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  1. Good Omens. It started off great, fizzled a bit in the last couple of episodes (which is, admittedly, due to the source material being intentionally anticlimactic). I loved most of the performances though, and am glad to have finally seen it adapted on the screen.
  2. It grows everywhere in the South and there used to be (and still are) a lot of broke-ass people down here?
  3. The thing about Wanda's powers is that they're normally very versatile, but somewhat limited in intensity and scope. Once in a while she's capable of spiking them into a battle-ending ace in the hole, as with the Ultron example above. Once in a great while, when she's possessed by Chthon or hooked up to something like Surtur's Twilight Sword or the Evil Eye, she can achieve effects beyond even Dr. Strange's capability potentially on a worldwide scale or wider, but has little or no control of what she does. I think I'd build her powers as a VPP with a campaign standard 60-point pool and a much greater control cost, like 125 or even 150 points, so that she'd have to concentrate and take extra time, expend extra effort, perform complicated ritual spells, etc. to make full use of her power. Then I'd add something like +100 pool and +250 control cost, with the limitations that she has to be channeling power directly from a massive source of mystical energy, can't exceed the Active Points in said source's greatest power, and No Conscious Control (putting the actual effects at that high level firmly into GM's plot device territory). For a player character, you could skip that last step and scale down the former ones to be workable in a campaign. Maybe a VPP with a 40- or 50-point pool and a 90 or 100 point control cost, with the Power Skill being set at a level so smaller effects that fit in the pool without Limitations work reliably, but the player has to roll really well to get access to the full control cost.
  4. While I'm generally a fan of most of the changes made between 5th and 6th editions, I think most of them are fine tuning. The BIG one as I see it is losing Figured Characteristics and opening up far more versatility in character creation.
  5. Last night I watched the first episode of Marianne over at a friend's place. At first I thought it was going to be cheesy, but it got really effective and creepy as the show went on. I cracked my friend up by shouting "Look at me, Damien. It's all for you!" as soon as Caro peeked her head over that incredibly high atrium balcony.
  6. "Immigrant Song" in the teaser trailer for Thor Ragnarok is probably my all-time favorite use of licensed music in a superhero movie. After that, it'd be a toss up between the Pump Panel remix of New Order's "Confusion" at the beginning of Blade and the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  7. Good Omens. I'm two episodes in and loving it. Damn Netflix for bowing to pressure from watchdog groups and refusing to give it a second season!
  8. His having already seduced them previously was probably a pretty effective obstacle, though.
  9. If for no other reason, this movie is going to give me a laugh when the ComicsGate types start whining about social justice warriors betraying the devoted Eternals fanbase by gender-flipping treasured characters like Ajak and Sprite, or making Kingo and the Forgotten One people of color.
  10. Hmm, but how many repair crews would he put out of work by doing his thing so quickly and cheaply? And we all know who's behind construction work in big cities...
  11. Yeah, and while the White Witch normally has versatile magic powers that are quite limited in scope, there have been periods where you'd probably need a 500+-point VPP to depict them.
  12. Does... Batgirl have Batman's face printed on the thighs of her outfit?
  13. Pre-2000, I'd have placed the Hulk above the X-Men in the popular consciousness. His TV show got him a LOT more name recognition than any amount of comics, and arguably he was still more recognizable than all of them except Wolverine after the X-Men movies.
  14. I'll second all of those except Hackers.
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