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  1. My wife and I had the exact same thing last week. It's been going around up here too.
  2. I lost count: Which seal does this one unlock?
  3. Found out a coworker from my last campus died this week of COVID. Been bummed all day. He was a good guy, chatted with him a bit almost every night when our paths crossed.
  4. The X-Wing pilots identify themselves as New Republic.
  5. I figured he probably just heard the moron that broke the camel's back on the radio or TV.
  6. There weren't any rebels in this episode.
  7. Article saying that Pedro Pascal didn't quit: https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/pedro-pascal-quit-mandalorian-actor-rumors-fake
  8. I voted the other day, but the drop box didn't give me a sticker. I sat there for an hour waiting for my sticker, but finally had to leave because the people behind me were getting really irate.
  9. Now, I know that Trump said PPE was "going out the back door." How this got twisted into him blaming doctors and nurses, I don't know. Is there a direct quote? And in this case, he was right, there were theft rings stealing PPE. Here's an article dated from the time period, March: https://www.newsweek.com/trump-cuomo-masks-hospital-doctors-stealing-new-york-1494949
  10. Watch the two 60 minutes interviews I linked up thread, and tell us which candidate you think is more coherent.
  11. I'd advise you to avoid processed soy or any overly-processed stuff (like Quorn meat substitutes, though they taste better than the soy stuff). Plant-based is only worthwhile if you're not eating a bunch of processed stuff.
  12. If I put my ballot in Dropbox, do I have to share the folder with the state election commission?
  13. He walks out on the interviewer. The video linked is 20 minutes, including intro and comments. They also interview the VP candidates. So, not too much Trump time in that one. It's by post date here. And then there's Boston . . . What is up with this "Your replies have been merged?" thing? Those were two separate topics that are now irrevocably mushed together. Make that three. No, four most likely.
  14. If you mean poverty levels in black communities, that one's a pretty straight line cause and effect.
  15. 60 Minutes posted both their candidate interviews on YouTube, for whoever's interested:
  16. Gotcha. And I'd say that no knock warrants do disproportionately affect blacks more than whites, because they disproportionately affect the poor, and poverty is disproportionate.
  17. This follows my last post. For clarification, was it meant as a counter argument?
  18. I think I see where you're going with this. In other words, I think I understand your SME-goal.
  19. I doubt it. This issue is far from new, and many white people have also been inadvertently killed. Yet it persists. Edit: Now, if you said ". . . if Breonna Taylor had been wealthy, " I'd agree.
  20. That's because the officers weren't ever going to be charged with murder or homicide. The boyfriend defended himself against what he perceived as home invaders. Nobody has an issue with him firing on the police as far as I've seen. However, the police are in the very mirror of his situation: They were fired upon by someone who they assumed was the subject of a no knock warrant. Such warrants are issued under the presumption that there's a danger of the subject fighting or destroying evidence if a normal warrant is served. The officers were completely justified in returning
  21. We use Teams at work. Most people don't have their video feed on. One thing that's superior to an old fashioned conference call is screen sharing of visual information, which we do all the time. We also conduct live training this way. I recently completed two FEMA classes via Zoom, for example.
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