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  1. Darkling is a self-aware nineties cliche and he knows it. He inherited his dad's powers, and the mystically bound black hole in his chest is the result, just like dear old psycho dad. Unlike his father, Darkling has a sense of humour. His name refers to the his father's self-appointed title "lord of darkness" but with the diminutive suffix -ling, to indicate being his son, and to laugh at the arrogance of his father's old persona. After his father's death, accidentally, he obviously sought revenge on the heroes who got him killed. But he knows it was mostly his father's own stupid fault, so "revenge" consists mostly of donning a comedic black and spiky costume, an ironic over the top mock up of what his father used to wear sincerely, and use the immense cosmic power of a collapsed star... to pull off minor crime and prank the Shooting Stars when they show up. He joined his dad's team, but only when most of his dad's own actual colleagues had retired or died or whatever. Those old farts would have just severely cramped his style!
  2. I would probably throw in a few more Cosmic Heroes and Villains. Expand the outer space superheroics and the interdimensional scientists or interplanar wizards stuff, so as to have the chance to add a whole bunch of weird new stuff (including lots of alternate variants of the same things) without actually getting rid of anything. Classic Doctor Destroyer is in Earth Y, but female Nazi general Doctor Destroyer comes from Blue Earth, and Doctor Destroyer of Earth Gamma-9 is a superhero from the Andromeda Galaxy.
  3. That seems to be the six, so should the last person to post one of the Syndication Six post the next team idea/writing prompt?
  4. When you say "bellybutton" storage, are you saying that there is a pocket dimension where the bellybutton otherwose would be? Or a hollow space behind the bellybutton, which takes the place of the stomach? Or that the skin of the stomach stretches over whatever is pushed into there, so you could theoretically carry, say, a medicine ball (as a ludicrously heavy example) or a ten foot pole (as a ludicrously awkwardly shaped example) and just have that distending the stomach out of all proportion, but successfully carrying things?
  5. Most of the villains in my games are player generated, with the hunteds and rivals and things, but a lot of them do end up hiring villainous organisations as their minion mercenaries or recruiting them to their own cause.
  6. A very cool collection of characters. Alliteration unintentional. But I especially love the cursed healer!
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