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  1. I left the reduced endurance out, neglected to mention that! I remember the hulk getting tired from time to time, and tactically, if he needs to take a break, it’s a good time to get him. I might even crank up the END cost a little, see if I can get him actually using a phase or two for REC against a good foe Making him useful is the other part. That’s why this is such a good solution. Really appreciate it. why the enhanced limitation cost for using standard effect? I’m ok from benefiting from it, don’t get me wrong! but my first thought would be to not allow it
  2. That is a very nice solution 👍 5d6 aid - 72 points for 90 AP if the math or right. Yeah the points 😬 but we are talking about the Hulk lol
  3. Hello Thia. These are more nuance questions. The Fifth ed 5 point Aid adder for increasing effect confused me but tombrown squared that up. And Growth and density increase always on were removed in 6. Now they’re complications. right now he’s being built as a multi form (this isn’t for play btw. Its a build to dial in the hulk the way I see him. Nothing is written in stone) so OIAID doesn’t apply, although that may change it's the relationship between anger and STR I’m trying to simulate without tying it to combat facing situations like enraged or berserk
  4. That’s a nice benefit for 5 points. I can see where that could be abused
  5. I’m building the Hulk For sixth and am using Surbrook’s (5th edition?) builds for inspiration Im making statements here which might not be correct. It’s been a long time and a few rules changes since I’ve used Aid and my memory is foggy Anyway, a maximum value is listed in Surbrook’s Aid powers, between 90 to 120 points, give or take, and this confuses me in Sixth, the max Aid is the amount you can roll on the dice (6e1 167), so a 5d6 Aid maxes at 30 points. You can roll multiple times, but even with Constant you’re maxed at 30 points. If I’m reading it rig
  6. So close... although why not just declare it? Have monstrous PRE and do it that way?
  7. 6e2 Combat and Adventuring, Presence Attacks, starts page 136 with the specific info on 137 the Dr Terror example is I think very applicable here its at GM discretion note, but if it’s your game that’s not going to be a problem 😁
  8. PRE Attack and a Hearing Flash in a Compound / Linked Power could work (with AOE etc.) 6e2 p137 has an example of a classic PRE attack that seems spot on (Dr Terror at the bottom) and extending the duration of the attacks is a 5pt adder. It’s mechanically simpler and seems to model what you’re looking for. What do you think?
  9. I second Uncle Vlad. In a medium of memes and sound bites I’ll take a well written porterhouse steak 🥩 any day!
  10. Sooo much better than what I said and how I said it. Worth seeing it all broken down like that. Nice post.
  11. How do you define comeliness? from 5e Comeliness reflects the character’s beauty orhandsomeness. potatoe potahto no?
  12. It was largely the trikes that killed people. They could turn on a dime, which is a serious design flaw at anything more than walking speed with only one wheel up front. God help you if you turned fast Flipping was an issue also. Too much torque at low speeds. You could plow through a swamp but even a small mound could flip that thing over onto you. That was a case of the design making it dangerous, and not the driver taking chances.
  13. 6e removed attractiveness as a characteristic. You need the Perk “Striking Appearance” to use good looks to influence a PRE attack
  14. This is a good point. I can see a few areas where red pen is applicable for killing attacks though, like a .38 pistol. My dad was a cop and had a great story of shooting at a car windshield with a 38 and getting nowhere. Said he’d have been better off throwing the gun than using it. It’s a killing attack that lacks penetration; it’s slightly smaller than a 357 but the magnum has a whole bunch more powder. The 38 in this example lacks velocity, which penetration requires. Red pen simulates this nicely. A glazer safety slug or any type of frangible slug, same thing. Even s
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