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  1. cbat007

    Basic Thugs

    How do i balance a basic thug? What does a Gun do in this game; or how many CP worth of power should a street level and so on weapon have? Thanks
  2. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    Well what if the villain can see through walls, i took LOS to mean as long as they can perceive the area they can target it, so if this villain can see the area he can target it, correct?
  3. If you have everyman skill English 4 points, How many points would it take to know every other language in the book? has anyone calculated this useing the "Similar language table"? if not ill post the cost when i get time to calculate Thanks again.
  4. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    Yes constant is fine i dont need persistent when the villain is knocked out the effect will end. Thanks for all the help!
  5. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Ninja-Bear Also did i calculate the cost correct to be 90CP and therefor a 9 endurance cost?
  6. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Ninja-Bear ok ill make that change i just wanted a way to represent if they leave the aoe set down then they lose the fear, and for the limiting only affected is just to represent that if the first power doesnt roll high enough to get your ego and comand the fear then you cant be affected by the negative downside of less OCV- now thats one power down thanks a ton for some of it im sure ill just have to embrace that but one of my players is super RAW and complains when things are done too differently so might have to get more experiance with this system
  7. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Ninja-Bear Thanks for all the help; so i have a rought write up: Power; Brodcast Fear -Mind control; 50cp - 10d6 -AOE Radius (17-32m, non selective) +3/4 -Only to inflict fear -1/2 -Persistent +1/4 -Environmental control; 15CP - -5OCV -Joint link -1/2 -AOE Radius (17-32m, non selective) +3/4 -DOT (5 base effect, 1/turn, until leave area) +5CP, +1X -Only able to affect those affected by first power -1/2 -Persistent +1/4 -In
  8. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Ninja-Bear also would a damage over time be applicable? could i saw the damage over time would be a worsening fear if they dont resist it and the penalty starts small capping at a maximum?
  9. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Ninja-Bear i like that idea, the control environment is it - to a specific skill or skills in gnereal? i mean i think any combat skills would be good penalty, so if i link it would it be a mind control "attack" that would then make them affected by the fear and therefor the negatives?
  10. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    @Sketchpad thanks @Ninja-Bear well im not sure how to handle it, i plan it will start out just making a bunch of civilian hostages in a bank cause panic and a hassle for the heros; other than that im not completely sure what an appropriate mechanicle effect might be; i assumed maybe a progressivly worse effect depending on how great a roll is on fear and it makes it harder to do anything directly against the villain, maybe to the point of running in terror. Would that be two seperate applications of fear? Thanks
  11. Secondary Question; When making villains, do complications matter much? i enjoy the flavor but how offten are they ever used? besides maybe a vulerability
  12. cbat007

    Fear AOE?

    Ok so far this place has been a weath of knowledge and i thank you all; but im back again with another question; i want to make a villain who instils fear/confusion. Ill just describe how i envision the power Fear/confusion (Emotion control) Large AOE (Entire floor of an average building at least) slightless/rangeless (Can broadcast the power as long as he stimulates any sence, i.e. a speaker system) and possibly if there is a way the charactors cant pinpont the point of origin when the defend it. I was looking through the book (I only have Champions Complete) and i at firs
  13. OK thanks everyone im sure we can figure that out; side note - any general GM tips; how do i create villains and how do i balance them; what does a normal henchman look like; how do i run a session? Thanks for all the help everyone!
  14. Thanks everyone for the advice; i mentioned to the player the possibility of just using the variable power pool and putting most of their points into it; But the transform power can bring things into being, if they wanted to bring a wall in how would that be handled, i mean it could just be the barrior power i understand that but they could also just pt a wall somewhere would that act different? and ya we are all new to this game however, this player has had ths idea from his favorite book serise - the amber series - where like in the book changing shadows as they walk and a h
  15. Ok so i just picked this game up and im learning it i have a player's idea i think i know how to impliment it and i think it could be awesome, maybe powerful however i feel it can be bound in a reasonable way; Player's idea - A character who can affect the world on the quantum level and make reality completely different around him; i.e. "there is a wall in front of us" and a wall would appear, or "That is a gun turret platform" and a nearby tree may become a shooters nest they can use. The player says that rality doesnt like this so depending on the length he "holds" the reality his way or
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