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  1. Or the bullet could have just gone in an eye hole and bounced around.
  2. Trick question. All the movie Batmen are too stupid to take down the Joker.
  3. I actually liked the TS/SI mechanics. You had percentile skills. You listed your base skill, then the 1/2 and 1/4 value of it (not sure if it went down to 1/8 or not) on your character sheet. So, no need for task modifier charts, just roll the half or quarter roll if the Admin called for it. The single roll to hit and damage worked well with the hit location chart. The combat in the games I was in seemed to be pretty high lethality. The modules were great, and I think the emphasis was more on RP. I think the bones of it could be adapted to a lot of different settings, since the rules mostly stayed out of the way. It and Marvel FASERIP were rules light before it was trendy.
  4. He's just closer to book Bond now, IMO.
  5. Some higher-end air rifles: https://fxairguns.com/rifles/
  6. I thought we had a ton of anime/manga fans.
  7. Ah, I remember Mr. Wonderful. Looking at the footage from the link, I think Pedro Pascal could play him in a movie. He'd have to seriously bulk up, but there's a certain resemblance.
  8. Hope everyone had a Happy Pride!
  9. Good kid. That principal should lose his job for what he pulled. That was straight up harassment.
  10. A drunk god would likely have accidentally killed most of the room while trying to hold back. I'm actually OK with what happened in that scene, because it was probably what he wanted to happen. In general, though, it seems like they've forgotten that all Asgardians (even adopted runt Frost Giant ones) are superhumanly strong.
  11. Just watched the third episode of Loki. What's with Disney+ Loki having such a hard time fighting humans? He was tossing Cap around like a rag doll in Avengers, yet repeatedly gets out-muscled by normals in his own series. I was thinking the TVA troops were possibly enhanced, but there have been too many other fights to ignore.
  12. They were known to be transmissible since 1965, according to the Google. But, you still make a fair point: someone's gotta be first.
  13. Of note: While Humans are primates, they cannot catch this.
  14. He better start taking his steroids now. Doesn't have close to the build for the part. Or the height, but LOTR movies shows you can work around that one. This should be awesome. I think she'd be a great foil for a Tatiana Maslany She-Hulk. Anyone who hasn't seen The Good Place (Jamil) and Orphan Black (Maslany), should go see them right now. Just finished Lovecraft Country recently. I think this is a solid pick for Kang.
  15. Or is it? If they take an intelligent path from the first episode, it could be good. If we're to take the first episode at face value, then I think you're right. I'm willing to let it play out.
  16. FASERIP Marvel didn't have a lot of supplemental rules. It had the Ultimate Powers Book, which was optional and best used with caution, and then the Realms of Magic supplement for the Basic Set that was ultimately pretty simple and well-designed. Everything else is character write up books, and modules.
  17. Racism isn't limited to the South. My mother's family is from Pennsylvania and my father's from Alabama and in visiting both locales growing up, I can tell you I saw a heck of a lot more overt racism in Pennsylvania.
  18. Thanks to everyone who accidentally clicked on Mirth in the poll! This was a fun draft. I was very impressed by all the entrants.
  19. Hey! Where'd you get my family Christmas picture!?
  20. She's on the rise, though, and an excellent actress. Provided the movie isn't as bad as the teaser makes it look, she won't be an unknown for long. Though to me, she's not an unknown, because I've seen her in Humans and Crazy Rich Asians, and she was good enough in both to make her presence in Eternals a draw for me.
  21. This is a multi-select poll. Are we making the traditional 3 picks?
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