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  1. Re: Vampires AND disease? This was done in Eberron, those descended from weres were called... something. Ic an't remember. They did have limited, yet moar controlled, shapeshifting.
  2. Re: Vampires AND disease? The vampire can't even be a carrier for the disease, since it needs nourishment to multiply, and cannot gain that from undead flesh.
  3. Re: Star Fantasy, some ideas please? I;ve been looking for that, but haven't found it.
  4. Re: Star Fantasy, some ideas please? Ships will be based on real-world sailing ships, but with a more fantastic bent, and will sail the currents of Aether. The Elves will have living, sentient ships that they grow from special seeds (like the Weatherlight from Magic the Gathering) These are the most advanced ships commonly available. Humans would have fairly standard pseudo-age of sail ships, but this would depend on the civilisation. Dwarves, though they have made most of their fortunes in space mining asteroids, could give a damn about flying through space, and live in hewn-out roc
  5. Re: Star Fantasy, some ideas please? thanks! that should give me some good material.
  6. I've got the idea to create an interstellar fantasy universe (I've never played Spelljammer or own any of the books, but I've seen some of the material). Humans, elves, dwarves, and some others have formed a society that rules or influences about 1/4 of the galaxy. the Drakine, who in my universe are stoic, honor-obsessed warriors, have formed an uneasy alliance with them (yes, like the Klingons). As you can see, Star Trek has influenced me a lot. I'm trying create some of the other major interstellar civilisations, especially villanous ones. I've come up with two, the Gol (magickal version
  7. I found on the internet, a long time ago, a table for determining how many DC's of attack would represent a certain amount of energy, and also how to determine how much damage a certain amount of explosive would do. Unfotunately, I didn't save a copy of it, and I've been looking all over the internets for it and can't seem to remember where it is. Can anyone tell me where to find it?
  8. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? yeahhh... soon as I get a job I'll get DH. As for your advice regarding Conan, yeah, I'll nix him. The Wall of Eternity (created by Oremesh the Archmage to prevent Takofanes from summoning Turakian demons) would ban him anyways. I will playing this whole bunch a little larger-than-life, however.
  9. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? crap, I don;t have a subscription to Digital Hero
  10. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? yeah, Sparticus would work
  11. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? yeah, Sparticus would work. but what if I'm Sparticus?
  12. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? Yeah, I was a bit vague. I'm working off the assumption that Conan was a real person, but figures like King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood were based on real people, but they have been changed far by oral storytelling from their original forms.
  13. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they?
  14. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? I don't wont this to be Super Best Friends. Jesus was cool, but he was a pacifist.
  15. I've got this idea for a group of NPCs. A coven of warlocks accidentally summons 7 heroes from earth's past into the present. They posess the bodies they had in their prime, but all the memories of their life up to death. escaping, they discover the world is far different, and putting aside any cultural differences they may have, decide to band together to fight the forces of darkness, as well as acclimate to this strange new age (providing some comic relief) I've got no idea who to use. I know Conan is going to be there (The Hyborean age occured in my campaign's past, and he's fricken co
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