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  1. Thanks that is helpful. I understand the mechanics of adding it to the Pre roll, just not the justification for it.
  2. I have a question on what type of PRE attack rolls people are using the PRE attack modifier for attractiveness/beauty? I understand the PRE attack modifier for ugliness but help me understand the PRE attack modifier for some one who is beautiful, say +1d6 modifier. Thank you in advance.
  3. Yes, I was referring to Lady Blue and Vixen of the Champions Universe.
  4. ok, again thanks for all the suggestions. Read through them. I'm looking for something mystical. There are different types of wiccans from what I've been told. I think I'm going to go with my original idea with a twist from the suggestions. I thought of that but thinking it through with the suggestions- She has a series of crimes, all alluded to the heroes in their previous adventures. The heist that gets the players involved is of a visiting display at a museum. In an interview the curator, who is familiar with Greek mythology, says the video tape caught a mysterious women just appe
  5. Got to get to work, but a BIG thank you to everyone who posted an idea so far. It's helped me start to get a better idea on a name or at least a better thought process. I like the symbology of Hecate/Hekate or Hermes/Mercury but the character I am envisioning wouldn't take the name of a goddess. She wouldn't want to offend the goddess. Even though that would be a good plot... my original idea was she didn't give herself the name but the local news/news paper did. Thanks for all the ideas I'm going to look through them all when I get off work.
  6. Thank you! It's better than what I can come up with so far.
  7. Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for name for a solo mystic super villain who is Wiccan. She's female and is an anti-hero in the mold of Lady Blue, Vixen or DC's Catwoman. Thief with a good heart,has minor mystical powers, uses teleport spelll to break in and steal items but uses some of the money for orphans, homeless, ect. Obvious code vs. killing. She's meant as a possible romantic interest for a PC but I am having trouble coming up with a fitting name. The campaign is going to be either Dark Champions or Champions, The players haven't decided yet. If it's champions she would n
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