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  1. The Endless, a really interesting indie mystery/horror movie about brothers who used to belong to a cult returning to get closure.
  2. If it was set in the 70s she'd be conservatively dressed! And the background could be explained as either disco lights or an LSD flashback! I don't mind the I-am-woman-hear-me-roar-Grrrl-Power! aspect of Batwoman, but I've seen Ruby Rose fail to act her way out of a paper bag on more than one occasion and life's too short to waste any of mine on more of the same.
  3. I have a suggestion for an origin: the interference with Extradimensional Movement is a side effect of a Malvan time dilation field put in place to neutralize the Elder Worm on that Earth toward the end of their war about 200,000 years ago. The time rate difference is REALLY steep (maybe only dozens of years have passed subjectively, maybe less) and has a very sharp border, so spaceships that cross it are destroyed as the leading sections that leave the field first age thousands of times as fast as the parts still within it. That leaves you with a world ruled by a refugee population of Elder Worm, an enslaved population of early humans, and Middle Paleolithic fauna to provide adventures. Lots of challenges to make it difficult for the Empress or others to gather resources necessary to leave the place once they're there.
  4. Yeah, after Mazes & Monsters and the satanic gaming panic of the 80s, I don't imagine Wizards of the Coast thinks any publicity is good publicity. Probably best not to associate your IP with murdered kids.
  5. He has to change our litter boxes rather than vice versa?
  6. I wonder how intentionally planting these in graveyards would work out?
  7. At least they did nod to Sivana's mad scientist role by having him collect info on all those people with similar experiences, complete with the Claire-Danes-in-Homeland working walls all over his office. And with the Seven Deadly Sins connection, he became more like Sabbac than Black Adam.
  8. It probably helped that Sam Jackson has been in almost as many movies as Michael Caine and they they had lots of footage from the 90s to refer to.
  9. Children + chocolate fountain is a very compelling reason for me to NEVER go to a Golden Corral. These days I avoid buffets except Asian restaurants, which in my neck of the woods are still exotic enough that very few kids are in evidence other than the owner's family.
  10. David Hyde Pierce had already stepped down from the Abe Sapien role, which makes that character's absence sting a lot less.
  11. Last weekend I had a strong urge to see a movie in the theater and Isn't It Romantic? was the only thing on that appealed. It turned out to be fairly funny, and for once Rebel Wilson didn't annoy me.
  12. I'm a bit surprised by how well Aquaman has done internationally (is still doing, I guess?). I had fun watching it, but never felt like I was seeing anything particularly special except maybe the part set in Sicily.
  13. My understanding is that studios get a bigger slice of the pie from domestic box office, so that's weighted more heavily than the same gross from international theaters. Also, with Disney involved, ancillary merchandising is a big consideration. I'm not sure how that shakes out in the US vs. international markets.
  14. Reads to me like that minimum of 1 point means that if it's a single half d6 rather than x 1/2d6, you're still guaranteed to do one point of penetrating damage regardless of the roll, but if it's something like a 3 1/2d6 attack you have to roll 4-6 to get the extra point added to the total from the three full dice.
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