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  1. You guys are great. My son loves the comments and songs. ๐Ÿค—
  2. My son and I are playing a 4-color hero campaign of which some of you have been quite helpful in putting together. Tonight he encountered 4 thugs chasing a girl down the street. The thugs of course were gaining quickly. He was watching the city from the edge of a 5 story building when he saw this. The character he is running is basically a reskin of Eraserhead from My Hero Academia. In his opening maneuver he swings down from the roof using a conveniently placed flagpole and his capture bands and makes a suitable landing. The thugs are unimpressed and proceed to attack. In his 1st phase
  3. That's a wrap. Who/what is next ?
  4. Argh!!! Didn't think of that! Would have been much better. Alas but that hindsight has such good perception.๐Ÿ˜Ž Also we should stop this as we are dragging the thread farther and farther afield.
  5. I agree but the public relations portion of Cryptic felt it was too closely linked to the antics of a certain group of idiots in the mid to late 1940s. Even after I tried to explain they still felt the was a large enough portion of the populace that might take exception that they were unwilling to risk it. So she became Creeping Lotus which was even funnier since her travel power was super speed.
  6. And it was because of that that I was forced to change her name in City Of Villains. ๐Ÿ™„
  7. Epiphany Michaelโ€™s father was dying. Although he could hear the sirens approaching Michael knew they would never get there in time. Around them lay the bodies of 4 young men, still breathing but unconscious. Nearby knelt 2 young girls quietly crying as they held each other. Above,distant clouds scuttled across the dark night sky. As the sirens grew closer, the sound of the other young men retreating into the night grew more and more distant. A chill wind, barely a whisper, tugged at some peeling handbills stapled to the nearby telephone pole with its single street light. Michael he
  8. Holly Caustic As a child Holly was always admonished to be a "good girl", to obey her elders, follow the rules, etc. When she was in high school she was raped. The boys responsible were never punished as "boys will be boys" and "she obviously was asking for it." Her parents were so disappointed. How could she have let this happen. They were embarrassed and ashamed of her. Holly had gotten pregnant and 7 months later had a miscarriage. She was alone when it happened, her father at work at his prestigious job in the city and her mother at the country club. Looking at the still-born b
  9. Maximillion Marithain had been tinkering in his lab, working on the new quantum computer that controlled his quantum particle power armor, Wave Form. He felt he was making really good headway with the code when everything went hazy. When his recollections became clear and distinct it was 3 days later, he was in New York instead of Seattle and he was wearing his newest completed power armor. While being questioned by authorities Maxi found he had been part of some big aerial battle over and around New York. He told them he remembered being on a team, he remember there were bad guys to fight but
  10. Thank you Was just doing my part I vote new team. For some reason I just seem to have a hard time with this particular concept. ๐Ÿ˜• And just to be clear the problem is with my neural network not the concept itself
  11. So Algae, after rereading your op I am confused. Are you looking for insight as to : Why does this trope (warrior elite becoming corrupt because of being elite) existe? How can we change this trope (elite not becoming corrupt or arch-types other than warrior becoming elite)? How come there are not similar tropes for other arch-types? Or am I even further afield that that ? Not a critique just looking for clarification.
  12. There is a scene in one of the Batman story lines where he and dead/alive Robin are talking over a beaten/not dead Joker about the futility of just arresting the criminals only to have them escape/get released instead of killing them and ending it permanently. Batman says that if he ever started down that path he would never be able to stop. He knows he can't become the judge, jury and executioner but he also realizes there is a real need (in his world) for someone with the means and commitment keep the fighting the good fight. He doesn't do it for his justice or his glory. He goes after peopl
  13. Sky Lord Sky Lord had been about to activate his Planet Buster Beam onto San Francisco and thus sink the west coast into the ocean when it found itself somewhere else. It was unable to identify it position as it could not seem to connect to internet or any GPS device. What it could detect were the pitiful human meat bag supers that had obviously transported it to wherever here was and it would make them pay for interfering in its grand scheme to take over the Earth for the betterment of all machine kind. Even before the strange "event" that had been blocking or interfering
  14. Kreesh-Nal-Ib Nursing the wounds it had received from it latest battle on the human's world, Kreesh-Nal-Ib plodded back to it's lair. DEMON and their accursed summons for their petty small minded schemes was really beginning to annoy the greater demon. At first it had enjoyed the charnage and misery the jaunts to the mortal world allowed it but now they were more often than naught just lessons in pain and humiliation. Time and time again some "wizard" or "grand-puhba" or whatever they called themselves would summon the great and powerful Kreesh-Nal-Ib to accept a sacrifice or destr
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