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  1. Is this a 'Complete' book or does it require the Hero System books? Thanks!
  2. That's one way to handle it! Make them speak German and you could sell it to Netflix. πŸ˜‰
  3. That sounds good especially cause I don't know if you're allowed to shoot whooping savages anymoreπŸ˜ƒ Once upon a time we played a lot of boot Hill and had a lot of fun
  4. My post is in response to a ongoing rant in favor of criminals over police. The child is a minor point. Haha! See what I did there? Once again, we do know what was going on with that kid so neither you or I can speak intelligently about what the police should have done. I have no idea why that was done so I'll reserve judgement. Right now its is just an emotional reaction based upon a visual image and untrustworthy news outlets. For all I know she had just slit the throat of her baby sister. Time enough to roast them, if warranted, when you have the facts. Ruby Ridge and Waco were both a travesty justice and Janet Reno and the officers involved should have been held accountable for their crimes. I am all for bad cops and officials getting harsh punishment. Death peanilty included if warranted. I say this after the facts came out, which were nothing like the media or officials initially portrayed. As for many of these other creeps I say good riddens. Not based upon age or color but upon their history. I dont want St Floyd types around my wife or children. I again caution against jumping to conclusions based upon some biased 'propaganda' piece where the facts are second to sensationalism and ratings. Crime in the US is not crime in Canada. What's the chance Captain Canada has a handgun? Canadian criminals are guys who hand out incorrect change at McDonald's. 😁 Resisting arrest in Finland is saying, 'I dont want to go'. Each situation needs to be truthfully evaluated. Judged based on facts, not a half informed emotion reaction to a preconceived world view. Statistics are not facts. 29 killed by cops does not say why they were killed. Only that they were. What you did to X on day 1 has nothing to do with what you did with Y on day 2. Give the good guys the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is over. There is a reason they responded to a call in the first place. Do you think? Why were the cops called? A crime in progress perhaps? How about a thread enumerating all the innocent victims of these media driven riots and defund the police advocates? Nah! That would paint criminals, ANTIFA, and the anti-police advocacy groups in a bad light and we all know they are truly the good guys that we want as babysitters and teachers. I personally believe most cops have better things to do than get vilified, thrown off the force, tossed in jail and have their family's threatened so when they respond harshly you can dam well bet most of them thought they had a good reason. But this, like religion and politics, is an issue based upon ones reasoning, moral compass and up bringing and I don't expect to connect with anyone heading in the opposite direction. So with that I'll move on to more constructive topics and say good day to you from the other side of the blue line. Over here we silly folks like to give the police and soldiers the benefit of the doubt before siding with the criminals
  5. I would say no to the first and I'll have to look into the second.
  6. Odd how I started this post and now I have no idea what it's on about.πŸ€”
  7. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a partial Transfer rather than godlike levels. For example: You attack someones 12d6 Blast power with your 10d6 transfer and roll 30. So you drain 6d6 of his Blast for the drain duration. His Blast is now 6d6 and you gain that 6d6 Blast. As he regains it you loose it. Each 5 points return 1d6 from you to him. Perhaps you can only transfer as many character points in abilities as you spent on Transfer. Make the cost something like 10 or 15 character points for 1d6 of Transfer and limit him that way. Or maybe a 10d6 Transfer power would transfer a total of 10d6 worth of abilities. Another built In limitation is that he can only mimic the same general ability from 1 source at time. He can't add together the Thing and Thors STR this way. Maximum drain would be the greatest of the two yet limited by his own character points spent on Transfer. If he drained enough to get 3d6 Strech from Mr Fantastic, 4d6 entangle from Spiderman and and 3d6 Flight from Torch he would be at his 10d6 limit until he released the Transfer willingly or waited for it to drain enough to get some more goodies. The best way to take this sucker down is with nomal humans armed with sticks. 😁 Heck, I'm just playing with ideas as the Hero system really gets the mental juices flowing. Every day I get at least one new "how would I do this" thought.
  8. Unless I am missing something Aid says specifically that it cannot give one powers or abilities they don't have. For that use Transform. So Aid and Drain do not seem to combine correctly for this usage. Maybe Stormbringer because it really does not give Elric abilities he does not have but I'm thinking of a Leach who drains an ability and gains it for themselves. For example. The Suckerfish drains the torch of x amount of Fire Blast and now can use this power himself for the duration of the drain. As the target recovers he loses an identical amount. Later he drains the Thing of some STR and gains it himself. If he drained the Thing of PD or ED I would have him start looking like the Thing as the Thing started looking more like the old Ben Grimm. So if Suckerfish we able to drain the Thing of all his over normal super abilities he would become the Thing while the Thing reverted to Ben for the duration. For this I would think Drain linked to Transform, (level determined on what is drained), with a limitation that power or ability drained may only impart identical power or ability and only to self. Now, what about the fiendish Dr. Xerox with the groping hands, who can copy x amount of the Thing but does not drain the Thing? This seems like a level of Transform based upon the level of copy, (appearance, voice, powers), with a limitation of must copy some aspect(s) of a person he has physically touched. So where am I confused and going wrong? Thanks for the help in advance!
  9. Odd. Its such a staple of fantasy and sci fi to have a Leach or Transfer power that splitting them seems more like dividing chicken noodle soup into ingredients and calling it a simplification. I do get the desire to break everything into basic building blocks yet some things are better left whole. Like Time Travel broken into: Time Travel Power A -Make a Time Door using Time Mastery power. B- Link Time Door to Open Door power C-Link to Movement-Walk power If you want carrots or peas in your chicken noodle soup you can use an Advantage and if you don't want noodles then use a Limitation. πŸ˜‰ Everyone has an idea of what should be the basic power molecule and Steve is the author so ultimately I have to respect his decision. Yet being the GM I would suppose its totally fine for me to add new basic molecules if I choose. But I'm not sure if that is necessary or even what is best without trying it so basically I'm just blowing gas at this juncture. 😝
  10. Thank you. I have yet to get to the link rules but remember something like that from 4th ed.
  11. Likely I'm blind and certainly I still ignorant of Hero as a whole. I am looking for an attack which directly drains some characteristic or power and adds it to yourself/user. Absorption seem to only act against an attack and Drain doesn't transfer it to the attacker. Unless I'm missing something. Thinking Rogue, Elric's Stormbringer, etc; Thanks for the help!
  12. I might suggest that any game system coming in at somewhere around...oh...2000 pages, (HR1,HR2,APG,AGP2,etc), is fertile ground for the would be rules-lawyer.
  13. Legal shemgal. Take a page from the politicians and do whatever you want safe in the knowledge you will not be prosecuted. Prostituted most definitely. But never prosecuted. 🀐
  14. I think your right. Like a D&D starter kit or GURPS boxed fantasy set. Right now Hero is not really geared towards the casual or new player. It is geared towards a subset of the most aloft, egotistical, megamonicial control freaks in the rpg community who want mastery of every nook and cranny of the universe in question. BWAHHH Haha... where did that come from? 😯
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