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  1. Man playing with a controller after just keyboard & mouse feels good! You really can find anything on YouTube.
  2. Thanks all 😀 Heard there was a discord about Hero System? Also is there a website like Archive of Nethys for Pathfinder?
  3. Hey I'm New to the game, if someone can point me to a rule book or discord I'd appreciate it. 😜
  4. I am Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong. I am Right, I swear I'm right. Swear I knew it all along. And I am Flawed, But I am cleaning up so well, I am seeing in me now, The things you swore you saw yourself.
  5. So I'm new to TTRPGs outside D&D's and Pathfinder's. I heard about this via twitter, it seems really creative. I'm visibly impaired into video games and anime. Hey, looking forward to find a game and trying this system.
  6. Hey I'm interested, just heard about this game. how would a play via email work? Can you teach me the basic gist of the rules?
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