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  1. Nevermind vixen has been used for bad things like uhm that stuff and vivisect is close to a lot of other things that r bad
  2. Ok so about ivan in his hero form he wont hide his mechanical self although he has to be careful
  3. I might use vixen but im debating between that and another name please look at that comment
  4. Only reason i say no to vixen is because she isnt gonna name herself...although i might use it Alright guys, vixen or vivisect? Guys this isnt my only post, go to more hero names needed plz, nobody wants to talk about them
  5. U guys should also go to my other post, they all need hero and villain names
  6. I like that but i dont think it is the best villain name for a psychopath who will literallly cut your heart out if you really piss her off.
  7. Sorry im working on getting the rest of her story moderated
  8. Ok so my heroes also need names lol plus another villain 1: Ashley: hero powers:can turn into a half wolf or full wolf, has amber eyes, her human form is uncomfortable for her but she has to use it. Streetsmart. Not good with technology. Can get pretty angry Mentally sound (thank god) Hates Avi (they fight eachother) 2: Ivan:hero: was in a bombing gon horribly wrong so is mostly mechanical and hides it with long pants, a hoodie and his hair. Pretty chill. Has a robotic heart, realist. Smart with tech. Not quite as good as Avi though. Slightly crazy but mostly mentally stable. Has one normal green eye then a robotic blue eye he covers with his hair. He is also missing a chunk of his face around his eye. He tells people he has a skin disease so he wont be questioned about what he's wearing and he does not get along with Aaron (they fight eachother) 3: Aaron: villain: con artist who can do hand to hand well and shoot with his bow and arrows (You dont want to be his target if he wants you dead) Partly crazy partly Sane. He is the funny one and is the reason avi can work with knives, he got glasses from Avi that scan building for alarms and gives him background on his targets.
  9. Sorry, she is extremely mentally unstable, she lost all of her family withing two years, she wears a creepy blue kids fox mask that she edited so it looked normal but was technologically enhanced and wears a blue suit shirt with pants, the reason for this color is it was her sisters favorite color shes also extremely smart and is only 15, not human(from a different plane of existence) and it only shows by her electric blue eyes
  10. Hey so im making a character and her name is avi, she has telekinesis, mind read, and can go into peoples minds (some of this costs energy) she is a psychopath and is great with knives, any ideas for her villain name?
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