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  1. I liked most of the character beats, particularly in the last two episodes. But the changes to the settings and scope of the fights fell far short of the comics, and it at least felt like there were a lot more contrivances to railroad the plot.
  2. I'd argue that while Fox's character is a con man, he's not a fake psychic since he actually can see ghosts and such supernatural phenomena. I finished watching the last two episodes of the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths last night. While I applaud the logistical tangle it required to implement the crossover, I think the changes to the plot to make it filmable also made it a lot less coherent than the comic book source was. And production value limitations really let things down for the villains and the big fight scene spectacles. I did like when they narrowed focus and concentrated on character interactions though, something that the original had trouble squeezing in for the most part.
  3. Herbie the Love Bug had a movie in the 80s. The inclusion of Bruce Leroy more importantly opens up using Sho 'Nuff as one of the villains. Who's the baddest mofo low down around this town?
  4. Aw, sorry to hear that. I didn't really follow the Highlander series, but I remember him from his appearance on Friends and thought he was really funny. I hope his family is holding up okay.
  5. These latest trailers are the first ones that make me feel actually interested in the movie itself, rather than just thinking "Marvel should have made this movie in 2015!"
  6. I don't think much had been made of Illyana's resources in Limbo at this early point in the narrative. However, you're right that after the horrors she went through growing up, the Demon Bear was a source of pragmatic concern to her rather than terrifying her like it did Dani and the rest of their teammates. Much of her power was a gift from otherdimensional things that made the Demon Bear look like a cutesy stuffed animal by comparison.
  7. I never built as an official Distinctive Feature, but my Super Model character's schtick was to wear runway fashions while adventuring rather than a consistent costume, always including some kind of ridiculous themed headgear. Like a dress with a pattern reminiscent of the Empire State Building and a cap with a miniature gorilla figurine pinned to it.
  8. Hey, Dazzler's still around, unlike dozens of other Marvel characters that have been invented to synergize with their particular decade of origin and then forgotten over the last 40 years.
  9. Ha! My tomcat seems fascinated by hockey when I'm watching a game. The 12th season premiere of Doctor Who, which floored me with its last minute revelation. I'm generally quite happy when a bit of genre entertainment can surprise me since I've consumed so much over the years, but I wasn't hoping to be THAT surprised! The Witcher through episode 6. The first couple were hard to get through, but I gritted my teeth and reminded myself I hadn't seen any of Henry Cavill's bath scenes yet and made it to the more enjoyable later episodes. Expect to finish the rest this weekend. Bad Education, (the first three episodes of) a British school comedy by and starring Jack Whitehall. It's a lot less witty and more cringeworthy than I expected. Rafinha Bastos: Ultimatum, a stand up special by a disgraced Brazillian comedian. It was surprisingly fun for all that I don't understand Portuguese and had to read along the subtitles. The First Temptation of Christ and The Last Hangover, Biblical spoofs by a troupe of Brazillian comedians. The former has stirred up a lot of controversy (and a terrorist attack) because of its depiction of Jesus as maybe gay, but somehow the latter (much more offensive regarding basic tenets of the religion, imho) managed to escape notice.
  10. I'm sure it helps immensely that Henry is a gamer from way back, so he's participated in fandom from the inside out rather than being blindsided by it upon achieving fame. He apparently campaigned hard for this role as soon as he heard about the project because he was, himself, passionate about the Witcher videogames.
  11. Now I'm imagining a superhero movie spoof where some pedestrian rests their umbrella and groceries on combatants in bullet time so they can get a phone out of their purse/pocket and take pictures of the fight.
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