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  1. Hi White Rabbit, Thanks for the advice. I may indeed be up for creating a character. Also, if you're game, would you be game for extending the offer you made to Scott to me? Like you, I've been world building last few months trying to set up a game and I think I'm almost ready. Nothing long term if not interested, just need some experience with Hero and TTS as player and GM.
  2. Hi Tom. I have and may do so yet. Was testing out the waters on this forum first. Thought the fantasy folk may congregate here more so than on that forum. Seriously, thanks for the reply. Wasn’t sure this was posting or not.
  3. Ack! No takers?! I feel so .. unworthy! 😜 All good. 😁 if anyone has an opening, keep me in mind. 👍
  4. Greets, Looking for a Hero 6E fantasy game ideally on TTS to relearn the game and learn more about TTS. Even just observing would help. Many thanks. Kryptoknight
  5. Hi. I’m learning more and more about TTS and the HeroSystem mod Brennall developed. Still trying to figure a few things out. Basic stuff I’m sure but how do I incorporate new maps on this table? Also, how do I open the bags or such? I’m really trying to do this on my own but I’m stuck. If someone can point me to a tutorial or such I’d appreciate it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of how I export HD characters into .json so I can import into the Hero System Mod in Tabletop Simulator? Many thanks. KK
  7. Hi all. I’m prepping to begin a game featuring SCP critters. Has anyone done this and have any of templates I can get started with? BTW, if Brennell and any of the TTS users check this out, you’ve sold me on it and I’m trying to educate myself. I love it and hope to gain some competency in using the system. With this COVID world were in, I’m getting back into this and even after not playing in 25+ years, I love this system and what one can do with it. Keep up the work, folks! There’s others like me coming around.
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