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  1. Cool. You're right, he definitely seems like he'd be a good fit for a Dark Champions game. It makes me think some of Escrimadora, but using Kukris (?) rather than the traditional sticks.
  2. Re: Demon Star Good stuff. I really like pose; it's very dynamic with a strong action feel. Do you lay down any shading in pencil before scanning it in, or do you just lay down the outlines for the sketch and let everything else come once it's on the computer?
  3. D'oh! I could have sworn that you were listed in the art credits as one of two artists for the cover for Dark Champions. I'm gonna have to blame my apparent memory problems on the diet pop, since I'm not naturally fallible.
  4. Waitaminute... Is that being a geek or being lazy? 'Cause I'm *definitely* lazy, and I'd consider having two FREDs at home for that reason (well, that and I always come up with ideas in front of the TV, but my computer is upstairs and most of my gaming "work" is done up there). The extra at the office is totally understandable, since you can't hit *pause* on your job to run home and grab your FRED. I would think that a true geek would have two in the same room so that he could have more pages open at once; or maybe one pristine and one with the pages cut off the binding and put into a 3-ring so that he could pull out pages and have them handy to refer to as needed. I dunno about that second guy though, he comes pretty close to sacrelige what with marring the book and all.
  5. I think that the watercolor look really works well for this one. I think that where I start to run in to problems with watercolor is when I see a piece where the subject is cartoony and I would expect bright primary colors, but the colors are a little dim and the edges not as sharp as I tend to like. The subject here is a bit more muted than most four-color supers, and the edges are well-defined in all the right places. That reminds me, I really like the cover to Dark Champions (the old one; haven't seen the new one), and the character firing two guns while diving around the piano from FREd. Those are probably two of my favorite gaming pieces of artwork. Very nice stuff.
  6. Very nice artwork. I agree with some of the other posters in that I'm not a huge fan of the watercolor look, but I do like the sketchy relaxed feel of the original piece. I really like the "Cobalt" drawing. Very sharp. I also *really* liked the adventure descriptions. I haven't run across a story hour-type board here, and that seems like something that a role playing community can always use. Anyways, I bookmarked the Green Ronin thread so I can keep up with what's going on! Hopefully you'll keep finding time to update it!
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