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  1. Even a house that says its prayers by night...
  2. Filmed here in Louisville, KY. That thing was constantly on cable back in the day. I probably saw it 30 - 40 times back then.
  3. 2CELLOS is a lot of fun, but I've always preferred Stringfever.
  4. The Martian. Matt Damon is trapped on the red planet. It was my son's first time seeing it.
  5. With a career in publishing, I've searched for a lot of images over the years.
  6. You could put on your NSFW goggles and search for slimegirls on furaffinity.net.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-9390347/Pepsi-launches-new-limited-edition-collaboration-PEEPS.html
  8. Art crawl! But my favorite pun from the series is still the fifty-foot-tall bovine who shoots fire from her teats, "Apocalypse Cow." My favorite bit was: "No offense intended." "...None comprehended!"
  9. Since yesterday was Pi Day, I rewatched the first several episodes of Pushing Daisies. Free on CW Seed!
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