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  1. "Are you flesh, or are you spirit?" "I am sorrow."
  2. "Hello, I'm your doctor. And this is Lars Ulrich, the greatest metal drummer of all time."
  3. Communism is just a red herring. And as far as DI athletics goes ... I'm okay with it, as long as we're willing to call it what it is: a de facto minor league for the NFL, NBA, and WNBA. With recent NIL rules/legislation, the laughable illusion of the amateur student-athlete is rapidly diminishing. It would be nice if the colleges actually required them to go to meaningful classes, though (looking at you, North Carolina).
  4. La Ciudad de México (Mexico City, to us north-of-the-border types)
  5. A couple more I've thought of: Vector Testarossa Blackbird (as in SR-71, for a flying speedster) Celeritas ("Swiftness", it's the 'c' in 'E=mc²')
  6. I built a Colossus clone back in 5th Ed (changed his costume to blue and his accent to British; he was called Sterling). My main tool to make it all work was Only In Hero ID (-¼). He had an Instant Change that took a full Phase.
  7. The next domino is poised to fall: Sources: The AAC is close to massive 6-school expansion to reshape conference tl;dr version: Conference USA stands to lose six of its fourteen schools to The American: Florida Atlantic, Charlotte, North Texas, UT-San Antonio, Rice and University of Alabama Birmingham. Assuming this actually happens, this puts AAC schools in the Miami, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Birmingham metro areas. It also effectively prevents the Mountain West from expanding into Texas, should they have been considering doing so. Does this make up for losing Cincinnati, Houston, and Central Florida? No, not really. Does it make them the strongest G5 conference? Maybe, though the MWC still has Boise State, San Diego State, and Air Force. This would leave Conference USA with eight schools: Florida International, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Middle Tennessee State, Old Dominion, Southern Mississippi, UT-El Paso, and Western Kentucky. Not exactly household names or major media markets. Does C-USA now raid the Sun Belt? Do they reach out to Liberty, or UConn, or UMass, or Army, or maybe New Mexico State, who are all currently Independents? Or do they stand pat with the eight teams they've got? (This seems unlikely to me.) Stay tuned.
  8. Specifically, this: Well done, Minister Gunner.
  9. I've been to the first plutonium breeder reactor, EBR-1 in central Idaho. It's a museum now.
  10. I can feel no sense of measure No illusions as we take Refuge in young man's pleasure Breaking down the dreams we make Real One down one to go Another town and one more show Downtown they're giving away But she never came back No phone can take your place Do you know what I mean We have the same intrigue As a court of kings Ah leave it Ah leave it Two down there you go McArthur Park in the driving snow Uptown they're digging it out Better lay your claim Get home you're not alone You just broke out of the danger zone Be there to show your face On another dreamy day Ah leave it Ah leave it Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye bad Leave it Hello, hello, heaven Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye bad Leave it Hello, hello, heaven I can feel no sense of measure No illusions as we take Refuge in young man's pleasure Breaking down the dreams we make real Ah leave it Ah leave it Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye bad (Leave it) Hello, hello, heaven Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye bad (Leave it) Hello, hello, heaven One down, one to go Another town and one more show (Leave it) One down, one to go Another town and one more show Leave it
  11. "Fully functional, programmed in multiple techniques...."
  12. San Jose Sharks' Evander Kane suspended 21 games for violation of COVID-19 protocols He had a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. His suspension (without pay) will keep him out of action until the end of November.
  13. Washington State fires football coach Nick Rolovich, 4 assistants for refusing state-mandated COVID-19 vaccine
  14. I've said it before, and I will say it again: natural selection takes too long.
  15. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Mike Brown start referring to you as "The sixth dwarf planet". New Topic: The real reason Pariah's printer is no longer working. The goofier, the better.
  16. ...which is a perfect example of why it's so critically important to get as many people as possible vaccinated, to reduce the risk those who are immunocompromised. Preaching to the choir, I know.
  17. Right now, the Broncos have no identity. They were hyped coming into the season as having a dominant defense, but we haven't seen that. Offensively, are they running team? Are they a passing team with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm? We haven't really seen either of those things either. They're not a finesse team, and they haven't had success in trying to be a power team. I think the only thing we can accurately say about the Broncos right now is that they are the worst team in the AFC West. And I have no idea what it's going to take to fix that. -- Well, Seattle did their best to make it interesting, but Geno Smith is no Russell Wilson.
  18. The Raiders are playing pretty well for their interim head coach. Maybe the Broncos should try the same strategy. (Oh, wait. The Broncos interim head coach might be Pat Shurmur. Never mind.)
  19. I don't believe it. I saw the end of the Miami/Jacksonville game with my own eyes, and I still don't believe it.
  20. Hey, Disney made a movie featuring Cruella De Vil. How in the world do you make a chain smoking puppy murderer the protagonist?
  21. Hollywood Rule #1: if it's successful, you must copy it.
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