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  1. Okay, restaurant (more or less) edition: Five Guys Burgers and Fries: No thank you. I have eaten there once, and their fries gave me notable gastric distress. I can't handle the grease. In-N-Out Burger: I've had their food a few times. I've found it to be profoundly 'meh'. Certainly not worth waiting in line for 20 minutes for. KFC: I remember Kentucky Fried Chicken being better than KFC seems to be now. Something about the taste just seems ... I don't know, off somehow. The fact that the refugees from evolution who staff the local franchises have screwed up our order the last several times we've gone probably doesn't help, either. And while I generally find Arby's not unpleasant, their recently-introduced Cheesesteak Sandwich is not good. The bun was fine, not too mushy or chewy. The peppers were firm and flavorful. But the meat ... well, I don't think I could actually taste the meat over the peppers and the bun. The provolone cheese probably didn't help in that respect. and the whole mishmash of meat, peppers and cheese looked, frankly, like vomit. I will not be ordering it again, nor can I recommend that any of you do so.
  2. The total intelligence of the human population is constant; the population itself is increasing exponentially.
  3. The other big question: Is is possible to sustain a human being on one acre of land?
  4. Q: Is it possible for a complete schmuck to be the leader of the free world? A: Struck in the back by lightning.
  5. Another day, another jackass on a bicycle who thinks that red lights are for other people.
  6. Q: Is your sister still mad that I stood her up last night? A: Must be the wind, I guess.
  7. Western Caucasus Community College, right?
  8. My deepest condolences and sympathies for you and yours.
  9. Yeah, the ages of 12 and under. Not that surprising. It's page one of the Donald Trump playbook.
  10. Look, I'm not here to kink-shame anybody, but I don't think that's right.
  11. I'm watching the Rockies/Braves game, and the organist is playing "Werewolves of London".
  12. In this world the gods have lost their way Can't keep this picture from out of my mind This fear hand in hand crossing innocence time Surrounding creation they caught in a trap The youngest offenders will witness confusion They drive him so fast not a care in the end Escaping collision every twist every bend When you're young invincible nothing to lose Keep seeing this picture standing in a circle The gods have forgotten to switch on the light Who's lost in the dark will crash in the night These lessons we're living the lies of the day Expect them to honor and never disobey Yet greed is controlling the elders display No wonder the younger look at them in shame The spirit of survival Who's teaching the hatred The spirit of survival Or the class of your school The spirit of survival The colour of your money We're standing in a circle We don't understand at all They don't understand at all In this world I truly do believe there is a safer place In this world I truly do believe there is a safer place The younger the older the wiser become Recover misfortune this true life as one Our genius is shining the past has all gone What's left is the clearest perception of one The spirit of survival To magnify the power The spirit of survival To magnify the soul The spirit of survival To magnify the love We're standing in a circle We don't understand at all We don't understand at all In this world the gods have lost their way
  13. The current state of USC football in a single image:
  14. Why are you thpeaking with a lithp?
  15. I don't recall ever having a collar quite that wide, but I do remember wearing button down Oxford cloth shirts with knit ties. And when I was in elementary and middle school, my ears stuck out prominently from the sides of my head. I like to use the old Jimmy Cagney bit about looking like a taxi with both doors open.
  16. Better than today's music? That's hardly a high bar to clear. But you are absolutely correct.
  17. The reason it took so long to discover 2021 PH₂₇ is that Cancer just figured out how to disable the cloaking device remotely.
  18. That Ravens receiver who ended up being on Dancing with the Stars? Yes, that sounds vaguely familiar. The crazy thing is that Clay Helton is already the second FBS coach to be fired this season. Sure, UConn called Randy Edsall's departure a 'Retirement'. Whatever. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Kind of makes me wonder how much slack that coach at Colorado State really has. So, who is the next head coach at U$C? I can't imagine that this turn of events has really enamored the university to a lot of high-profile candidates. Sure, it's a top level gig, but when you consider that Helton got unceremoniously axed not that long after Lane Kiffin was fired on the tarmac, who wants to work for bosses like that?
  19. Oakland's rookie right tackle just false started on 2nd and goal from the half yard line in overtime. That's so Raiders.
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