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  1. Speaking of things from the past, has there been any reprint, or perhaps a graphic novel compilation type reprint of any of the old Champions comics? The only stuff I see on Amazon is the old Marvel group(s) of the same name. I used to occasionally come across the comic books when I'd go to a comic book show, but I haven't seen any in years.
  2. I've been reading the forums and it's made me miss playing all over again. With that in mind, I was hoping to get some of my local friends interested in playing. I began on 1st ed, and followed the game thru to 4th ed, which is still my favorite as they continued to iron out wrinkles each time. I haven't played since then, but I've decided if starting players it's easiest/best (imo) to start them on the most current edition, which is 6th ed. What book(s) would they need to buy at a bare minimum to play 6th ed? I have a local bookstore that I patronize where I can probably get them ordered, or through my local game store(s). I don't want to tell folks they'd need to buy three books and spend $60+ to take up a new game that, frankly, isn't being played as widely as it should be (again, imo). I saw the posting about ordering it on drivethruRPG or as a PDF, but I do prefer the feeling of paper in my hand. What books should they have? I'll use my old modules and stuff and update/convert them as needed: and, of course, I have a hex map, dice and tons of minis.
  3. Thank you for your reply: I didn't realize that Hero was down to just one person. I know that many of the campaigns I cited were managed by one or two people (sometimes with corporate support, sometimes not). I'm still a big fan of Champions, though, and that won't change. Has anyone played any Hero-based systems on-line? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it (if this doesn't belong in this thread, please feel free to move it elsewhere). Thanks!
  4. I don't know if I attended MACE in 2019; I've been several of the years, but I don't recall that one, honestly; I think that was after the moved to Charlotte (NC). I haven't been to MACE West in a few years, since another convention in the area formed which was more in line with my budget. I'll make the call on MACE this year later in the year, depending on cost and how the world is doing with Covid at the time.
  5. Hello, all...as a long time Champions player, and fan of Hero in general (4th ed most recently), I am wondering if there are any games in the Charlotte, NC area, preferably south Charlotte, near Pineville (NC). I know we're not playing face-to-face now (covid and all), but I'm looking forward, hopefully. I'm good with most any Hero-based system: Champions, Dark Champions or Fantasy Hero (or something else?). Any other players in the area?
  6. Sorry if I am late to the party, but I couldn’t find this on the forums. As a long time fan of Champions, has there ever been any discussion of having a “Living Champions” (or “Living Hero Games” if you prefer) type campaign? I know the world is askew at the moment, but I hope and believe that conventions and (in-person) game days and such will eventually return. When that happens, I would love to see more Champions offered (which seems be a recurring sentiment on this board), and I thought a Living campaign might be a good way to promote that: I’m thinking of a lot of the previous living campaigns I’ve been involved in: Living City, Living Death (still my favorite), Living Arcanis, Living Greyhawk, and more recently Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurer’s League. I know it would take some time and commitment from the powers that be at Hero Games, but I would be interested to hear if it is a possibility. There is 40+ years of content that could be modified to a standardized framework, and I’d love to renew interest in it and ~hopefully~ pass interest onto a new generation of players. Thoughts? Constructive suggestions?
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