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  1. I've seen 17, with Supergirl being the lowest-ranked on the list. But that was at least fun in places, and Faye Dunaway treated us to levels of overacting William Shatner can only dream of. Elektra was just a joyless slog, and Howard the Duck may have been the worst movie I've ever seen, full stop.
  2. "I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode."
  3. From the James Gunn panel at DC FanDome, I'm not sure if it's going to be vastly better than the first movie, but it's likely going to make the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise look like Merchant Ivory films. It might just achieve Farscape levels of craziness.
  4. I held off seeing it until my LA vacation so I could watch it in 3-D at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. They had museum-style displays of props form the movie, it was awesome! I console myself that the perfect person to play the role (Mako) passed away a decade before the movie was filmed.
  5. "Into the Fire" was really the dramatic climax of the series, and pretty hard to argue against. But I also have a great deal of fondness for "Z'ha'dum" and "Deathwalker."
  6. I think you're misinterpreting that x16 Difficult to Dispel notation in the section of the Dispel entry dealing with Unbreakable foci. I've always read that as x16 active points (or 4 applications of the advantage, which would be a +1 advantage if purchased) rather than 16 applications of the Difficult to Dispel advantage (which would cost +4 if purchased). Mind you, any reasonably useful amount of armor is still going to be very difficult to break using that method—your basic suit of magical plate armor that gives +8 rPD would be treated as having a 192 active point power for the purpose of D
  7. Replace the tofu with mahi-mahi and you've got yourself a deal!
  8. I suppose it could just be internalized hallucinations, like she inflicted on all the Avengers in Age of Ultron.
  9. Trust me, there are enough people on the Left who want Twitler pushing up daisies that the administration doesn't need to invent any bogeymen.
  10. It ought to be cut from the police department's toys vehicles and equipment budget.
  11. Cancer, m'man, you have to use soap with the water to improve that. 😄
  12. It's inconclusive, but I think the various things she's able to do are treated as a very versatile set of mutant powers rather than actual magic (though it seems she may keep the codename). I do give them props for coming up with a workable substitute for the Belasco backstory that hits many of the same personal trauma beats without needing the X-Men's involvement.
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