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  1. If a player takes such a Limitation, they and the GM should have a discussion about how and why the Limitation works. If I was the GM of a campaign with a character with this Limitation, I would be thinking about villains who can suppress or dispel magic, areas where magic does not work, etc. Also, once the character becomes known at all, villains may start to take specific actions against. For example, perhaps recurring villain Evil Tech Guy, having had large amount of damage done to his operations by Super Magic Guy, teams up with the mystical Artificer to create defended against those magics,
  2. To expand a bit on what others were saying, you select Skill Levels and then on the Skill Levels dialog, select either "with one mode of Movement" or "with all modes of Movement" from the Options dropdown.
  3. As someone with only a passing knowledge of comic book Thanos, I think the Death stuff could end up just making him look like a stooge of Death's. I also wouldn't be surprised if the idea of a guy killing half the universe to impress a girl made the creative team a little uncomfortable. But honestly, I don't see how not using Mistress Death as a motivation for Thanos ruins the possible introduction of other cosmic beings.
  4. I am constantly amazed when people expect the translation of a story or a character to another medium to be exactly the same. In any event, I'll admit that I am largely unfamiliar with the cosmic side of Marvel, but I am willing to bet that over the years, like moist things in comics, it has become bloated, confused, and contradictory, as multiple creators with different interpretations put their own spin on it. The movies can start with a blank slate and use what they need when and how they need it.
  5. Whatever. It's how I always interpret stories. I'll start out with assuming that the story takes place in a world very much like our own and adjust my assumptions as the story goes along, based on what happens in the story. It's only contradictions within a fictional world itself that it starts to annoy me. As for the example of the city being repaired, obviously the city has gotten very very good at recovering from superhero fights. And maybe there's a story there.
  6. I think "definitive version" might be more appropriate than "official version". The definitive version is the version that the majority of people familiar with the character think of first. I think official version sounds like version sanctioned by the company that owns the character and can vary from medium to medium. For example, in comics, the Superman who appears in Action and Superman comics (amongst others) is the official version. On TV, the official version is Tyler Hoechlin's character introduced in Supergirl and being spun off into the Superman and Lois series debuting htis week. In the movies, the official version is Henry Cavill's version who debuted in Man of Steel. Of course, in cases of a multiverse you can multiple official versions within a medium, but these would be the primary official versions.
  7. I look at things like this in a completely different way. If a dramatic presentation says that something work, then it worked. Maybe there was a group of billionaires who believed that people would be back and paid for food to be produced and stored so there wouldn't be an issue if they suddenly came back. If Director Hayward of SWORD (introduced in WandaVision) is to be believed Maria Rambeau, mother of Monica and founder of SWORD, set up protocols to deal with the return of snapped agents. So, it's possible that others believed in the possible return of the snapped people. Since Spider-man: Far From Home has been established as occurring about 8 months after the snappees return and we see no indication of issues, the only logical interpretation to me is that it was not a serious issue.
  8. Hero Designer has never supported 4th Edition. It was created for 5th Edition and then updated to include 6th Edition.
  9. I think Jason Walters is the only one who would be handle Hero Support tickets at this point. And running Hero Games is only a small part of his overall job. So I don't know how often he checks support tickets.
  10. Amorkca, did you purchase the villain bunde or did you purchase Champions Villains 2 as a separate pack? I ask because my purchase of the bundle and Wildcat's purchase of the bundle were many years apart and we both have the same issue. And I'm just wondering if the Villains 2 Character Pack sold separately is actually different from the one in the bundle. EDIT: Also, Amorkca, does your version of the Crowns of Krim include Bloodstone and Dark Seraph? They are missing from my version (and, I assume, from Wildcat's).
  11. I purchased the Villain Pack many years ago and never actually got around to looking at it. I just checked it and have the same issues as Wildcat. It is clearly not just a matter of files being cut off because some folders have different names that what Amorkca showed. For example, in the version that Wildcat and I appear to have, the folders for the Futurists and the Crimelords are named FUTURIST and CRIMELORDS, whereas in Amorkca's version, they are named THE_CRIME-LORDS and THE_FUTURISTS. I will also try to get in touch with Jason about this and see about getting it fixed.
  12. PRIMARY_OCV without the MATH tags is giving you a non-integer value? That doesn't seem right.
  13. Gizmodo got the Thor: Love and Thunder release date wrong. It's actually Feb. 18, 2022. https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/updated-marvel-studios-film-releases-includes-captain-marvel-2
  14. If you’re using the 6th Edition template then you would build force fields using.the Resistant Protection power as described in the 6E rules. For the 5E template, you would use the Force Field power.
  15. I think that drum set was specially decorated for Peart's rendition of "The Hockey Theme" (formerly the Hockey NIght in Canada theme for many years before CBC lost the rights to the song) for Canadian cable sports network TSN.
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