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  1. Unless I am missing something Aid says specifically that it cannot give one powers or abilities they don't have. For that use Transform. So Aid and Drain do not seem to combine correctly for this usage. Maybe Stormbringer because it really does not give Elric abilities he does not have but I'm thinking of a Leach who drains an ability and gains it for themselves. For example. The Suckerfish drains the torch of x amount of Fire Blast and now can use this power himself for the duration of the drain. As the target recovers he loses an identical amount. Later he drains the Thing of
  2. Odd. Its such a staple of fantasy and sci fi to have a Leach or Transfer power that splitting them seems more like dividing chicken noodle soup into ingredients and calling it a simplification. I do get the desire to break everything into basic building blocks yet some things are better left whole. Like Time Travel broken into: Time Travel Power A -Make a Time Door using Time Mastery power. B- Link Time Door to Open Door power C-Link to Movement-Walk power If you want carrots or peas in your chicken noodle soup you can use an Advantage and if you don'
  3. Thank you. I have yet to get to the link rules but remember something like that from 4th ed.
  4. Likely I'm blind and certainly I still ignorant of Hero as a whole. I am looking for an attack which directly drains some characteristic or power and adds it to yourself/user. Absorption seem to only act against an attack and Drain doesn't transfer it to the attacker. Unless I'm missing something. Thinking Rogue, Elric's Stormbringer, etc; Thanks for the help!
  5. I might suggest that any game system coming in at somewhere around...oh...2000 pages, (HR1,HR2,APG,AGP2,etc), is fertile ground for the would be rules-lawyer.
  6. Legal shemgal. Take a page from the politicians and do whatever you want safe in the knowledge you will not be prosecuted. Prostituted most definitely. But never prosecuted. 🤐
  7. I think your right. Like a D&D starter kit or GURPS boxed fantasy set. Right now Hero is not really geared towards the casual or new player. It is geared towards a subset of the most aloft, egotistical, megamonicial control freaks in the rpg community who want mastery of every nook and cranny of the universe in question. BWAHHH Haha... where did that come from? 😯
  8. Ya! Exactly what I was thinking. 🤔
  9. Splatbooks are sourcebooks devoted to a particular facet, character class, or fictional faction in a role-playing game, providing additional background details and rules options. ... Since the asterisk is also known as a "splat", this gave rise to the term "splatbook". So says the web!
  10. That is what I meant by different abilities. Strength, knowledge. Skills. It's almost like a summoning where they switch places. Some invocation with physical effects. They are completely different physically and mentally. Other than both being good that is. Only in alternate ID seems more like Tony Stark vs Iron Man. Or Underdog even. He pops a pill and whammy! Sweet Polly Purebred is saved!
  11. Obviously there is very little agreement on this. But multi form instead of multi personalities might be a clue????? Beast boy does not change personality but the Hulk sure does. Harlequin (spelled wrong I'm sure) has multiple personalities but the same form. Some beings have different identities with different skill sets and memories but have the same form. Guess I'll have to really read over it as well as some 'official' characters built with multiform. But I would think Dr Don Blake vs Thor is a multiform. Certainly they sport different hairstyles, bodies, voice, height, parent
  12. We used to play the hell out of the original 3 book set of D&D with Grayhawk and Blackmoor added in. Also 3 LBB Traveller, Metamorphosis Alpha and Stormbringer 1ed. Great times. Even with AD&D although one of my staple players detested it as nothing but unnecessary rules bloat. He played yet would have gladly stayed with the white box version. So your right. We had tons of fun and just winged it half the time with these 'guidelines'. That's really what OD&D amounted to. The others were a bit more of a system. It seems to me Champions Complete and FHC
  13. I won't argue with you there. When I was 12 I had all the time in the world to create worlds. Now, no time to do anything but upkeep of my real one. Assuming that it IS real...🤔...and that I am me...🤯
  14. Its a big man that owns up. Cheers to you, sir! 😉
  15. That's the cost of being allowed access to the source code! Hero with bestiary, grimoire and FH's templates seem pretty much equal any given D&Dish type set. (admitted with a greater investment by GM and players), Warhammer FRP, Hollow Earth Expedition, Zweihander are examples of more complete gaming environments. Which is great and cool as long as your content with the setup. Hero is freaking awesome if you want to build your own world. The complexity issue between Steve Jackson's Melee, Wizard, Adv Melee, Adv Wizard, The Fantasy Trip and GURPS is to me a personal prefere
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