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  1. With this lot, we're bound to get a little of both.
  2. Thesse are the voyages of the Federation starship USS Buttcrack....
  3. Your call. Whatever you can do. If you think you could get it set up by Friday or so, we could probably do it this month. But I think July would be okay, too.
  4. "I like vanilla over chocolate, my favorite color is peridot, I think Tibet should be free and if I could have dinner with anyone in the world, it'd be...Mary Steenburgen."
  5. Shall I add this to the schedule, then? What say you?
  6. Realistically, the only thing the President could say right now that might end the violence is "I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow."
  7. The problem is that he was stuck in traffic and couldn't keep driving. That's what the initial protest Saturday in SLC was supposed to be: people in cars driving around the block containing the public safety building. He was tired of the gridlock, and decided to take out his frustrations with a bow. Not a good decision.
  8. Oh yeah, another question: When we draft the "Crewmember" slot, do we also draft the person to fill it? Or just the position? Example: Pilot - Kara "Starbuck" Thrace Does that make sense?
  9. So, to be clear: We are collectively drafting a starship crew. We are individually drafting an episode in the show about that ship and crew. Yes?
  10. So, Hawkeye's quiver of trick arrows is right out. Can't say I'm thrilled with this interpretation. I guess I understand now why he chose to call that framework Multiform rather than Multipower. It wasn't just changing names for the sake of change after all. Is it just.me, or does it seem like this system gets more restrictive the more questions we ask about it?
  11. So, is there any desire for a Superdraft in June, or shall we just take the month off?
  12. I got the words "Jacuzzi" and "Yakuza" confused. Now I'm in hot water with the Japanese mafia.
  13. The Bengals could have two Super Bowl trophies, if it weren't for Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
  14. "Darlene, I'm so sorry I'm late. That whole 'working late' thing, you know." "I'm your wife, Deborah. Who's Darleen?" "Aw, crap." New Topic: Craziest/most unexpected provision in the negotiatiated agreement to resume the NBA season in the next 60 days.
  15. There's now a curfew in SLC until 6:00 Monday morning. Salt Lake police begin effort to enforce curfew ordered by mayor after afternoon of violence
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