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  1. I was talking to a friend on the phone just now and we figured that even with megascale I couldn't get my POV within 1km unless the GM fudges that, so I may need to go with just a lot of levels of x2 distance, we figured that it would take 23 levels of doubling to get the entire world, or a 115 point adder. I can do that I guess, it will fit in the multipower, but if there is a better way, perhaps one of you will know it.
  2. Long time no see everyone, it has been almost a decade for me, but I am in a 5er game! I am making a girl named Portal. (yes, not a very imaginable name) She opens 2 dimensional portals to walk through and she can do so world-wide. I want to give her the ability to open little peep holes to look through that are clairsentience-based, and I am having trouble figuring out how this is going to work. Do I use megascale? (I have permission) or do I purchase a lot of multiples in the base power description? If I use megascale, how many inches does the base perception give? Megascale give
  3. Are the covers in black and white or are they the usual blue and yellow?
  4. One would be considered a "ghost" if there were no people left alive to talk about who was responsible... only fringe players would have been left, who likely was not close enough to him to warrant a round, but did not get a close look at who was doing the shooting.
  5. I think that Strike Force will scratch this itch... does anyone else concur?
  6. Strike Force is coming! :D

  7. How do we get access to the Strike Force session notes? I want to read the history of all the excellence! Tell me where to send the money! (Serious!)
  8. I just got my hands on the Ultimate Edition of Fantasy Grounds and while perusing the forums there I did see that someone is working on a Hero System ruleset. It may be 5th edition though...
  9. I looked up damage over time and it says that if it were damage over time it would be described as "the target takes [amount and type of damage] every [increment of time] for [total length of time]." The thermite description does not indicate any sort of time step within the total length of time. So I am feeling it likely that the Thermite is not going to be 2d6 RKA AP once per segment for a turn, that sounds less like thermite damage and more like Alien blood burning through 5 decks of platting. Just talked to a friend on the phone and he suggested it would do the damage over time with a d
  10. I am not certain how to read this bit of rules from The Day After Ragnarok... I am about 70% sure, but I figured I would bring it up here so that I am certain. If it seems super obvious to you guys, please don't tease me too badly, but a bit of eye rolling is ok. Thermite - it does 2d6 RKA AP damage for 1 Turn per 0.1 kg charge before being consumed. Is this saying that it does 2d6 armor piercing killing damage once after a turn has passed? Or is there some sort of assumed speed (a two speed or that of the person that sets it off?) I don't think it would be that, as it would have the
  11. I am getting ready for a new campaign after a fairly significant time away from the system... does anyone have a fillable PDF character sheet that they could send to me? Thanks in advance! -- Gary Ciaramella
  12. GURPS gives you a campaign with a flavor like that of say... Babylon 5. Hero on the other hand, ends up more epic... say Star Wars. Both are worthy for running a Sci-Fi game... it all depends on what you are looking for.
  13. Your weapon list is thorough, tis true. What it needs is some work on it's presentation. You know what everything means, but would be a bit complicated for new players. I can figure it out, but what it needs is more labeling and work on making it's rounding work using the Hero System standards. I do really like that you used the data base... I personally don't have a lot of experience using them, it makes all the math work go away... *poof* Brilliant!
  14. It is a strange thing for Steve to write the rules and then make house rules for his own rules... whatever. At least the matter is settled.
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