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  1. Most of the CW superhero shows have abominable writing. The material can sometimes be elevated by the actors' performances, but there wasn't a chance in hell of that happening in Ruby Rose's case.
  2. To be fair, most everything he's said on his own since Cheney removed the hand up his backside has sounded pretty reasonable to me.
  3. I think mine was the ideal response - just enough of a sore arm to indicate something unusual going on and the vaccine working, but no side effects that hampered me in any way.
  4. It probably depends on the specific setting's approach to magic, but I'd imagine at least Mental Illusions and some sort of Mind Control would be fair game for magic if it exists at all.
  5. Damn, that would bring their covid mortality rate a good bit above that in the USA, wouldn't it? We have well over twice Russia's population.
  6. As much of a bastard as Whedon was to the actors, I think he got better performances out of Ray Fisher than Snyder did. Cyborg's story came through loud and clear for me in the theatrical release despite having half or less the screentime, and I think his interactions with Silas, Wonder Woman, and Flash were deeper and more nuanced. I'd just have cut that slow motion opening montage for time and kept his scenes with Elinore instead to round out his story.
  7. I think the idea is to scare the Boogeyman away so he doesn't bother you.
  8. Snyder has been sufficiently dismissive of any criticism about his work that I don't think he can necessarily tell the difference between what he'd like to see onscreen and what will be successful.
  9. I'm actually willing to take even a single example of a dead child protégé on one's watch as evidence that one is not good at teaching young heroes.
  10. That's what you get when the Easter Bunny can't make it and you decide to substitute Frank from Donny Darko instead...
  11. It has so many series I'm interested in that I seem to be losing ground against its new additions.
  12. It's playing on the big screen in my local cinema, but I'm not ready to go to indoor movies yet where there's likely to be a large audience. (New Mutants and Synchronic were much safer bets in that respect earlier in the pandemic.) I'll probably watch it at home on HBO Max this weekend, then maybe see the big screen version if it's still showing after 4/22.
  13. Aw, all 16 of the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments owned by the Museum of the Bible are forgeries. Couldn't have happened to a nicer family of Bible-thumping rich loonies with callous disregard for public safety and their employees' wellbeing!
  14. Danny Masterson, the guy who's currently facing charges of raping three different women and who had the Church of Scientology doing its best to intimidate accusers and witnesses into silence? That Danny Masterson?
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