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  1. Re: Brainstorming an alternate Europe A few thoughts... Without a united Germany to pose a common threat, the centuries-long rivalry between France and Britain could be much stronger than it was historically. Maybe not open, all-out war, but colonial confrontations such as were in India and America back in the day. At the very least, an active rivalry could add opportunities for illicit activities, smuggling across borders, playing one against the other for local advantage, etc. If Germany is a bunch of disunited or semi-united principalities, this provides an excellent place to play spy/crime/political games of all kinds (as it was for centuries previous). Of course, the Great Game between Britain and Russia would continue apace. Another fun place for skulduggery of all kinds. Without Germany in the way, Russia would be constantly trying to push into central & Western Europe, leading to constant dustups and underhanded activities. Britain and/or France might give support to Polish nationalists, leading to much disorder (since free Poland was recreated by Versailles, and had not been subjugated long before). There could also be actual war between these powers, as was the case in Crimea less than a century before. The Baltic and North Seas might become a pirate zone, with German freebooters playing Russian, British and Swedish authorities against each other. Without WWI and the granting of League of Nations mandates over former German possessions, Imperial Japan would be less able to dominate the Pacific. Its plans against China would be largely unaffected, though. It might even offer itself as wild-card support foe various factions in Europe, as a way to gain influence and connections. (Samurai and Ninjas on Zeppelins! Total Win! )
  2. Re: You know the GM has it in for you when... The nameless minions have weapons that are just as powerful as your best Energy Blast.
  3. Re: Chocolate Orc The only thing I can think to add might be a Susceptibility to Direct Sunlight, seeing how chocolate melts when it's hot outside. I know this for a fact because of a birthday party we threw for our son several years ago, which included an easter-egg-type hunt in the back lawn for various little toys treats. Among those treats were chocolate coins. Well, it being August, and there being some unexpected delay between the laying out of stuff and the start of the hunt, well, the coins didn't keep their shape. At all.
  4. Re: Dark Elves: Compelling? Agreed (and repped) - I feel the same way about "dark" anything. "Dark elves" (as a player race) have always seemed to me to be an excuse for munchkins to have their own favorite race. The only thing I've ver felt "compelling" about dark elves is the compulsion to slap them and their player. Attitude? Me? Naah.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. Evil.Mastermind@FourthReich.de ....whew!....I had to make sure....
  6. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat All the ingredients are still in separate packages.
  7. Re: Making Magic weak but useful. A whole lot of useful things can be done with TK, Fine Manipulation, Invisible Power - even at very low STR. Generally, low active caps (like 30 or 20) will keep things doable. With the various requirments others have already suggested, you can salt to taste. At such low power levels, you have to be creative with your powers to make them useful - generally, you can't do enough damage to make it replace a good old gat or bludgeon, but you can pull some clever tricks.
  8. Re: Pirates : An amusing question. Long-term plans often require documentation - incriminating letters, records of misdeeds, "get out of jail free" cards (hey, if it's good enough for Dumas...), blueprints of target strongholds, family trees, etc. A secure place to store these would be invaluable. Part of the plans might also include theft (or legitimate recovery) of rare and/or precious items (such as church relics, family heirlooms, and the like). More storage, more security. Depending on your preferences, a place to put captives (for ransom, interrogation, or other purposes) could be essential. Granted, for most of these kinds of situations, a more ad-hoc site would be less incriminating, but occasionally there's that one special person... Just having a place to hide out, especially as long-term revenge plans come toward fruition; it could be very nice to have a heavy "home court" advantage. In addition to merely hiding out, a place where allies and followers can be brought to work for you - armorers, healers, and other specialists. If your plans include a cadre of specially trained assassins (pirates and ninjas together!!!), you need a place for them to hone their skills (and they'll guard your stuff while they're there). Dressed up properly - either with real gilt and expensive hardwoods, or with chintz and brass (if convincing) - a lair can be used to impress others into supporting your cause, or at least not getting in your way. If you don't plan to live or work there, you can set it up to be a haunted castle, with rumors and stories and such. It only takes a couple mysterious events to get the rumors rolling. You could even disguise your own trips there as brave attampts to confront the ghosts, then come running with more stories of ghosts and other horrors. (And it could even be a lure for zealous church-sponsored exorcist wannabees...but watch out for "those meddling kids!")
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... from our Star Wars game last night: "I refuse to be a party to milking a Jedi!"
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My wife, who wants to run her long-running Pulp Hero character through the new Designer version: "I should go find Jack and play with him...wait, that doesn't good, does it?" (and no, my real name is *not* Jack!)
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... (after a player tried to be discreet and mysterious in monologue) Wait a minute - you just tried so hard not to say anything, you succeeded!
  12. Re: "Sleeper" Genres If/when they publish Victorian Hero, I will buy it. I'd have to be really poor to not buy Renaissence Hero as well. A friend of mine is doing yeoman work on "funny animal" hero; he's got stats and martial arts for many different species.
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... (from me when I noticed my wife's Deadlands preacher has 4d10 Strength, while my Mad Scientist only has 3d6): "Who is this, Popeye the Preacher Man!?"
  14. Re: Help needed designing a magical store catalogue Computer Link should cover it - after all, what you've really got is a magical analogy of a dedicated web browswer, one which only goes to that store's website. ******************* Another possible build is to use a highly limited Clairsentience, limited so that it only perceives what is in the current catalog.
  15. Re: Slasher Movies That's what I was thinking: Drain INT, maybe Drain DEX. A fun one is Drain PRE. This is so cheap, it can be effective at any level. Even your superhero with a 30 PRE looks meek and mild when he suddenly loses 4d6 of it - and a normal becomes just paralyzed. For a more atmospheric and "subtle" effect that should work on both characters and players, make it an Area Effect Suppress PRE, with Gradual Effect: "Oh, by the way, reduce all your characters' PRE by...3." "Why? What happened?" "Oh, nothing in particular, it's just something is getting under your skin about this place..." "OK, when do I get to recover it?" "Oh, I'll let you know." (ten minutes later) ""Now reduce all your PRE by...ooh, five." "Eew!"
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