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  1. I started this thread to see if there was an informed explanation to the reasoning behind the power level to cost. I was hoping for something more than “what’s the problem” and essentially a “because it is” reply. if you feel this is not an issue for your game. Then that’s great. I’m not here to tell you how to run a game or force a change in the rules. just wanted to know the thought process behind the design decision
  2. Yes. There is a -2 that comes with the added 6d6. It also comes with a +1 on DCV. Now let’s put that in terms of points. if I wanted to build that “maneuver”/ power, it would cost 50points. (6d6 at 0end -2ocv /+1dcv) getting 50points worth of power for 10points is a no brainer. what I am seeing is a power/skill that is a must for any melee character. it’s no longer a choice. It’s a must have.
  3. I agree with you 1d6/3d6 do put a squeeze on Martial Arts “Bruce Lee” concepts. 2d6/4d6 might be attractive to everyone, but at least it doesn’t seem so grossly underpriced.
  4. If the damage for each attack were brought down. At what point would it be a good deal for a Martial Artist and not such a good deal for any other build? if it were at 1d6 punch and 3d6 kick. Would that be appealing for a martial artist to spend 10 points and unappealing for a brick? what if it were 2d6 punch and 4d6 kick? thoughts?
  5. Assault, thank you for the reply. This is the concern. I would love to know what the thinking was behind making it so cheap. You said you usually stack it. At that cost you should “always” stack it. There is no reason why every build of character wouldn’t have Martial Attack. Brick with 4d6 str. Special effect “heavy handed” . Get martial attack now suddenly 7d6 punch / 10d6 kick Fire Projector with 4d6 blast special effect “fiery fists”. Get strike w/Martial kick advantage 10d6 special effect “fiery fists” ... at least that cost extra with the strike advantage. My point is at the cost of 10points, every single build should buy it. It’s a complete no brainer. Champions now goes from superheroes to Kung-Fu theater.
  6. It seems Martial Attack offers so much more than the 10 point cost would suggest. For 10 points you get ... Martial Punch - +3d6 strength damage only at 0end. and +1 Dexterity defense only (20pts value) And Martial Kick - +6d6 strength damage only at 0end and +1 Dexterity defense only \-2 Dexterity offense only (35pts value) With that's much value for only 10 points, it seems EVERY character should buy in. Unless I am missing something in the rational of the cost. Does anyone have insight on this?
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