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    I'm interested in retro gaming in the sense of making gaming loose and fun again.

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  1. Still room. We're starting up May 17 but it's not too late. Even if you read this in June 2021 you can probably still be fit in, assuming we are not maxed out.
  2. Here's a rough image of one of the player characters: This is the feeling that we are going for in the campaign!! I think Hero Machine 3 does a nice job of matching the vibe of those old character sheet templates that you sketch your character on: ...which just fits so well with this:
  3. I would love to see an app that would output a character sheet in a smudgy, old-school format: PS: This sheet actually belongs to a poster here named culhwch, I think
  4. This is very cool. I will definitely use this in my 5e, even if it is 6e. I'll also peek at the Shadowrun hacking rules. Merci!
  5. I think I want it as complicated as you described!
  6. I've noticed in one of my games, a modern superhero game, that computer hacking (using Computer Programming) is pretty powerful. (I'm using 5th Edition, so answers in that edition will help me the most!) So, I'm considering making it more expensive, and expecting characters to have a certain roll level to attempt certain feats. Like, having an 11- in Computer Programming is not going to get you into a high-security database. (Okay, if the character has an 11- roll, I'm not saying they can never access a high-security database. Just not directly. They might use the 11- to put a keyl
  7. I'm just about ready to start. I decided I'm going to rely on Enemies II (1982) as the campaign opens, and branch out from there. So if you're building a character, choosing one of those villains would fit right in. Note that the game is set in 1981, but the ruleset is Champions 3, 4, 5. (If any die-hards want to use even earlier editions of Champions, I can actually work with that.) Take a look at Shelley McTyre's explanation of how pbem games work if you're thinking of joining, and send me a PM. :D
  8. Thank you, Shelley. You're the whole reason I tried doing play-by-email. And I love it. Thanks! Anything you have backed up and can restore to the https://www.mactyre.net/archives/ site, I will likely use! I think a lot of people here will too! PS: If this gives you the gumption to start a new PBEM, I'd love to be a part of that!
  9. I remember reading a lot about Shelley McTyre's Champions game that she did by email. I can't seem to find any reference to it in these forums or online, but there used to be a lot on the web IIRC. Anyone have links or comments about her game? I ask because I am running a play-by-email (see link below) and I was going to use some of her materials to help new players.
  10. It's actually pretty nice. You can split characters off into different threads and choose whether the group sees it or not. If there is some kind of intrigue where a PC is keeping something from the team, they can send you a Private Message and no one knows. Perhaps the best part is the improved ability for the GM to react to character decisions. To me, tabletop games are always a bit railroad-y just because you kind of have limitations when you're reacting in the moment. If a character wants to consult a physicist you might dodge it in the moment to think about the answer, but in
  11. Yeah. I'll send you a Private Message on here.
  12. armadillo


    OMG! Holy Grail predicted this. Forget The Simpsons, Monty Python is the precognitive authority!
  13. armadillo


    I think it should be the "more common super-max" idea. The idea that it's basically our world slightly skewed, right? I suppose that tech is higher, though.... I guess for me it would depend on whether tech is incorporated into society, meaning is 2021 Hudson City more futuristic than 2021 real-world NYC? If it is, and if society is generally more futuristic, then the prisons should be outfitted accordingly. If the gadgetry and tech is limited to a small elite group of heroes, villains, and secret agencies, then I would just go with more super-maxes, yeah.
  14. I would use the 1/4 Limitation but call it "Only for Pre-tested Powers." So, it takes a while for the character to build a repertoire of powers. The player gradually makes a list of the powers she has tested, and can use any power on that list. It prevents the lag in-game where the player is building the power. Also, if a new situation arises then the player can master a new power between scenes: "You head back to the HQ and hit the Danger Room, focusing on making your fire blasts more focused like a laser...." It also rewards the player who spends the time
  15. Many great ideas: forgot Desolidification, Shape Shift (hard to believe because I was thinking Plastic Man--would do it with a color Limitation). Martial Arts is genius...never would have thought of that.... The Fly Swatter I never considered but I love it....Tar-Pit is a great idea/power.... "Leaping with the Special Effect that I stretch to a location and pull myself there" is brilliant. Noice!
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