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  1. A thrown water bottle can cause serious injuries. It still has its mass. The instigators up here have been bringing frozen water bottles, which brings it to the next level. Not that I'm buying the excuse for abusing medical workers.
  2. Not to mention the millions in property damage to Seattle and surrounding cities, including 8 torched police vehicles on Saturday night.
  3. You have a lot of experience with spray painting monuments, hmm? We'll have to look into that.... Seriously, though: I don't see the problem with guarding the monuments, though I understand that with this particular moron in chief, it's only a piece of the larger picture. IMO, the shenanigans in front of the White House are the bigger concern, and what should be focused on.
  4. Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial defaced by vandals in rioting To me, it seems reasonable to protect the monuments from further vandalism.
  5. This is just silly. Does the person who wrote this think that you can equip a force with riot gear on the fly? I wore full riot gear to stand on the line when the base already had a pre-arrangement with perfectly peaceful protestors to stand out a while, then cross our property line to be arrested so they could get their protestor cred. If you don't have riot gear on before the riot, you won't have it on if one erupts.
  6. Here's an article discussing the differences in the two autopsies. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/george-floyd-autopsies-death-homicide-details/
  7. This is a good reason for him NOT to be our nation's Chief Law Enforcement Officer. He's also suggested shooting a double barreled shotgun over someone's head to scare them off as a home defense tactic. He's simply an idiot when it comes to anything relating to use of force. I hope he listens to his advisors on these matters if he wins the election. Note: I'll still take him over the current option.
  8. Whelp! Time go to to work. Hopefully, the riots will continue to stay a few blocks north of me tonight. SPD did a good job last night of keeping the agitators contained away from the peaceful protestors and containing them. But the protests continue to spread to outlying suburbs up here.
  9. Yeah, you can see the one guy ward off the skateboard aimed at the goober's head.
  10. This just in: There were 12 monkeys in that troop . . .
  11. I can't believe someone littered the ocean with that piece of rope. I'm glad that guy was able to fish it out with those masks.
  12. She's entirely too good at what she does to be safely ignored, IMO. She's the best propagandist press secretary the administration has had. Watch this carefully:
  13. I guess it depends on if you see them as primarily guns rights advocates or [insert fringe group or militia du jour here], with guns rights going along with some other primary agenda like white nationalism masquerading as originalism. I think it's more of the latter, personally. The guns rights crowd has its fair share of goobers, but I don't think that's the primary focus of the groups mentioned in the article.
  14. While you're correct, I feel compelled to point out, that we're living in the blip. We might even be blips within the blip.
  15. The doctors in question work for Accelerated Urgent Care . . . I think I'll stick with the recommendations of immunologists and infectious control specialists.
  16. Very not safe for work rant:
  17. Same for the IRS website. I wouldn't be concerned about the 'can't determine your status' error message. A ton of people are getting it. It'll catch up eventually.
  18. Meanwhile, my eldest niece, who takes it for her lupus had to order it from the internet because some jackasses in another state bought out her local supply for testing.
  19. It's the wife's fault. Of course, he could run Windows either by buying a copy and dual booting it with Bootcamp or by other means, but he didn't mention if he wanted to fiddle with any of that. So, maybe not a deal-breaker, but I assumed he was looking for games that can run on OS X natively. The reason I mentioned it is because if you search for "Mac MMORPGs" or "OS X MMORPGs," Google will return all of the Cryptic games, but they dropped their support a while back.
  20. Champions Online doesn't have an OS X client.
  21. Must be quite the balancing act.
  22. You fiend! To inflict that on someone in this time of crisis is diabolical!
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