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  1. Re: [Pet Project] Persona HERO I figure that option number 1 is a good take on things. The only concern is that when the Dark Hour comes up (and Tartarus manifests) all those who don't have Personas, or some other degree of awareness are all in Sarcophagi. Shadows might not be all that strong compared to an elite squad of soldiers, but if all those soldiers are sarcophagi and the only people around to stop them are high school kids, then things fall rapidly into place. I agree with the Dark Hour clause, while Personas may interact with the user in daytime, they don't gr
  2. Re: [Pet Project] Persona HERO For those interested to see the art of Persona 3, check out this link: http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x189/atm1986/?start=all
  3. Re: [Pet Project] Persona HERO Now that the game's out, are any of the HERO people playing it? I'm looking for other mechanics exclusive to the third installment that might use some converting.
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently working on a few articles for genre rpg campaigns over at my blog, and I thought I'd share some even if they're not System Specific. They might serve to be at least informative, if not helpful to the curious: Horror Pulp - I feel silly linking to this since I feel like I regurgitated Pulp HERO Cyberpunk Wuxia Hope you guys enjoy them. I might make a few HERO templates for the Wuxia guys as a pet project sometime.
  5. Re: [Help me Build...] Paprika Heh, forgot about that little spice jar. Well, theoretically the whole extra dimensional travel thing won't be the focus of the campaign, more than an investigative tool she'd use. Her character is gunning to be the team's investigation, espionage and backup rather than a front line combatant.
  6. Hey guys, Before going ahead with this thread, check out the official US trailer for Satoshi Kon's newest anime feature film, " " For those with faster connections please do your eyes a favor and check out the HD trailers over HERE ---- Okay, now that you've seen that, my girlfriend is hoping to play a new character for a near future Teen Champions game that has similar powers as Dr. Atsuko Chiba without the need for that device. So far, what I've managed to pin down are: Waking Dreams - Mental Illusions 6d6, cumulative, requires eye contact. Dreamweaving - Ment
  7. Re: What would a supers setting look like 35 years from the present? Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'm looking at a Batman Beyond-ish setting for the most part, with Cyberpunk tropes becoming more and more common. I probably won't go for the dystopian route since it's still meant to be a relatively lighthearted campaign. I've been thinking about it and it seems that the future would be all about a cashless society. What kind of crimes do you think would be the "norm" in a future setting? Given that the local law enforcement (and criminals) will have access to some gadgets tha
  8. Hey guys, I've been running a Teen Superhero campaign for quite some time now, and as it draws to a close, my players are asking for me to run a sequel of sorts to the campaign. As such, we all came up with the idea of playing new teen supers in the same setting 35 years after, with all their previous characters as old or retiring. As such I'd like to get some input regarding what advances might have taken place in such a time... I'm assuming medical technology would have received significant advances, and the police force will be equipped with blasters rather than normal revolvers.
  9. Re: Help Me Set up a Pulp Campaign Thanks for the suggestions, guys! The Specials sounds good, and so does the Tomorrow Men, The Positives has a nice ring to it as well... I'll pitch them to the players tomorrow and see what happens. The magic pool suggestions are looking good, I'll bring up the idea of a utility belt to her and see how she takes it. She probably wouldn't mind, but she's not that much of a system buff, so it's up to me to figure out all the stuff in it, i guess. Specializing in vampires would be a nice touch.
  10. Hi guys! After a few months away from the HERO system, I find myself preparing to run a Pulp HERO campaign for a few friends. I've got a few things going on in my head about the campaign, and I've written up a short bit on the premise: --- This campaign takes place during the early 1920's where the memory of the Great War still hung over the minds of those who have fought in it, witnesses to the devastation that science can bring with such potent weaponry as machine guns and mustard gas. The rising prominence of World War I flying aces brought an unmatched sense of wonder t
  11. Re: Your "2007" Pet Gaming Projects I'm looking forward to adding the "Community" system to the Persona HERO conversion once I've finally gotten a copy of Persona 3 (coming out June 2007). Until then I'm looking for what other videogames / anime would be good to work on for conversions.
  12. Re: [Pet Project] Persona HERO I didn't want to just make a bump with a picture, so here's some conversion notes for Persona 3 for the people who plan to get it when it comes out next year. ++New Persona Summoning Method++ Persona Pistols Not much is known about the game aside from it's basic premise, but one thing that really catches people's attention when they see footage from the game is that the protagonists now rely on using pistols to summon their personas. More specifically by firing pistols to their heads. For an example of how it looks like, check out t
  13. Re: [Pet Project] Persona HERO In celebration of the news that Persona 3 is coming out in English I'm reviving the thread and slapping on some art from the 3rd installment of this game:
  14. Re: Campaign Limits: what's your formula? And they've been a great help, Dr. Anomaly It gives me an idea as to how to raise the caps as the game continues as well. oh, cool yearbook, btw
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