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  1. About what I figured, but it's in my nature to exhaustively make sure. If nothing else, it's something for the search engines to find. Thanks again. : )
  2. I know how it's like in the MMORPG, thus the linked text. I mean how is it in the pen-and-paper RPG?
  3. It only gets a long paragraph each in Champions Universe 6E (p.38) and Millennium City 5E (p.43), and much has already been said about misinterpretations of the place, but what is the place like? It's a nightclub popular with heroes and groupies, there's a superhumans-only section, and upstairs private rooms (hmm~), but nothing else about the atmosphere or floor plan. I suspect the answer is "whatever fits your game" but I am curious to read about what's likely (and plausible). And very curious about those private rooms...
  4. I suppose there are several better options than chorework. Certainly an idea I had. Of course, it's not something I can do en-masse. Hm? Isn't doing good what makes one a hero in the first place?
  5. I definitely had them in mind since VIPER, ARGENT, and baddie nations are jerks and meanies. It's where Lady Blue goes, so that's endorsement enough for me. But like you said they're not stop-n-drop. However, where would a superhero deposit lots of conjured/transmuted cash? Can't imagine anyplace overt since the Secret Service, which already doesn't like superhumans, would look askance at any (understandably) alleged counterfeiter.
  6. I've been looking at the replies and found them wanting for some reason, in spite of them pretty much matching my prior research (even citing the same sources). Then it occurred to me: they all involve fussy chores. How would a superhuman get (or even find) somebody else to do said chores? (You'd think Dark Champions would describe criminal cultures with as much fussy detail as it did criminalistics...) And on the subject of buying homes and businesses, what is the upper limit of what I can buy with duffel bags?
  7. Oo! Now I have a practical reason to become Vice Lord of the Hudson City Strip. I can convert cash into credit, and help out the workers there! Unions, housing, harm reduction, medical care, runaway watch...if I got money from elsewhere they won't even be a drain. No doubt some jerks'll try to start a problem, but only one easily solved via superpowers. ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Let's say a superhuman has lots of cash. Whether from criminal enterprise or created via superpowers it matters not. What does matter is that cash only goes so far. Large purchases have the sort of bureaucratic oversight that looks askance at duffel bags of $20s, and a bag of money won't even get you shovelware in an online store. There needs to be a way to turn those Jacksons and Benjamins into 0s and 1s. Fast, and in bulk. How does one go about doing that?
  9. A typical super's tights, but without a dance belt or similar. For safety reasons, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. He isn't even a villain at all. Rather, he's a hero who actually gets things done for the everyman, and not just another face-puncher for the cameras. I'm curious, what other characters did you write up? And are there any other writers lurking in the forums here?
  11. Thank you, Mr. Destroyer Person! Now I just need to figure out what sort of characters, and powers, to think up...
  12. So...free creative reign, then? That's what I'm guessing since I didn't see even so much as an "I don't know." Odd. Apologies for the necromancy; just wanting to be certain is all.
  13. We know about the infamous Class of '03 (and why bullying should never be dismissed), and the classes of '06 through '10 are detailed in Teen Champions and News of the World, but what about the two years in between? They get any detail anywhere, or are they free characters for the GM (or writer)?
  14. Well. I have to say I wasn't expecting this many answers, and supportive ones at that. I'm not sure how to reply to them beyond "that's useful, thanks!" Which I just did here. I will say that checking 4th and 3rd editions is something I haven't thought of on my own so I'll give that a try. I'll keep lurking on this thread. Preemptive thanks again. : )
  15. (I'm sure this questions been asked before but I'd rather not have to trawl through 10 years of forum posts. Perhaps there's a FAQ I missed?) One of the things I enjoy doing is reading the Villains books and thinking about how my PC would interact with them. Of course, I'd like to know how the heroes would interact as well. But the most I've seen are scattered write-ups in 5E books. When are we going to see a write-up set of books for them? There's so many all over the world; who would be good to recruit to a team or not? etc. (On a broader note, why haven't we had any new bo
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