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  1. There's only 10 episodes left in the series. I doubt deciding not to stick around for those will have a major impact on her career.
  2. When Thor was on Asgard, he summoned the Mjolnir of that time. Cap took it with him to return it, like the stones, to its proper point in the timeline
  3. I’ve got to admit that my first and only reaction to the five year gap is that it will almost certainly be largely swept under the rug. I think any fan expecting it to be dealt with in future movies, other than as a passing mention, is going to be seriously disappointed. Now, it’s possible that some writer or director will have a clever idea for a future movie that makes good creative use of the gap, but I wouldn’t count on it. And as for Spider-Man: Far from Home being the last movie of Phase 3, I suspect that is more of a matter of convenience than a matter of it dealing with any lingering questions, From what I’ve heard (and I could be wrong), Marvel will be revealing Phase 4 at Comic-Con, so it was probably easier to simply say that SM:FFH was part of Phase 3 rather than say that Phase 4 had already begun when they make the big announcement, especially if the movie has little to do any ongoing arc they may be using for that Phase.
  4. Well, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, they do seem to show Queens as being fairly deserted.
  5. Yeah, he only allowed Tony to live five seemingly happy years with Pepper, and have a daughter he adored.
  6. I assume that those characters got appropriate memorial services off-screen. Tony’s would certainly be the one that affected the most people.
  7. There’s also a few good references to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  8. We don’t know how the dusted were distributed. If you assume an even distribution, then there’s a 50% chance that any given friend of Peter was also dusted. If, however, Thanos was aiming to create a more evenly-distributed population density post-snap, then high population density areas like New York City would be harder hit and there would a greater chance of Peter’s friends being dusted. In any event, just looking at what was on screen, NYC, in general (and Queens, specifically, as demonstrated by Citi Field) looked heavily depopulated..
  9. I suspect it had much more to do with the name Goose fitting in better with the whole test pilot thing.
  10. I enjoyed it. I thought it was about middle of the pack for an MCU movie.
  11. I could see them taking a partial approach. A crisis where you end up some worlds, some merged, but still have a multiverse. For example, they might see an advantage to merging Supergirl's earth with the earth of Flash, Green Arrow, Legends, and Batwoman. As for Black Lightning, I'm not sure it will brought into the fold at all. After all, Supergirl was still in its first season and on another network when they crossed it over with Flash. Black Lightning is in its second season on the same network and I haven't heard a peep about possible crossovers. Also, Black Lightning is produced in Atlanta, which is a long way from Vancouver and the rest of the DC shows on the CW
  12. I assume it was seen as a project that might appeal to some older Champions fans, maybe attract some fans to Hero from Ron's fanbase (and possibly the larger Indy RPG fanbase), and to be cynical, make some money off the Hero Games property without having to put in any time or effort.
  13. Yup. Flying Dodge was introduced in UMA 4th. It was not in Ninja Hero 4th.
  14. This is described in the Hero Designer documentation on page 12 under "Changing the Text of an Item".
  15. Yeah, I remember all the early Hero Plus stuff being on floppy disk.
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