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  1. May all the smoke from burning Amazon vegetation blow directly into his home.
  2. When does someone come out with the Bad Apple social media app on iPhone for all these poor victimized white supremacists?
  3. Someone set off a fairly major firework over downtown a block away from me last night. I'm certain that was illegal, but it was nice to see one big bloom of fireworks from close up through the big window in my living room.
  4. I'm behind the times, I thought Mexico City had taken the 2nd spot from Shanghai years ago.
  5. Should I post the insurance statement I got for an outpatient exam from a podiatrist this spring? You don't have to end up in the ICU to get a huge medical bill these days. Anything beyond getting a flu vaccine shot will probably do the trick.
  6. I'm in the Deep South, and my county is averaging less than 5 new daily cases per 100,000. We're not quite to the "bring out yer dead!" point yet, though based on the behavior of people I've observed in home improvement stores and the main downtown area, I wouldn't rule that out down the line.
  7. I don't understand why people wouldn't do this prior to debuting a character with a VPP in the first place. Two of my characters have VPPs and I regard the list of pre-designed slots they favor to be as essential parts of their character sheets as the stat blocks. I think this would work well with "whatever power you pick for your next phase can benefit from cost savings of the Extra Time Limitation, and must have it at at least the -3/4 level since it's going to take at least that long in game time to activate."
  8. Yeah, $1200 for "this will quite likely save my life" sounds like a much better bargain than $1200 for "hopefully I'm the lucky 1 in 20 this will actually help, pay it out of my estate if it doesn't work!"
  9. I would happily pay 35% extra on flights to not have some motor-mouthed harpy with BO spilling over the armrest against me, or an unsupervised brat kicking the back of my seat. That's a lot better than the 2x to 3x cost of first class to escape cattle car conditions.
  10. They'd better pray no one ever gets shot or otherwise suspiciously harmed on/near their property. The DA will be able to show these pictures to the judge or jury and say "the prosecutiion rests."
  11. Psst—I hear rallies in Tokyo will draw YUGE numbers! Pass it on!
  12. Great, I'm going to lose half my friends in Manhattan thanks to Yankees groupies!
  13. A "Sure, let's just go out to your car and see the disabled license plate or placard that goes with officially being classified as disabled by the Social Security Administration!" might nip that in the bud. Or pointing out loudly for the crowd's amusement that people with respiratory conditions making mask-wearing dangerous are the LAST ones who should be out flouting safety precautions. The threatening language reminds me of those bogus warnings people put up about about theft of their online content being punishable by a year in jail, as if copyright infringement is something violators do hard time over.
  14. "once the kids are done playing with it"?!?
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