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  1. Good luck man. Hopefully any symptoms your wife suffers will be minor and short-lived.
  2. I don't imagine that magic mushrooms that extend across space, time, and into other dimensions (including, apparently, the afterlife!) and let an aircraft carrier-sized spaceship teleport wherever/whenever instantaneously by pumping their spores into a booth with the engineer strapped into an electric chair are going to be winning over that much of the Life Science crowd either. The revelers at Burning Man, maybe...
  3. Another new adopter of Doom Patrol here. Weirdly I'm enjoying almost all of it except Robotman. Fraser is playing him too close to Homer Simpson-as-superhero for my liking. I also caught up to the current CBS (re)broadcast schedule of Star Trek Discovery and I'm enjoying it much more than expected. The plot developments with Jason Isaacs' and Michelle Yeoh's characters suited me more than well.
  4. The only infectious disease I know I've transmitted all year was the bug that killed my new kitten and put one of my adult cats in the hospital. I distinctly remember the big gray alley cat I fed in the weeks previous sneezing loudly, so I suspect that's where I got it from. (Had no symptoms myself so I assume it was a cat-specific disease and the safety measures I employ for Covid-19 just weren't enough of a barrier.)
  5. I still don't know what it is, but it helps make a very tasty spiced tea.
  6. Yikes! Hopefully at least it wasn't deliberate this time? Most of one branch of my family has now contracted Covid-19, the one headed by my fundamentalist pastor uncle. I haven't gotten details on how badly everyone is being hit yet.
  7. Years earlier Cap's shield absorbed the impact of another Superman expy's blows just fine, and in fact when Count Nefaria tried to crush it he wasn't able to. I was fine with it being able to stand up to Gladiator.
  8. I wish they'd remembered the shield's special defensive capabilities in that movie. You're not going to get knocked back by a kick or punch on that thing from a 170 lbs. guy, even if he is a super soldier, when it can absorb and redirect the impact of Thor swinging his hammer at it for all he's worth.
  9. In most respects inferior to tuna salad/tuna salad sandwiches, but if the mayonnaise is kept to a minimum and it's served on an onion roll, it can be decent.
  10. I don't think our former First Lady is going to settle for what she can get under a prenup when the goalposts to becoming a billion-heiress are within sight. She's still relatively young; he's two years short of the average male life expectancy in the US and his resting blood pressure has got to be what, 200/150?
  11. And in that movie it was pretty clear from Thor's speech to Rocket that he was hanging on by a thread and pinning all his hopes on stopping Thanos or dying in the attempt. When neither happened, and killing Thanos after the fact proved a hollow victory, he fell apart.
  12. I must have missed the Bible verse where Jesus says "Let the little children come to me, for their parents entered the promised land illegally and I have many cages to house them all in squalor." 😇 There's always North Sentinel Island. 🏹 🏹 🏹 Lucky for them they might be going somewhere they won't have to see or hear women for years! 😆
  13. I have a visual memory of the Viennetta, but it might just have been from the commercials. We lived a block from a trailer park when I was a kid, so my household wasn't really one for lots of frills in the desserts.
  14. I know if someone sicced a huge armed mob on me that was chanting about hanging me and brought its own gallows, I'd be disinclined to protect them from legal consequences afterward.
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