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  1. There are plenty of supporting documents from the time of the writing of the Constitution to clarify the intent behind the document's wording. I think the biggest issue is that a revision would require an immense level of control by one party or the other. I don't know if I'd like a revision framed by a single, and these days likely extremist, viewpoint, no matter which side of the aisle it fell to.
  2. Finished Season 2 of Discovery. Actually liked it a lot. Upped their game from Season 1, really enjoyed the cast dynamics. Watching All Rise, a few episodes in. Courtroom drama/feel good show starring Simone Missick. Writing is pretty bad, but I like Missick and some ot the other cast members (Reggie Lee from Grimm in a supporting role, and the girl that played Gypsy on Flash). I really don't recommend this one, but I'm watching it anyway.
  3. I wonder if this is going to be seen as an affirmative defense (we did it, but we had to because of X reason that exempts us from charges), thus shifting the burden of proof to the defense, or as a straight up not guilty plea (we didn't commit the crime because the gun wasn't capable of being fired on that particular day). It seems like the prosecution wants the former while the defense is angling toward the latter.
  4. I think the appropriate response would have been to get inside, call 911, and observe. It seemed to me the crowd was making their displeasure with the mayor very loudly known, so if I wasn't the mayor, I wouldn't worry too much.
  5. I just read the article, including the documentation. I don't see any malfeasance. The crime lab clearly documented the condition the firearm was received in, and investigated why it couldn't be fired. They then reassembled it to see if it could be made to fire. Though I wouldn't consider removing the firing pin "field stripping," that's splitting hairs. (It's not too hard to get at on a PPK/S anyway.) In any event, as Bolo points out, their attorney turned over the gun after the fact. It's hardly valid evidence at this point, as the defendants have had ample opportuni
  6. Finished Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. I liked it. Really didn't mind the more alien-looking Klingons. I do wish they'd speak in English to each other so that I could play games on my other screen easier, though.
  7. Found this on a Delta Rae (indy band I like) playlist: Upload date: 2015 .
  8. Finished Season 1 of Cursed (Netflix): Not bad, but has some plot convenience going on in a couple of places. Will watch a Season 2. Good casting for Nimue and Merlin. Not over-excited about the rest of the cast, but no complaints either. Oh, and Squirrel. I liked Squirrel. Watched Outsider (Netflix), a movie about a white veteran (possibly AWOL, played by Jared Leto) jailed in post-war Japan who joins the Yakuza. Nicely-shot, good acting, and absolutely zero exposition. If you don't like exposition, this is the movie for you. It could have used just a little exposition, though. Pr
  9. I don't want to pile on, but best wishes from me, too, Archer.
  10. McCain shot himself in the foot with his VP pick, but I think nobody realized how bad that pick was at the time.
  11. Thank you! There's nothing new about frilled sharks, despite the headline implying that they've been rediscovered off of Portugal. They have a wide range, and off the coast of Portugal was already part of that range. I guess that headline gets more clicks than, "Look at this picture of a weird-looking shark!" though.
  12. I was wondering if there was something more specific. I'm not really familiar with the PNW's history of settlement, or what forms any displacement of local first nations took.
  13. Not it! I'm a former (way former) Military Police officer, which is a slightly different flavored beast. Though most murders are people who know each other is still true AFAIK.
  14. That contributed, but stuff has been trending toward scarce since the start of the pandemic. After TP, that is.
  15. Been watching a bunch of stuff lately, but not posting. Let's see if I can remember a few: Abyss (Netflix): Korean drama staring Park Bo-Young. Unlike the other K-dramas of hers that I've seen, which are supernatural romances with serial killer subplots, this one is a supernatural serial killer plot with a romance subplot. And massively obvious product placements. It was good enough, but I think ran long (to fit in more scenes designed for product placement). The older ones, Strong Girl Bong Soon and Oh My Ghostess were better. Park still super charming and cute, though, with some
  16. You should check gun and ammo prices/availability online. Apparently, a whole lot of people think we can shoot the Coronavirus.
  17. You could. People have shot police serving no knock warrants on the wrong house and walked without being charged, for just those reasons. On the other hand, you're not likely to be able to put up much useful resistance in the moment, so a lawsuit after the fact might be the more prudent course of action. (Assuming the intent isn't to permanently disappear you, of course. Or even semi-permanently.)
  18. Thanks, OM. There's still hope for my back taking me out, though. I could always have an accident from a back spasm while driving to my chiropractor tomorrow.
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