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  1. I didn't run it, and I wasn't sure if this was intentional, but the last time I was in a team of super-heroes, it happened to be a team composed entirely of X-Men style mutants. It worked out well, but then, we all had our own powers, which were different, so does that even count?
  2. "Knife to meet you!" - Kale, the party's kill happy assassin, every time he kills people with one of his many knives. "If I make the obvious pun after I kill this guy, does that technically make this murder?" - Osric, the party mage, when he finally ran out of charges on his magic spell attack and actually succeeded at killing them with a knife, after failing every time before.
  3. Is that Sherlock Holmes holding Bruce's blindfold and speaking?
  4. Joe Mawma - in a sort of modern fantasy and scifi kitchen sink setting (basically low level supers, but you don't need to have an origin or powers) he was a con artist with specialty in convincing you that your mom had come to visit, even though it was him in a bad wig, a bathrobe, and slippers, and even when he tried to pretend to be many people's mothers at once, who were total strangers.
  5. Speedforce Alpha (as in the first letter of the greek alphabet, because you're always the first) Sam 'Leggy' Johnson (faking not having a secret identity by having your secret identity sound like a public one)
  6. I've not finished yet, (not even started technically,) but I've got plans for a complete rewatch of The Librarian, including the three films and the four season long sequel series The Librarians. Kind of like, Indiana Jones if he was James Bond. An omnidisciplinary genius gets the job of "the Librarian", the sole field agent of a secret society running an interdimension safe storage and study of magic, in the form of artefacts too dangerous for the world to know about. In the first, The Librarian And The Quest For The Spear, he is recruited and must go looking for the spear of Longinus before a cult of snake themed ninjas can find it. In the second, The Librarian And The Return To King Solomon's Mines, he meets quite possibly the only person in the world who might have more education than him, and they team up, along with his estranged Uncle, to find the Key Of Solomon, an ancient mystical text. In the third, The Librarian And The Curse Of The Judas Chalice, he goes on vacation to New Orleans, after dreaming of a woman there, only to realise that she summoned him through his dreams, as she is the guardian of the Judas Chalice, which is the Holy Grail for vampires. Someone has stolen Count Dracula's coffin with his corpse still inside it, and they may be searching for the Judas Chalice to bring him back to unlife! Very fun, family friendly, pulp action adventure. The main character is like Indiana Jones but less action oriented and way more knowledge and intellect based, getting through his adventures with information and quick thinking. Great inspiration for a Pulp Hero game.
  7. None of the above, to be honest, just "horror", as in the genre of fiction known as horror. Not really scary, but themed around the idea of being scary. Giant insects, lots of sudden natural disasters, animal attacks, plants that attack you *like* animals, a man with a huge gun and the face of your father commanding you to face death like a man, and even the unexplained disappearance of a young child from his parents' house while they were away for the night.
  8. Queen - the original soundtrack for Highlander. Amazing inspiration for roleplaying in any modern fantasy.
  9. I have recently rewatched the Jumanji trilogy. Really forgot how much of a horror the first Robin Williams Jumanji film is.
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