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  1. My memory must be worse now than I thought or my imagination must of been very good back then. There are a couple you have in there for 3E I have never seen before which makes my head hurt thinking about. I had 3E and many of the supplement books for 3E. How I do not remember all of those sheets I do not know. I was very young though. Anyway, it's likely the large male you have there is the one I was trying to pinpoint and was remembering/imaginating wrong. Thank you for sharing all of these. I had only found a couple 3E sheets elsewhere and you have them all plus extras. It is gr
  2. I am looking for help identifying a character sheet I only can describe from memory and using an example picture. Back when I was a young I was into 3rd edition. I had the 5 character sheets that appear to be in the 3rd edition PDF. However there was another one that I do not know where I can find now. I do not have the original book so I do not know if it was removed from the PDF version or if it was perhaps in a supplement. It used the same artistic style as the ones in the 3rd edition book but was an outline of a larger man walking towards you. If you look at this link, it was
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