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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I will get fiddling in the notes with HTML. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hello peeps. I have been away for a long time, so long in fact that the last time I purchase HD it was subscription based. Just purchased it again a couple days ago and I am re remembering why I liked it so much. Still wrapping my head around Prefabs, templates etc. I have read and searched but can't find what I am looking for. I have created some awesome(IMO) characters using this software and using the incredible exports found here produced some great looking character sheets. I used them last night for my gaming group that has been stuck in Pathfi
  3. Payback


    I remember him from the DC module that had the FF in it. Disliked the DC system but this is great. Did you ever convert the rest of the FF. Either way, Thanks.
  4. I LOVED this module when I bought it so many years ago. Thanks for the update.
  5. Wow this character looks great. Thanks for posting this. Now, to fit her in as a Villain or hero. I think Villain.
  6. Thanks Jim. This helps get back into the game after more then a decade of layoff. Life gets in the way. Cheers
  7. I know I am late to the party. Hope it is okay to chime in. Mecha. Hmmm I am easy going. I like them all. Some more then others, some backs stories more then the actual mecha. Some the mecha better then the game mechanics. I fall closer to ShadowCats feeling on mecha but not totally. I have many fond memories of protoculture powered mecha and even slow plodding Beasts of war . I would like to see a rule set I can use for Heavy Gear most of all. I have fiddled with some rules and they work roughly. VERY roughly and with alot of latitude in my GMing I have always like this lev
  8. Re: Rogues...and Soldiers...and Assassins...and...Gallery (Dark Champions Art) Excellent post. Awesome Collection of visuals that really captures Dark Genera. Thanks or all the work
  9. Re: Superhero Images Love this picture, and the idea behind it.
  10. Re: Sunburst (Hear Central: PRIMUS Interdiction Team) Awesome write up Thanks for posting it. I love this sort of deep detail.
  11. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? I think for the people I game with Tasha that you hit the nail on the head. Dnd, This way. DONE. NO changing. I think personally this RULES strick adhearance came about during a wargaming phase that we all went through. And with table top war gaming, there is NO option to change, modify etc if you wish to participate in a tournament. This lead us to getting really sticky about rules, stats etc. For myself the reason I am honestly giving up on all those up there systems (That I have two book shelves 8 feet high 4 feet w
  12. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? Yes I feel like an ass. I am sorry for the.. I don't even know what it was. Loss of control I guess. Knee JERK(me). I am sorry for it but there is no take backs. I have to move forward. I deserved what I get and will take it and do intend to make BETTER contributions. Can I say, that life\work\and a few seconds losing control of myself and taking it out on some one else by building a my own little story of his post in my head.... And to be honest. It does not matter that he is a vet of 10000 posts. A person with one pos
  13. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? really quickly. 3-4 spd 60 active points in main attack DEF around 6-15 most characters with Normal human max The Dx now are 10 for the healer type protector 12 for the Brick and 15 for the Mercenary A Batman level character MIGHT have a 5 speed in our type of genera we play in right now. SUPER fast vs a 2-3 normal. A lot of real world weapons that only cost money and have an availability. Real world equipment and vehicles that is not a cost in Character points either. Just money. It is Dark Champio
  14. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? Perhaps it was a too strong retort on my part. But I had hoped for intelligent discourse and I read that one line reply from a poster that has over TEN THOUSAND POSTS on this board and YES I took it as a spark as well as IMHO a hunt for as many post counts as you can have by replying to any thread even if it is meaningless response. I don't see how his remark added anything to my post. If it was just my Title Thread he was reading then Fine that is a good answer. And what does his last remark mean? What does Punk have to do wi
  15. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? First off Enforcer84, is that how you get to 10000 posts? Inane replies and in complete sentences? What a waste of my thread. Go post else were with that drivel. Add to it so people can take something away from it other then back handed comments. I was just using that as an thought sparker. If that is all you got then See ya. If Hero gets to a Viper 6th, I hope it is close to what I like(I wrote some crap about how it should be written but erased it) I am looking for new purchases with the intent to get write ups with
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