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  1. Because I'm really good at seeing connections based on my broad knowledge. Bomb-thrower + activist = stereotypes of anarchists. Admittedly, my talent can result in false positives... Only if I knew they were irredeemable, and a good dark champion would do their twenty minutes of prep time first. For the redeemable ones I'd focus on either therapy -- e.g., changing their means while validating their ends -- or harm reduction -- i.e., getting them to work for me. Good talent is hard to come by. Good thing we're not confined to the comic industry sausage factory.
  2. Sure have a lot to respond to... Let's get to it. I was pretty much just musing, though I wouldn't mind having those questions answered. Both, but people here have very much taken the initiative on the latter. As someone dating a Penelope it's always good to see her mentioned. : ) And the rest of your points I can't really argue against -- except the crafter. Sort of. We see stories about gadgeteers being superheroes but not building great works. We see Tony Stark fighting terrorists with a super-suit, but not fighting OP
  3. When I asked how superheroes could be proactive a lot of the replies I got were outright fearful of such a thing. Logical given genre conventions, where anyone who isn't an aimless vigilante becomes a brutal authoritarian, but why is such a trope part of the narrative paradigm? I suspect the answer is historical precedent. Like the title says, superheroes are technically a warrior elite, which means more than easily defeating mere mortals. Being a warrior is a lifestyle, one that separates warriors from everyone else to the point we start using terms like "mere mortals." As a r
  4. I'm probably the only person here that hasn't watched Civil War so I don't have a horse in this race. ^_^; What an excellent idea...
  5. Well...I don't have any players. 😅 Now if I had players then doing what they'd want would be the easy, common sense solution. However, this is pretty much a thought exercise for me. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  6. I know, I know... Though you could've at least had one involving Morph becoming her old, non-evil self. And I know you wrote her up because "décolletage" is not a common word. 😜 That's...not what I'm going for. Institutional change needs popular support, or at least a counter-institution making said change. The reason Punisher's fighting a losing war is because he's not dealing with demand. Remember, evil is more often than not elected. That's what I'm going for, and am honestly shocked at people thinking otherwise. (I have a hypothesis, but that
  7. From what I've seen there's a lot of overlap regarding what modern myths would go in Faerie or Babylon. So the fundamental question to ask is: how do we tell what goes where? Mind, there's always the possibility of a cosmological overlap anyway.
  8. Reading through many adventure seeds I've noticed that almost all are not just reactive but almost identical: "The villain must be stopped!" Besides accursed genre conventions, superheroes are essentially law enforcement relief workers, which is by its nature mostly reactive. Still, a campaign where the heroes have goals would be very welcome. I don't mean "defeat VIPER" so much as do something world-changing. But how to do that? Also, how to rework plot seeds into a proactive story?
  9. That's pretty much the idea in the first place, and since it's not for a game the aforementioned utility won't be an issue. That's...pretty convenient. And pretty in-genre now that I think about it. Let's suppose it does start at the 90pt VPP level. What sort of story can we get from that?
  10. How would I handle the backstory of a character who has a Cosmic Gem? Specifically: How did they get the gem? What were they able to do right at the start? How long did it take to become proficient? Given that a true Cosmic Gem is essentially a do-anything VPP it’s important to know how much one can do how fast. And why it became available.
  11. Like the Shikima Realm in La Blue Girl. : p Look, somebody had to allude to that anime influence. But seriously, anime does take a lighter and softer view of demons than D&D Pathfinder does. No doubt the influence from Buddhism (even if it's still considered a gaijin religion) and the belief in reincarnation.
  12. So she needs a friend and a love interest. Got it. Just don't have it be specifically a male PC, like every time romance is brought up in the supplements. Well not for everything in the CU, but it might work for something. Or it might not; that's what applying science to magic is for. : )
  13. Oo, sorry for the confusion. ^_^; Well I did ask in the Champions forum so I felt that was implicit, but...being explicit is necessary for scientific discussion. Also, apologies for being a bit antisocial back there. Like I said, the Traditions are kinda triggering, and there are people who think like the Devil's Advocates in real life. (Seriously, Gyre needs a friend, not a face-puncher.)
  14. Wasn't Nazism brought up every time the Get of Fenris were mentioned anyway? Or is this about the Native American blood purity? I remember reading that, and mostly wondering "what game system is he referring to?" Didn't map to GURPS, which you think it would have given the publisher (Steve Jackson Games) and how said system is analytical about everything. Had to wait until GURPS Thaumatology for 4E, though.
  15. Yep, that's why I suggested number-crunchers for a Magic lab. I fail to see her her ambition correlates to her personality disorder. In any case, she just needs meds and a healthier social environment. Except science doesn't need belief, even in the rubber physics of the Champions setting. Nor do metaphysical power sources. Apt you mentioned Mage: the Ascension because I always found the Traditions pretty much trying to soft-sell a Dark Renaissance of their own. Phil Masters goes into more detail with The Truth, Obviously, concluding such thinking is really ab
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