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  1. I agree on Sackoff, but in the thread we had speculating on the casting someone made a very valid point: They need someone younger, who won't age out of the role over a span of years. Larson is 29 to Sackoff's 38. Likewise my personal top pics all having over 5 years on Larson. (Yvonne Strahovski, Amanda Schull, Charlize Theron, and a maybe Emily Blunt based on that Groundhog's Day type movie she did with Tom Cruz.)
  2. Those two aren't without merit, but I couldn't stand either one and wouldn't put them in the set. This whole "consensus" thing is tricky.
  3. Doom Patrol's the closest comparison. Saw a video on it saying the creator was directly inspired by DP. Agree with Iuz on all the stuff they got right.
  4. Ah, I see it now. In that case, I'll toss out . . . Superman Lots of versions for him.
  5. Yep. We liked it too. The actor playing Five was good at being Five. (Trying to avoid spoilers. )
  6. That's not what I meant by pacing. Sorry if I wasn't clear: The pacing I'm referring to is the amount of time spent not advancing the story in meaningful ways. There was a lot of material that could have been left on the cutting room floor. For example, flashbacks to earlier episodes used multiple times (and not in the context of the time travel-induced rewinds, which were OK.) and time spent on developing Cha-Cha and Hazel that could have been better spent on other characters. (I liked the Cha-Cha and Hazel stuff, just some of it went on longer than their contribution to the main plot merited
  7. Finished up The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It was OK, but the pacing was a bit slow. It seemed like it could have been done in 8 instead of 10 episodes. Wife and I will both watch a second season if it gets one, but I can't really give it a strong recommendation. The visual FX were really decent, and the acting was good to excellent.
  8. I agree on being somewhat underwhelmed by the trailers. I'm still not convinced of Larson being the best casting choice, but not because of her activism or anything else off screen.
  9. The moron who wrote that article whines at length about Larson's hatred of white males, because of a comment she made about being interviewed mostly by white males. Here's what she actually said: She's clearly out of control.
  10. . . . when you shovel snow for an hour, and the snow plow shows up ten minutes after you finish.
  11. True, they were really passing the idiot ball around a lot.
  12. I was *this* close to spelling it that way, but not sure everyone would get the reference.
  13. Mind you, I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of Poe. He was more than a bit of a dumbass.
  14. That's just slang for "pilot." It doesn't imply anything about his character. I think she was simply reminding him of their relative positions/ranks to put him in his place in that scene.
  15. This is somewhat misleading. A regular service (not reserve) retiree receiving pay can be subject to the UCMJ. They usually won't court-martial unless it's an extreme case like the one in the article. Anyone else is only subject to the UCMJ for a short time after mustering out. As for speaking against the CIC, here's what the article says, bolding added for emphasis by me: " Under 10 U.S.C. § 888, a service member who speaks out against the government can be court-martialed: " A "service member" is a . . . anyone who served (and in this context retired with
  16. ^ All of those things are why Gamera was my favorite growing up.
  17. The only thing that bugs me about Cap's costumes is that some of them have stripes that aren't simply straight stripes, but skinny stripes with wider sections. I thought they did a good job adapting Psylock's costume, though Olivia Munn had a few funny comments on the process of getting into it. (Conan interview of same available on YouTube.) Though to be honest, I liked her pre-bodyswap armored costume with the hood better. As for Captain Marvel, I agree they made a good choice out of the options available. I do like the black one with the zig-zag in comics, but don't
  18. Watchmen Gaiman's Sandman run The Judas Contract Astonishing X-Men (Whedon)
  19. It's going directly to the Disney Channel, so if you have the channel, you can see it Friday (according to Wikipedia) or Saturday (according to the OP).
  20. Unlikely. Objectively, this is one of the good decisions he's made, even if it's probably on accident. (On accident, because he's just doing it to buck a trend and doesn't like dogs, but not because he realizes that it's a bad idea to get a pet just for the photo ops.)
  21. You know Martin works on the show, too, right? And since he's unlikely to ever finish the series, the show is probably the only ending we'll ever see to the story.
  22. He's saying if he was secretly a Targaryen, he'd be a bastard. They're into fan theory territory.
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