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  1. So one of the pitches I have to get one of my friends to try HERO (he isn't much of a Supers fan) was that we are Druids, tasked with protecting the natural world against incursions by mythological and demonic creatures, possibly even of divine origin. We are given large, powerful mecha that have a sentient Core that powers them. Using your mech causes Rot, but the Core regenerates your mecha at variable rates. I wanted to use an Endurance Reserve to model the power of the Core. Utilizing powers and movement both cost Endurance from this reserve. My question is,
  2. My vision was another villain power that he uses on captives. Yeah, I've focused a LOT of my reading on the Power Advantages & Limitations so far because I think everything makes a lot more sense when you start understanding the modifiers. I would need to beef up telepathy a LOT more, but I like the idea of it being Cumulative more. It would probably be a shorter-term thing, but I kinda like the idea of wrapping some mechanics around memories as a really complex system for psionics would be pretty awesome if I wanted to do a telepath campaign along the lines of Babylon 5.
  3. So I'm on a mad rampage of Power Creation (+1.5, Variable Advantage x2) limited only by being Gainfully Employed (-4). For this power, I wanted a power that literally leaches the memories out of the target. I thought it'd be sweet to have it require a roll using the stolen INT points to activate it! So the more of a person't INT you steal the easier it is to read memories. Steal Memory: Drain INT 3d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +1) (60 Active Points); Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Incantations (-1/4), Cost: 34 Re
  4. Okay, just picked up Hero Designer and I'm pretty excited once I got it up and running! I'm digging on the idea of a Heal power linked to my Endurance Reserve, allowing those points to go to the Reserve and not drain away again. This is the first iteration. I'm probably going to make it into a Charges power, too. The Drain part as I created it in Hero Designer: Entropic Skin: Drain BODY 3d6, Area Of Effect (1m Surface; Damage Shield; +1/4), Damage Over Time (6 damage increments, damage occurs every 5 Minutes, can be negated by Holy Implements; +1/4), Reduced En
  5. @LoneWolf, that's a pretty sweet alternative and I'm going to have to look it over. This probably works better in that those points that are dropped into the Endurance Reserve don't go away. It lets my evil Necromancer "fill up" (ewww...) and then unload on people later. Thanks for the alternative plan! HERO really makes my brain happy like a really satisfying Excel spreadsheet (I know...NERD!) because there are multiple options to get you to where you want to go! @Grailknight, First, I didn't put Delayed Return Rate on this because on pg. 331 under Recovering in the DOT power,
  6. Relatively new to Hero and was hoping to get some help for an idea I had. I am going for a pretty standard Drain power. It's by touch (any skin contact with the Necromancer triggers this). It's a 3d6 Body Damage drain (30 points) with an Area of Effect - Damage Shield (+1/4), Damage Over Time (Every 5 minutes, 6 Damage Increments), it's Always On (=1) and costs no Endurance to use (+1/2). So far so good, I think! But the next part is where I'm hitting some difficulty. How do I have it be that the damage this Necromancer Drains from a target gets add
  7. Hello! Relatively new to Hero and had a question about how to do a thing! Apologies if it's been asked 800 times before! I want a Drain power that sucks Body from the victim, but want the points drained to be able to do add to an Endurance Reservoir. How do I do this? It feels like a pretty standard iteration of Absorb that is linked (perhaps jointly) to the Drain. Any help is much appreciated! Nick
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