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  1. I was under the impression that Champions Complete was 6th optimized for superheroes. Incorrect?
  2. I would love to go PDF, but my eyes are just too bad anymore. Besides, I really prefer a book. I'll see if they know when restocks are expected, and take it from there.
  3. Thank you everyone for the input. After reading through all your posts, I decided I liked what I was hearing and decided to go ahead and purchase the 6th edition - if only to do my part to support the company. Unfortunately, they are sold out of Book 1. <sad trombone> Guess it will have to wait...
  4. Jhamin, Clean, concise, 0% snark. Much appreciated.
  5. Haven't played HERO since 3rd/4th edition era, but thinking about picking it back up. Is it worthwhile to upgrade to 6th? What kind of improvements have been made to the game? How different are the mechanics? (If there is already a Topic on this, apologies.)
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