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  1. I renewed my Hero Designer support subscription just before the new website format. I was hoping to take advantage of the hundreds of user submitted heroes (HDC downloads). Currently there are only 37 HDCs available. Is there a way to access the content fro the "old" website? What is the ETA to get that former content on the new system? Are there plans to be able to sort uploaded files so I can parse out only Champions or Fasntasy hero files, for instance?
  2. Re: Lifetime Subscription No one will "waste" the full $200. Even if you don't like the game and decide not to play anymore, you should deduct the amount of time/fees paid for the amount of time you tried it. For instance, if you would give the game 6 months and after that much time decided to take your interests elsewhere, then you are really only risking/losing $140. No small piece of change to be sure, but not $200. More to consider: If you play the game MORE than 14 months, then it's all gravy. I'm been on WoW since it started (three years? more?). If you expect a life e
  3. I would like a rules clarification on this, please. 5th Edition 423, Breaking out of Entangles and Grabs (last paragraph) There are some Martial Maneuvers such as Choke Hold which only grab one limb. May a Grabbed hero use the "Free one limb @ +5 STR" option on such a grab and be 100% free from the Grab? Other options include: 1) The Grabbed limb is free but the target is still grabbed (perhaps around his torso or waist) 2) The Free One Limb option should not be available since normally he has an option of freeing just one limb or all held limbs. If only one
  4. Re: Smelly Bob w00t!!! Who would have thought that having an engine fire flare up in your face and destroy your olfactory nerves could ever be a good thing? Not Winston, that's for sure! Man-o-man I needed that break. If I had a few negative CSL I'd have been toast. Disads turning into perks FTW! Thanks for the help to my GM, guys (and girls.) It was a fun combat. I thought I was going to pwn him by segment 12, but it went on for about 4 turns with a very narrow victory. (BTW: I had no sense of smell LONG before this battle and didn't know of this thr
  5. Our Super Hero Team's Jet has a stealth mode which imparts invisibilty Stealth Mode: Invisibility to Sight and Hearing Groups and Radar , Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (45 Active Points); OIF Bulky (-1) Omega Force had to beat a retreat from a military situation that had heat seeking missiles on hand. If any of the soldier was aware of the Jet by either seeing its fringe, having errant bullets bounce off of it, etc., they might send a heat seeker its way. My questions are based on how the rules should be written and how you would play this out. The Jet's Invisibili
  6. Re: New Player Hates All The Dice First of all... This literally made me LOL...nice job. Second... In addition to the comments above (all good ones)... Roll the larger damage rolls for her. Let her handle the 3d6s. You handle everything else. I use the "group by 10s" method. And once you shame her at how easy it is she'll do it for herself. (BTW: I learned how to count small numbers very quickly by playing blackjack on the school bus for an hour a day for 3 years.)
  7. My Two Cents I echo the earlier comments of "Welcome Aboard". Here's my two cents...and it's not directly about the questions you raised. Keep the powers simple. Nothing is going to turn players "off" quicker than ... 1) the game grinds to a halt as GM and Player(s) stop the actin to look up a game effect, 2) It's very, very, very frustrating to not have a power work as you intend it. Get an idea of how the power(s) work and play it that way. Once the game session is done, look up any questions you had about the power*(s) and correct them for next session. Don't stop a
  8. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 You neglected to mention Wilie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  9. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 I'll let CBikle keep his secret. I've seen Kevin Smith around Red Bank and been in his comic book/collectible store. There's a big "An Evening with Kevin Smith" thing going on at The Count Basie theatre if interested. http://viewaskew.com/news/countbasie/ My other "brush with greatness" is sledding with Springsteen at Tower Hill. Oh yeah...and playing Champs with Steve Long and JamesG at a con.
  10. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 JamesG, you got anything that matches that description? We all really liked your "black glove" contribution. If you have anything from a 1950s etiquette book, I'd be more than thrilled, but I'd accept something along the lines of your last pic. CBikle...hope you "finish" before our next Champs game. Don't come over if you haven't.
  11. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 See if this doesn't prove my point about White Gloves. Richard Gere tried to teach Julia Roberts manners, also. I'm starting to think that "teaching manners" is code for "Kama Sutra".
  12. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 White Gloves: See what I mean? Look at the little party tramp.
  13. Re: IST San Angelo version 2.0 No, you've got it all wrong. Clear gloves make you look like you're a fast food handler. (Help me out crowd...I'll bet half of the members on this board still work fast food. Am I right???) White gloves make you look like a whore. Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? She wore white gloves and she only charged $300 for the whole night. Blue Gloves make you look like anime. Orange and "Brown" gloves amke you look like the PoopSmith http://www.homestarrunner.com/vcr_poop.html.
  14. Re: Integrating the CU into an existing campaign That's a cool idea. We were contemplating if we should have some sort of "Crisis" or "Secret War" to explain the move to Millennium City and the Champions Universe. But I like your suggestion. You got my wheels turning. hope my players aren't reading this. (Hi James)
  15. Our gaming group loves the new products for the Hero System. We are working out ways to incorporate the Champions Universe supplement into our campaign. Here is our situation and our proposed solution. If any group has faced the same situation we'd love to hear your solution. As you know, Champions Universe gives a wealth of information. We were trying to mesh all the new information and backgrounds into what has previously occurred in our world. Here's an example. I ran an adventure where the Atlanteans had saved themselves before the deluge by using their advance mental powers
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