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  1. Re: Assuage my fears about the complexity If crunchy stuff is your cup of tea then that helps a lot! The way I get people into the system is I run a game for a group, and I build their characters for them. I have them give me a concept and backstory and then I create the character sheet. Actual gameplay in Hero is not all that complex, but character creation and power building definitely can be! Once the players have sheets in front of them, but before the game starts, I go down the character sheet and give them a brief overview of what each stat means, how skills and skill rolls work, and a basic idea of combat flow. Then, as we go through the first game session I make sure that there is plenty of time and opportunity for question asking. By going over the system and sheet beforehand, the players get a foundation for the ruleset and game flow. Then by playing through a session, things start to click and in my experience it goes very smoothly. The idea is similar to that of "doing assigned reading before attending class." You have a basic idea of how things work, and anything that doesn't quite make sense is explained in application. A good way to ease them into character creation is when it comes time to assign and allocate experience points. I've found that most players will take to the system very quickly and most are very excited to begin creating their own character sheets.
  2. Re: Beginner's Martial Arts Maneuvers Honestly, those look pretty solid. As a (beginner) GM, I would definitely wave the 10-points minimum for a martial art if the character concept was "martial artist in training." ESPECIALLY considering that these are powered-down martial maneuvers. I might rule that enough maneuvers must be bought such that the full-powered maneuvers total up to at least 10 points. AKA three or four martial maneuvers, that if bought full-powered (and therefore full-priced) meets the minimum, but because they are powered-down (and therefore priced-down), it's okay that they don't meet the minimum. Well built.
  3. Re: Beginner's Martial Arts Maneuvers The UMA has a section for building custom martial maneuvers. You choose a maneuver to base it on (block, dodge, strike, etc), and each +1 to OCV, DCV, or DC (normal), is +1 point. It starts on page 89 of the UMA, is is called "designing martial arts maneuvers." Edit: Oh also as for increasing the maneuver, I would just have them be training in game, and represent it as adding points to the maneuver as the GM sees fit, like you said.
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