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  1. Payback


    I remember him from the DC module that had the FF in it. Disliked the DC system but this is great. Did you ever convert the rest of the FF. Either way, Thanks.
  2. I LOVED this module when I bought it so many years ago. Thanks for the update.
  3. Wow this character looks great. Thanks for posting this. Now, to fit her in as a Villain or hero. I think Villain.
  4. Thanks Jim. This helps get back into the game after more then a decade of layoff. Life gets in the way. Cheers
  5. Re: Superhero Images Love this picture, and the idea behind it.
  6. Re: Split's Serpent Society Thread Excellent post Split Decision,rep to you. Great bump DocSamson and Love the HDC HawksmoorSD. It is so weird I was just looking for some of these. Keep up the great work. Hey Crossbones would rock. Don;t forget the draw strings on the back of his face mask as an OOF of some sort. Cap grabs it and yanks his head back and I think chops his throat. Cheers
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