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  1. Visiting jerks might be a thing. Though since the super sub-school's secret they wouldn't have reason to visit unless they had beef with Rowan, or one of the staff, or one of the students, or just wanted to get at some rich jerk through a student, or actually had a personal issue with a non-trad classmate's secret ID. But other than that no reason to visit the school at all. Oo! Someone remembers Ms. Crone! 🤩 Obviously one of my favorites; I like smart kids who have it all together. 🙃 How do you mean?
  2. Perhaps my inquiry is based on faulty assumptions but read me out. If Orchardsville is in any way based on real-world Orchard Lake (which is about the right direction and distance from Detroit) then, unless you count the chain stores along the main street, there’s bugger-all to do unless villains hide bases there rather than any other bedroom community. “But the action’s in Millennium City” you say. True, it’s a relatively short (~16 mi/~25.7 km, if the distances are about the same) drive, but can your turbo teen get to the scene of the crime fast enough? And what’s the range of your teen teleporter? To say nothing of weekdays and curfew. Or is it assumed the happenings’ll be in the city where our hero(one)s’ll just happen to be? Seems contrived even for comics. Or, again, am I missing something?
  3. Oo! I can just imagine all the fanboys complaining about this making the show "too political," as if superhero comics never were. I can also imagine all my spicy hot takes, but you can as well so I've no need to prove my point. ; ) I'll need some time to think up a proper contribution, but...um... Stonewall. The gay, earthbending rock-guy. Who was gay. And only had plotlines related to such. Well-meaning, but controversial due to the character's lack of depth. Quite the shock to the creator and writer of the character, but they never looked beyond their arthouse bubble anyway. Yes, I'm just as lazy as the show's producers. : p
  4. Ooo! : ) What're they like? What can they do?
  5. There're at least two heroes named Templar and Charisma, and at least two villains named Pharaoh and Hecate. The show's been around for ~20 years as of ~2006 and had an amusement part based on the show completed in late 2003 (and if only I had more information on that...), so I'd say it's fairly popular. As for what the show's like, it started in the late 80's and is described as a soap opera, so I'm guessing it's going to be a trope opera. Especially since Travis Garver (the players of Templar) complained (rightly) of it becoming hackneyed. I'd draw on the X-Men cartoons for inspiration regarding character interaction (combined with the occasional romance subplot from the DCAU, and possibly latter-day redeem-the-villain cartoons), with the series taking place in the kind of standard supers setting you see in RPGs. Since it was created for syndicated television (almost certainly by a syndicate) before the era of Web-based cultural literacy, I expect the characters to be...archetypal, to put it politely. For plot arcs, my intuition is to look at whichever kept-on-life-support shows have been making bank for Weekly Shōnen Jump.
  6. For those who don't have too much free time and aren't conversant in obscure and seldom-relevant lore (and you probably homebrew anyway : p), To Save The World is a soap opera in the Champions setting, even more so than the heyday of the X-Men: And besides a mention in Everyman (p.24, 108) and possibly Champions Battlegrounds (which I don't have...) there isn't anything else about it that I recall. So what? Let's flesh it out, just for fun, based on what we know or can extrapolate. Particularly if using the adventure seed where Menton gets too into the show... ; )
  7. I...don't know anything about Champions Now, or the examples given therein.
  8. Somebody actually replied! : D But I wasn't thinking about lazy-to-nonexistent worldbuilding, or the monetization of sequels, so much as deconstructing what rebels are. I should probably make it a more specifically topical thread...
  9. Relevant for any campaign that focuses on Istvatha V'han. ; ) I look forward to reading everyone's opinions.
  10. Looks like a very good reason to keep oneself, and the full extent of their powers, hidden...
  11. Oh, you mean real companionship rather than the term in the euphemistic sense. Oh yeah, that's something a Cosmic Gem can't magic up. ^_^; Maybe? That's certainly a good story idea. Easy solution for that: don't seek fame. ; ) Now I'm confused. Why would luxuries need to be "real?" For that matter, why would the hero show them off outside of a disposable false ID? Or often enough to be an issue? This one, however, doesn't have an easy solution, and will be inevitable when a hero gets proactive. I wouldn't say unexpectedly; even when an artifact of power -- or any power -- doesn't have the Focus discount the hero's gonna get cut off from it sooner or later. That too would also make an interesting story! And something to prepare for: heroes should always make sure they have something besides their powers. That's just good practice. Good stuff! I'm reminded of With This Ring (please forgive me) where OL is told, essentially "I don't know how to feel about a boyfriend who says he'd do anything for me and actually can." But seriously, I do remember hearing more than once that relationship troubles start when the partners aren't equal. Ooo... Yeah, I think I hit a nerve there. And admittedly, I only found love by accident. Trust me, I'd never dismiss someone with "work hard and think positive!" Gah! >_<
  12. That's what I'd say to someone who offered me such. : p Love's simple: make friends with someone who shares your interests and is comforting to talk with. I even got that in the real world, much to my surprise. : ) Knowledge is another good one, but one I needn't hurry for unless I need it now. Do VPP's grant skills? Disease cures are covered by Transform. Of course, this has the kind of societal implications that'd make for great drama, especially if the super wants to do something else with their time. Time-travel is Extra-Dimensional movement. In addition to aforementioned implications -- i.e., what if you could stop a famous atrocity -- this raises the question of why someone else hasn't. Biological immortality is an inexpensive Life Support, but one I'd have to pay points for if I don't wanna tie up VPP points. Would definitely require a scientific quest, which is another great story. Well of course, though the idea I have in that regard is less about giving in to temptation and more getting fed up with the lack of positive change and eventually becoming an agent of the V'hanian Empire. Can't make things worse unless you're the sort of person who thinks Dubai is awesome or the Spartans were the good guys... Oh, very much. It's a conclusion I reached in an ongoing informal role-play with my sweetheart, where by becoming a tech-scavenging world-jumper I built me a lair that'd be the envy of most supervillains. And no idea what to do with it. Very much puts life into big-picture perspective. 😌 ...Honestly, I was asking this to figure out what a lusty demon could possibly tempt me with. But then, it is very much in-genre to wax philosophical. ; )
  13. Suppose you have a hypothetical superhero, call them Cintamani for the Cosmic Gem they have. With it they can make just about whatever they want. Wealth? With creativity and skill (and Skills) they can cut out the middleman make what they want wealth for directly with a Transform. Companionship? They can use Summon to make simulacra for that as well. Luxury? See previous, put Images for that full immersion VR experience. And so on. Then some villain wants to tempt them away from righteousness. What could they possibly offer that our hero couldn't make themself?
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