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  1. That sounds about exactly what I need, something to learn the game. Everyone on here has been super helpful I just still dont really know what to start making a campaign with or where to start. Nothing is very clear in that sense. I may just be slow though lol
  2. A group fighting crime basically. Something simple. The heroes being along the line of Black Widow, Jason Bourne, James Bond etc.
  3. Ok, I was thinking something shorter and basic to start so we can get an idea of how the game works, and then try something a little more advanced after.
  4. Everyone has been very helpful haha! My other question now would fall into the skills/perks/talents and also the gear/powers section. What typically be useful? Like lets a PC wants to specify in being a computer whiz/hacker. Would not having the Hacker skill make him unable to do hacking or does it just boost it a bunch? Or is that all decided from the GM? I still dont know where as the GM I am supposed to start at making a campaign, so im trying to learn what I can but the BR doesnt seem to be super helpful in that sense. I learn in the way of WHY the HOW works if that makes sense. Like I said in the original post, our starting campaign is going to be along the lines of a group of “heroes” that go around and fight crime, help save people around the city, etc. My general idea of characters was around the area of Black Widow, Jason Bourne, and James Bond kind of style. Nothing that unrealistic but not super normal either.
  5. Ok this helps a ton. Another question that your comment opened up is about how the phases work. I was trying to understand it in the BR but im still lost.
  6. So i have asked a few questions on here already and i have some more. i will be the GM and my group started their characters tonight (didnt finish). we have really no idea what they should have for characters and where to go with it. i also have no idea where to start with making a campaign. we were skimming through through the BR but are still lost. its going to be a heroic campaign in modern of a group of “heroes” that fight crime (bank robberies, muggings, etc.) another question would be, what do people generally have for characteristic level limits? like what is the highest you will allow STR or END in a heroic playthrough?
  7. So me and my friend are getting into this and I want to know what the best way to do that is. I bought the BR, the Character Creation book, and the Combat and Adventuring book. I started to read the BR but do I have read all of the books in their entirety?
  8. What is a good premade campaign that will be good for first time? or would it be better to create our own? there will be 6 players and then the gm. thanks in advance
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