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    Lapeer MI
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    Drawing, writing, and roleplaying. all Genres of gaming but Dark Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and Dark Scifi in particular.
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    A computer programmer for over 20 years. I start roleplaying games in the early 80s. I also love old school hex wargames. Apparently, according to my kids, some of my RPG campaigns are well-known locally at least. I have a BS in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
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  1. thanks Phydaux, I will look into both series.
  2. Well I am sadden by what I have read here. I am actually reading the books now. Book three was really good and it appears that book five is going to be in the same ranking. The others so far have been decent but not great. As with most authors, he gets better as the series goes on. My favorite is still book 3 though. I am going to get a copy of MHI after reading through these posts. I don't get on social media much because people are really dumb when they can hid behind the internet. I have heard from many people that Larry is actually a pretty good guy. He has his beliefs and his
  3. It is almost Halloween. I would like to hear about some frightening Hero System plots or stories from any genre plus any favorite rules for such things. Example: Sanity and effects it has in conveying the horror of the event or scene. Your description of a Frightening Hero System creature or your ideas for one. Maybe you have a thought or idea of a great Halloween adventure that we can all add our two cents to. here is mine to start. Coblynu, a Welsh word for Goblin. A short humanoid around 4 feet in height. Appears as an old man with oversized facial fea
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