up there were some people with superpowers. We were told to make our characters sans skills and powers and had to justify why we would all be on the same bus to Reno. He had 6 envelopes filled with 6 power sets each and we rolled dice to pick which envelope we got. We opened the envelope and picked one of the 6 power sets to finish out our characters. With the bus totaled after the driver passed out, we had to hitch-hike into Reno--Grond picked us up in a 1976 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight and it just got better from there. I like stretching the ole role-playing skills when your're challenged with a pre-gen character.
  4. Re: “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” character build question After thinking it over for a few days I came to this same conclusion; almost a character within a character. The ideas you posted about the some quick change abilities also were very helpful and I should be able to come up with something.
  5. Re: “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” character build question I feel that my question was slightly muddled by the topic. I guess what I was asking was how to build and role-play a PC with a 'large mech suit'. Can it be done without being a kludge? For example: Scenario 1: The supergroup is hanging out in the 100th floor penthouse of the Hilton when they are attacked by flying mechanical bats. How does the PC get to/use his mech suit quickly? Scenario 2: The supergroup is having a 'za down at the corner pizzeria as their secret identities when they are molested by a local street gang and their super-villain leader. Again how to get to/into a mech suit quickly? Granted for active missions this wouldn't be a problem, but for being sneak attacked or stealth missions that turn badly, how have you handled playing a 'armored man' PC? This is also why I'm confused if it should be a focus power or vehicle power.
  6. Iron Man: Armored Adventures I’m sure most of you have seen this show and if not, I would recommend it. They do take a lot of artistic license with the Iron Man story, but that’s not what I wanted to discuss. In one episode Iron Man battles the Crimson Dynamo; however, this Dynamo is more "mech like" instead of "armor like". If I wanted to emulate this character in a superhero game how would I go about building this character? Should I build the suit as a ‘large suit of armor’ (focus) or ‘vehicle/mech’? Should the character have wealth to simulate the access to such high tech? How would the character have access to the ‘mech’ before combat, perhaps an orbital drop, teleporter, or even drive it around like a car and pay for parking close by. How have your characters handled having a powered armor character that needed to interact while not in the armor, but be ready at a moments notice? Thanks for helping!
  7. Re: Space Oddity Baffles Boffins Corrected link: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4002243/space-oddity-baffles-boffins
  8. Re: Expanded Unoffical Bibliography for Urban Fantasy HERO Dresden Files [Jim Butcher] and The Nightside series [simon R. Green] are some of the best urban fantasy.
  9. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit
  10. Re: Martial Maneuvers Check page 95 of the Hero:Sidekick for the "Combat Maneuvers Table". I think this what you're looking for.
  11. Re: Questions concerning Massacre (HD) Who is Massacre?
  12. Gunstar

    D&D 4th

    Re: D&D 4th I was a playtester for 4e and our whole group was very negative of the changes they made. Obviously, they wouldn't let our voice be heard before the game was released, but it's not D&D. It probably will be a fun RPG, but it is D&D no more. The biggest thing is that every character plays the same and the game has a very very very bad healing mechanic. Due to the NDA I can't really can't communicate my and my groups disgust with the new "Dungeons and Dragons".
  13. Re: I had a discussion with Steve about buying some Hero's books... 2/21/1994 diesel = $1.09/gal as of 2/18/2008 diesel = $3.40/gal More than double for the cost of fuel, so a doubling of the cost of a book shipped by that fuel seems about right.
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