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  1. Hero Designer has never supported 4th Edition. It was created for 5th Edition and then updated to include 6th Edition.
  2. I think Jason Walters is the only one who would be handle Hero Support tickets at this point. And running Hero Games is only a small part of his overall job. So I don't know how often he checks support tickets.
  3. Amorkca, did you purchase the villain bunde or did you purchase Champions Villains 2 as a separate pack? I ask because my purchase of the bundle and Wildcat's purchase of the bundle were many years apart and we both have the same issue. And I'm just wondering if the Villains 2 Character Pack sold separately is actually different from the one in the bundle. EDIT: Also, Amorkca, does your version of the Crowns of Krim include Bloodstone and Dark Seraph? They are missing from my version (and, I assume, from Wildcat's).
  4. I purchased the Villain Pack many years ago and never actually got around to looking at it. I just checked it and have the same issues as Wildcat. It is clearly not just a matter of files being cut off because some folders have different names that what Amorkca showed. For example, in the version that Wildcat and I appear to have, the folders for the Futurists and the Crimelords are named FUTURIST and CRIMELORDS, whereas in Amorkca's version, they are named THE_CRIME-LORDS and THE_FUTURISTS. I will also try to get in touch with Jason about this and see about getting it fixed.
  5. rjcurrie

    Math Tags

    PRIMARY_OCV without the MATH tags is giving you a non-integer value? That doesn't seem right.
  6. Gizmodo got the Thor: Love and Thunder release date wrong. It's actually Feb. 18, 2022. https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/updated-marvel-studios-film-releases-includes-captain-marvel-2
  7. If you’re using the 6th Edition template then you would build force fields using.the Resistant Protection power as described in the 6E rules. For the 5E template, you would use the Force Field power.
  8. I think that drum set was specially decorated for Peart's rendition of "The Hockey Theme" (formerly the Hockey NIght in Canada theme for many years before CBC lost the rights to the song) for Canadian cable sports network TSN.
  9. Why does it surprise you? Disney has a movie with Marvel characters that they need to sell. Unless it absolutely could not be fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why would they leave it out? As part of the MCU, it will sell more tickets, especially since they can spin it as the introduction of mutants to that universe.
  10. It reminded me of a lot of the Crisis tie-in issues from the time of the original series. Not necessarily a part of the main plot but a story that used the Crisis and its effects to expand on themes and plot being used in that particular series.
  11. Champions Now is what Ron Edwards wants Champions to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  12. DoJ was formed to buy Hero Games from Cybergames. DoJ published 5e and lots of books. Those books stopped selling. To try and increase sales, they put out 6e. 6e didn't sell well enough and a decision was made at DoJ to de-emphasize Hero and focus on Indie Press Revolution which DoJ had purchased after handling much of IPR's warehousing and order processing. This was the point at which Darren Watts parted ways with the company and Steve Long was no longer full time as the Hero line developer. I think that was around the end of 2011. So, it's been about 8 years since the HERO System was really the focus of DoJ. We're about where things were in the late 90s (maybe a little better), but unless there are changes in priority at DoJ or they sell the system to a group that does what DoJ did in the early 2000s, it's probably best to consider Hero System to be a fringe RPG system that is largely being propped up with what is basically fan material. Is there hope? Personally, I doubt it. Other than D&D, which is always more of an exception than a rule, are there really any other traditional RPGs for which companies are publishing regular materials. I think the increase in RPG sales is larger due to D&D and Pathfinder. Other than that, I think any increase in interest is in lighter and more narrative driven systems. That, and tailored indie-style RPGs which are really designed to give players a specific experience and not really for long-term campaign play --- more something you pull out, generate characters, and play for a few hours to create a specific type of story.
  13. Or fans need to be less anal retentive about continuity.
  14. Perhaps. I was assuming that Ollie and Felicity end up in a pocket dimension for some reason, similar to Earth 2 Superman and Lois in the COIE comic. This is based on the idea that like Earth 2 Superman, Ollie is the first hero of his universe.
  15. One take on this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/10/09/batwoman-is-getting-imdb-and-rotten-tomato-review-bombed-for-its-lesbian-lead/#74b37ae79185
  16. Some people like the soap opera. I know I certainly prefer the lightness and soap opera of CW's DC shows to the Netflix Marvel shows. I've always viewed comic books as soap operas with action. And when I've run Champions, my emphasis was always on character interaction and the character stories. In at least one convention event, I have asked players if they made if we skip the battle to get on with the story. No one has ever objected. To each their own.
  17. Yeah, I think you may have hit the nail on the head with this one. The Marvel Studios approach to fim-making has a lot of similarities to the old Hollywood studio system.
  18. While the attempt to consolidate DC history into one timeline did not work out, I seem to recall the the original Crisis did reinvigorate a lot of DC's creative teams and I think the work turned out in the first few years following Crisis was much more interesting than the work that had preceded it. And we don't know for sure if Jesse and Harrison Wells of Earth 2 were killed or not. I believe the last we heard of Jesse was that she was filling in Jay on Earth 3. Isn't the best case scenario that we get entertaining TV out of the crossover? After all, that's all any of this is. Entertainment.
  19. There's only 10 episodes left in the series. I doubt deciding not to stick around for those will have a major impact on her career.
  20. When Thor was on Asgard, he summoned the Mjolnir of that time. Cap took it with him to return it, like the stones, to its proper point in the timeline
  21. I’ve got to admit that my first and only reaction to the five year gap is that it will almost certainly be largely swept under the rug. I think any fan expecting it to be dealt with in future movies, other than as a passing mention, is going to be seriously disappointed. Now, it’s possible that some writer or director will have a clever idea for a future movie that makes good creative use of the gap, but I wouldn’t count on it. And as for Spider-Man: Far from Home being the last movie of Phase 3, I suspect that is more of a matter of convenience than a matter of it dealing with any lingering questions, From what I’ve heard (and I could be wrong), Marvel will be revealing Phase 4 at Comic-Con, so it was probably easier to simply say that SM:FFH was part of Phase 3 rather than say that Phase 4 had already begun when they make the big announcement, especially if the movie has little to do any ongoing arc they may be using for that Phase.
  22. Well, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, they do seem to show Queens as being fairly deserted.
  23. Yeah, he only allowed Tony to live five seemingly happy years with Pepper, and have a daughter he adored.
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