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  1. That is a really cool spell system.
  2. I'm asking cuz I was confused by it. Some of the suggestions look cool, but I was hoping to find something that would cost about 50 to 60 AP max.
  3. How do you design a sleep spell using the Hero system? I understand Hero enough to do the more obvious effects, but its the more subtle effects that confuse me. Things like sleep, or just warming up a small area like a campfire effect, things like that. Sometimes, because of the variety of options available, I just get confused and that's why I come here, to get help. And I know that someone...**killer shrike**....will be able to help.
  4. Hello to everybody, I'm finally back to having internet access and will be stepping in more often than previously. I agree with this. I would have much preferred a equipment book with just weapons, armors, cybernetics, generic items, and left out all the spaceships and vehicles for a different book, or made the spacer's toolkit a much larger book. As it stands, I will only be using the first chapter of that book. TE as a setting, to me, is very uninspiring. I bought it and I like it, for the equipment primarily. The setting itself is kind of bland to me. It doesn't spark my imagination like Star Wars does (okay, I like space opera a lot more and TE isn't that space operatish to me). As for this book of worlds...why not just combine the book of worlds and the book of enemies into one large, 300 page book and charge us 30.00 for it. Design the worlds, create some enemies that could be found on those worlds, create some creatures that inhabit those worlds, perhaps some new equipment that is originally from those worlds...and give us a really kick butt book that really gives us our money's worth.
  5. What are the specific limitations of having an EC, MP with or without Ultras, and a VPP? What exactly can, and cannot be done? Can all of them cast multiple spells at the same time, or have multiple spells going off in the same round?
  6. I think this thread is a good idea, being an Exalted fan who likes the game a bunch. Post all your ideas in this thread, I think this would be fun to see occur.
  7. Okay, I think I'm going to work on a floating continent world and air ships are standard transportation on most of the continents. It will have a few typical races, and some not so typical. Now I'm just trying to come up with a logical reason as to how all the air ships are able to float through the air. I'm also debating how magic will work, but I am leaning towards the Force from Star Wars and just put that as the 'magic' of the world.
  8. Thanks for the link, this will really come in handy.
  9. Can I get an email of your Shadowrun conversions? My email is kevpruitt@yahoo.com I tried the link on the prevoius page, but it doesn't work.
  10. This trilogy is my favorite trilogy of books. If you happen to create anything related to this trilogy for HERO please post in text cuz I don't have HD...I would appreciate it.
  11. The World Builders Guidebook is an excellent sourcebook for building a world. It does the job. That said, each person will develop their kind of world differently than anybody else. Me, if I were to try to create a setting of my very own, first I think of a concept of that world. Something small, either a single sentence or a small paragraph to get the feel of the world. Then I think of the kinds of peoples and cultures that could possibly work within the scope of the concept. I stress possible because this is still the brainstorming area, and I write down anything I can think of. ***Always write down any idea that comes, no matter how wierd it may seem*** Then I come up with a brief history of how the world came to be, within the scope of the concept. This is usually nothing more than a page or two, briefly describing how things came about. When I write this I usually envision some kind of being looking down on the world for the duration of the history, seeing how the world turned out and became what it is today. Then I look at what's been done, see if anything in those settings could work in mine, twist it to fit my concept if I think those 'ideas' could work, and so on...and I try to come up with non-stereotype settings... ***In one world idea I had the elves as the bad guys trying to destroy the rest of the races as they saw themselves as the divine race from beyond time*** and so on... Sometimes I come up with cool ideas, and sometimes I come up with ideas that upon later retrospect I toss out... But most important, if you want to create a campaign setting of your very own...NEVER give up!!!!!
  12. Those are cool characters. Are you using Hero Designer to generate them?
  13. I always found the Earthdawn system to be one of the better systems out there, along with its magic system and class design for gaining levels. Superior to most other games in the last fifteen years, IMO of course. As for Air Ships and Pirates, play Skies of Arcadia for Gamecube if possible. That game is perfect to mine for ideas if this is the route you want to go. It does a good job showing how Air Pirates live, the kinds of adventures they go on, and so on.
  14. Now that this awesome tome of infinite fantasy knowledge has made its way into our grubby little hands and sparked our wild imaginations into the infinite abyss of gaming creativity, what kinds of campaigns are most of you going to be running? Don't be shy, spill the beans...I need some good ideas to mine from.
  15. LOL!! after my stomach stopped hurting from laughing, I do hafta say...this is harsh!!
  16. Do you guys at herogames have any special programs to help out us unfortunately less poor people who would really do almost anything to get our grubby hands on this wonderful tome of knowledge and infinite possibilities so we can have a copy also??? I mean, I'll write some articles and things for you if possible... or make monthly payments of smaller quantities until I can pay it off... or blood donations... or ________________ (fill in the blank and I'll let you know).
  17. Hi all, been a long time since I posted on here (due to lack of internet) and its great to be back. Okay...I know the FH book just came out, and I lack the $$$ to purchase it (plus, my LGS won't order it unless somebody special orders it)...so I am curious about how the book handles Magic... What are the various options Steve mentions in the book on how to handle magic? Any information would be cool to know, so when I do get the book someday (not anytime soon though ) I will know what to expect. Anyone feeling like passing on some info my way.
  18. I'm in and I'll play a human. If you need my email let me know.
  19. Cool links. I won't argue to much with their decison making. I know Champions is a huge line, as will Fantasy HERO (which is the original reason why I got HERO in the first place) but I don't see a need for books like Ultimate Brick or Ultimate Energy Blaster (Ultimate Mystic I can understand because its a broader category and I think more people are confused by it than the other two). If the UNTIL powers book isn't enough to help a person create a character falling into one of these archtypes, well, that's on them... What genre books are coming out in 2004? Just Dark Champions. A whole slew of books for Champions, Star HERO and Fantasy HERO, which I understand...but some I won't buy. They should write the Genre books first, get them out, then support all of them with supplements. To say I have to wait 3 or 4 years for this book lowers my support with the company, and I'm going to be going to another company with my support. Other than that, I think the stuff herogames is producing is amazing and I love the books already released. Heck, I would even settle for a good written article in a Digital HERO magazine on how to run a good PA game, as long as that article is 20 pages or so, and the article could adapt things from the already released Genre books and tie them together in one spot. Now that would be pretty cool, and not to hard to write up.
  20. I know the whole down the line and it may be years away...but by then the request for a good PA book will probably die down after Gamma World and Darwin's World 2nd edition and them are out for a couple years... Plus, if you got Champions, why do we need a Dark Champions sub-genre book, or why do we need Terran Empire, Xeno Wars, Galactic Champions, when they are all so similar... I know there is something for everybody, and I commend the work they do, but what are the big Genre's... Fantasy and Sci-fi. Smaller ones: Ninja, which would be smaller than a PA one I would think. Western, which also seems to be a smaller genre than PA. Cyber HERO I could see coming out first, but I think the time to take advantage of the surge of people clammering for a good PA book will be lost in three years. You could always hire more writers for those of us who are really enthusiastic about the smaller sub-genres. We won't mind. Even if you hire us to write one book.
  21. Steve, I asked about this at rpg.net also, but I was wondering if you could be so kind to write a Genre book for creating a good Post Apocalyptic world also. I think there is a large enough of a market for a book like this, aimed specifically at fans like me that love games like this. I know that Darwins World has been out, and Gamma World is coming out, but those are for d20 and I would like to see a official HERO genre book for this setting. You should put some other books on the back burner, like Ultimate Brick...who needs a full sourcebook on playing a Brick...or Ultimate Energy Blaster...If UNTIL superpowers database doesn't quench the thirst enough than I don't know what will. I know I"m a minority, but I think you would make a killing by writing a good book on this Genre, which has a lot of potential in the next year or so. At least think about it. You guys are the greatest of the greats, but this would put you way over the top.
  22. I thought a wimple was a wimp with a pimple.
  23. For anybody that has played Talislanta and understands its magic system, what would be the best way to achieve its versatility using the HERO system?
  24. In other words, This book will RAWK!!!!!!
  25. That's not much of a problem for me right now since school is getting heftier in the homework department, and finals are coming up so all I will have after that is free time to work on it. Besidea, and I know this is a sin to say it here, but I got Talislanta for a gift the other day and I have been browsing through that book, and its pretty amazing. Still, HERO is my favorite game and I doubt that will change.
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