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  1. We've got an update for Hero Combat Manager! Release Notes v1.13: Defects fixed: o HCM won't start on a Chromebook because System Icons are not valid for ChromeOS / Linux o Documentation errors have been fixed. Features added: o Resize windows and UI elements resize as well - Partial implementation. Main window is now sized based on the display resolution. Resizing the windows will not automatically change the UI elements. HERO COMBAT MANAGER is designed to assist a Game Master (GM) who is using the HERO System 5th Edition or HERO System 6
  2. Welcome to the second instalment of Monster Mash collection. Here you will find new creatures and new takes on old creatures for your Fantasy Hero Campaign. This instalment will cover three new creatures known as Occulord-kin, Elemental Warriors & Krylons. These creatures will add a new dimension to your Fantasy Hero campaigns. These creatures range in size, power and abilities. The creatures will challenge adventurers in many ways. Adventurers need a challenge, and these creatures will challenge them. Link below!
  3. Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find. This series houses information on various enchanted weapons. Whips, Tridents & Glaives – These weapons will be discussed within these pages. These weapons once enchanted are wondrous to behold. Unfortunately, these weapons are not easy to master. Here is where you will find the information on such weapons- here, you will find the treasure adventurers dream of. Link below!
  4. S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed. It has become a full time job to try and keep track of them as well as update information about the, that is the purpose of this database. The database is designed to give law enforcement as much information as possible on supervillains or superheroes they may need to call for help. This collection contains a bo
  5. Are you tired of your agents having inferior weapons? Tired of your lackeys falling like flies to the superheroes of the world? Tired of those dim witted Until agents having better equipment than your agents? Then you have come to the right place! Here at TITechCorp we are dedicated to creating the best weapons, armor and other equipment money can buy. So stop by today and pick up the latest blaster or force belt and get a jump on those pesky do-gooders. And remember your satisfaction is guaranteed or we won’t see you again.
  6. Hey everyone! The Tenfold: Basic Set has finally gotten its promised massive "2.0" update, including a retool of every sheet in the book per extensive testing, multiple new pages of campaign creation tools, four new black and white pictures, and several other tweaks, major and minor, throughout the book. Feel free to check it out via the link below! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/295259
  7. Champions is simply the best super role-playing game ever created. It gives you complete control over every aspect of your superhero and your world. Champions is all that is needed to bring the four-color heroics of comic books to life. This contains the award winning HERO system rules, The Champions source book, as well as Campaign Book: everything necessary for instant heroic super team, link below! https://www.amazon.com/Champions-Super-Role-Playing-Game/dp/155806043X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=champions+the+superhero+roleplaying+game+(4th+edition)&qid=1605736532
  8. Many villains are always in the news; many are always on our minds. Some however, have not been seen for years and to some this means that they are retired, in jail or dead. Only if this was in fact the truth of the matter, but it isn’t. Here you will find villains of old back from their self induced hiatus and ready to pounce on the world again. Villains from some of Hero Games older material that have yet to be upgraded to 6th edition. Some of your favorite or perhaps “lightly” used villains perfect to inject into a new Champions campaign. Link below! https://www.driv
  9. Champions Now is available on Amazon, just in time for the holiday season, link below! https://www.amazon.com/Champions-Now-Ron-Edwards/dp/1583661484/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=champions+now+rod+edwards&qid=1604433193&sr=8-1
  10. The first Champions adventure ever published is now available again, updated to Sixth edition! With new, updated content matching modern times and game play, The Island of Doctor Destroyer is back for you and your gaming group. Experience the excitement and thrills of the world’s first Champions module, a product that launched an entirely new gaming genre, today! Now with a new introductory scenario, updated enemies, and new artwork. Includes tips and variants for making the adventure more exciting and fresh, even for those who have played it before. This bundle includes the ful
  11. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Meghan Lyn Atkinson, one of our employees. Meghan was an employee at Hero Games for several years, she had a great love for the world of TTRPG's, and we remember our game nights with her fondly. We miss her greatly, and our condolences to Meghan's family. https://www.smithfamilyfuneralhomefallon.com/obituary/meghan-atkinson?fbclid=IwAR2PMNcqld8hGJRtV19swstuxby9-0-B1KkAnN_9uRKu0mgQkSeyrpPfdzU
  12. Hero! This Hero Magazines Bundle marks the debut in .PDF of two long-running hobby periodicals devoted to Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game and the universal HERO System rules set from Hero Games. This bargain-priced offer gives you new, never-before-published .PDF image scans of Adventurers Club magazine (27 issues, 1983-1995) and hundreds of articles from the APAzine Haymaker (1992-2014). Along with Digital Hero (also included in this offer), these magazines supported five different editions of Champions and the HERO System across 25 years. Soooo -- in case you don't have them all to han
  13. This work started it in the early 1990’s with the goal of using Robot Warriors mecha construction and combat rules with 4th edition Champions and the HERO System Rulebook. It has been updated and enhanced to help you do the same—with any current edition of HERO! Convert Robot Warriors characters to the 4th, 5th, or 6th editions of the HERO System! Use Robot Warriors robot write ups—as is—in current editions! Build new robots using the old rules and take advantage of new rules! Convert robots from Robot Warriors to the Vehicle rules of the HERO edition of your cho
  14. We've got something new for your Fantasy Hero campaigns! Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find, and Wondrous Treasures #17 - Swords has just the ones! Who hasn’t dreamed of finding a magical sword in their adventures? Swords that will let loose a blast of fire or even lightning; a sword that will shoot forth the breathe of a dragon. Swords that will kill giants or demons, a sword that will cut off the head of an enemy will little effort. Here is where you will find the information on such swords. Here you will find the treasure adventurer's dream o
  15. Are you looking for some new adversaries for your hardy fantasy heroes? Look no further than Monster Mash Collection #1! Welcome to the inaugural installment of Monster Mash. Here you will find new creatures and/or new takes on old creatures for your Fantasy Hero Campaign. This installment will cover a new creatures known as Draklings, Girallon, Hell Tiger, Elementals, Occulord & Shadow Wolf. These creatures will add a new dimension to your Fantasy Hero campaigns. These creatures range in size, power and abilities. The creatures will challenge adventurers in many ways. Adven
  16. Alto Mark-Seven, AKA Rich, is still streaming Champions Now every Sunday on his twitch channel for charity! You can watch the second stream on his YouTube channel here, and be sure to turn in to his Twitch this sunday to continue the adventure. Rich is playing in support of Cohen Children's Medical Center, and he's just over half-way to his goal of $1000. You can help him and Cohen Children's Medical Center by donating through the link below! https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=412785
  17. Rick, aka Alto Mark-Seven, is raising funds for the Extra-Life.org charity gaming marathon for the Children's Miracle Hospital Network. He is also the host of the Champions Online Livecast Paragon Dawn, wherein his gaming group play Champions Now in the Champions MMORPG, which you can find on his YouTube channel and streamed live on his Twitch every sunday. You can click the link below to check out his charity page! https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm…
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