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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From a Dr Who game early on as I was learning to DM. "Magnum in boot" and (no words, just a slow head shake clearly understandable as "Dont do it. He'll survive, come out and kill you with his bare hands.") and "What did you bring me?" "Beam me up theyre aftrer me!" "So.... nothing for me?" "No nothing! Beam me up!" "No, I dont think so..." I had allowed my players to up their stats too high and so we had Scott Smith, with a hugely maxed out Dex who liked to carry an axe, Tsyabyarus the Time Lord with a hugely maxed INT and Drake (not so smart with his points, just a guy with a huge gun and hatred of Scott Smith) Tsy was a klepto who also had a dislike of Scott for making him give back some of the items, but was smart enough to know not to confront Scott directly. Drake just didnt care, so when Scott went down a ladder into a long narrow pipe Drake pantomimed to Tsy pulling out a grenade and dropping it in, leading to Tsys head shake. Magnum in boot was during a firefight. His big gun was damaged and he needed a new weapon so asked to borrow a pencil, wrote "magnum in boot" on the character sheet, handed the pencil back and then claimed he had Magnum and was going to shoot with that... The last quote came much later. They now had a spaceship with a transmat, run by a female monk NPC from a Cult that worshipp plants. Eventually she got tired of Drakes treatment of her and demanded he bring her back a plant everytime she beamed hom down to a planet. After she hung up on him Drake looked around and found a small weed nearby, ripped it out of the ground as the pursuers are almost to him and called her back. She beamed him up and when he got abusive she kicked his ***, gently but firmly. The transmat room was covered in plants in no time.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... After a beloved NPC was given a mild concussion and robbed, two characters got into an arguement. Turn The Other Cheek: "But hurting him does not make Tamrin well. It does not bring back the money that was lost. It does not correct anything." Vengeance Is Mine: "It prevents him from hurting others, as he's hurt her." Turn the Other Cheek: "But it does not correct anything." Vengeance Is Mine: "Bah! *turns away* go pet a sheep Father. Tell them that when the wolves come, it'll be alright, they'll go to heaven."
  3. I like to paint miniatures also, but have a hard time photographing them. Re the grays, try running the pictures through a photo editting software and play with Contrast/Bright or Saturation if Auto Equalize doesnt help. I think alot of the problem would be solved with a light source focused on his shady areas more but in any case these are nice. Which techniques do you use? Oh, as a last resort you can try putting the miniature directly on the glass of a scanner and scan it.
  4. Ok. So what IS Reality Storm?
  5. Once we were starting a new game with hit locations based on d30. My first damage roll was head, then vitals then head again. The GM stopped the game and had me roll several more times with same result and he stopped the game permanently. Another time he'd made up index cards with random travel encounters. If one came up we picked from the cards. Well, I picked Quicklings my first 3 times in a row and the last time he just gave me a dirty look, ripped up the card and let someone else draw. Good thing too, those things were nasty.
  6. Dug up some old Vanguard quotes Deathwatch was poisoned and dying when a mystical samurai appeared offering him a way out. 'Which do you choose. Death or Death in Life?' DW: "I choose not to choose, and to be judged by you.' 'I am not here to judge. That is the cowards way out." DW: 'Are you living or dead?' 'That is for you to decide.' DW: 'I take Life in Death.' "You mean Death in Life." DW: "That too." Mayday was kidnapped in her Secret ID by a vampire who had Hideous as his butler. The team came to rescue her. Eclipse hovering invisibly outside lands and knocks on the front door. "Hi! I'm Mr. Bradley, but you can call me Milton." smiles and puts out his hand. Hideous shakes and takes cold damage. "Very nice to meet you.' It says stupidly. Eclipse throws Hideous down the block and goes in. Their plans in ruins the villains set a bomb at the heart of the underground complex and depart. Or try to... Villain: "We only have 8 seconds. It will be a glorious death." American Valor: "Why don't you have it without me?" Escaping the bomb blast Vanguard tracks down the villains but instead are led into a trap that sends them back to the Jurassic era. While the gadgeteer minded examine the machine responsible, the mystical alien has a better idea. Bedlam: "I'll let you try to fix this, then I do what I have to." Night Warden: "What do you mean by that?" Bedlam: "How would you like to go to an extra dimension?" Night Warden"Can anyone get hurt?" Bedlam:"I don't know. I've never done it before." Psi-Shock: "By the way, are you well liked in your dimension?' Bedlam: "I can't remember. I know someone wants to kill me." Psi-Shock: "And who's that?" Bedlam: "The Gray Slayer."
  7. I do but never played with them, they were the Twilight Vanguard group but they were very cool as was Deathwatch. I remember the adventure where you all got poisoned, and we learned that Deathwatch took X2 from poison. I take that back. StealthRaven is the one who tagged me when we played Youre It in the danger room, and Bedlam was there when Vanguard stormed Dye Dee Wash to get Psiona. When it was about to blow and everyone was erecting their defenses he rolled for his trackball and made it. Bedlams player was fun, no matter what he played. Those games are still my standard to beat in the superhero genre... Remember when the 100pt TK villain was veing rescued, and how paranoid you had the players? Priceless.
  8. Crisis on Infinite Earths anyone? The multiverse begins collapsing upon itself due to something happening in our or another universe. Some universes are magic intensive, some tech intensive. Meanwhile 'our' starting universe is humdrum normal, when weirdness begins happening. Heroes get wrapped up in or come out of these other places, during this flux time weird origins occur or visitors from the other universes pass on their powers to normals here. Some fall into universes with different time flow rates or time eddies perhaps while only minutes, days or hours pass here. The crisis ends, these people are stuck with the powers and remnants of that time.
  9. Mayday: American Valor - I never knew how many muscles a man could have and they all look gorgeous. I don't think he knows how good looking he really is. Thoughtful, brave, stoic in the face of imminent death. Maybe not the most brilliant mind but he is good with people and as much trouble as followed us, we needed a full time PR person... AV, what can you say about this man. When he dies, the leaders of great nations will stand at his grave. Great poets and songwriters will immortalize him far better than I ever could. He truly IS a hero, by being himself. We are all better for having known him. Night Warden - What I wouldn't give to train under this man. The best strategic mind we had. Very intense but not AV intense. This was stare into your soul intense (but not stare into your soul like Eclipse staring into your soul). I knew all about him from old tapes but he supposedly died before I met the team. Turns out he didn't so the only time I actually met him was through our computer duel, but the quickness of his mind, the challenge you provided, it was a deep honor and privelage to have beaten you Night Warden. Prime Directive - You're sure hes not in the room? Ok. I think he's crazy. No really. I know he regenerates from anything but he still feels pain. He really scares me, this guy will do absolutely anything because it won't matter. Then there's the time he got replaced by a ninja robot and noone could tell the difference. I mean, he doesn't SAY much. He just looks at you. Its creepy. Now I know why you went to the nightclub with us though. The most human I ever knew you and you were a robot out to betray us. I trusted you. Not fully of course, but you and the Flamerider robot set me up good. Kudos to you. I respect that. I just can't respect the real you. You're going to get someone killed, even if it isn't you. I can't accept that. Giga-Watt - How could you not like Giga-Watt. Nice guy. Could be the only team member besides AV that didn't radiate 'Assassin' on first meeting (and every meeting after that). We hung out in the games room quite a bit. He made me feel like I wasn't alone in the US. Flame Rider - I don't understand the American James Dean fascination, or rebel biker fetish. Neither of us ever said much to the other. I guess he was closest to my age but he just wasn't someone I'd hang out with. Life has rules, I accept them and I don't think he was quite ready to... but he is dead and I'm sorry about that. He wasn't a bad person. Just not someone I had anything in common with. Eclipse - Erm, there isn't much TO say about the avatar of the egyptian moon god. I respect other religious beliefs and the other gods that exist... what do I say. I wish you well? I don't know what to say to a God. I have strong religious convictions and feel I can talk to my God, but this is different. A different god. It feels wrong. I'm sorry.
  10. In my town, this would have to be a Skilled Normal. And not too Skilled or he'd have left. I present to you.... HAWG By day a local tech college student majoring in tv repair and car repair. Hawg was forced to work summer jobs for cash to afford a thirdhand car and gas money. Baling hay, fast food industry, supermarket bagger... Until one night driving home drunk he ran off the road and crashed into a mega pig farm. Drowning in pig sewage Hawg pulled himself out of the mud and collapsed. The weird chemical mixture of pig goo and chemicals from uneaten bio-engineered food pellets gave him SUPER POWERS! Specifically Methane cloud production. Using his technical training Hawg built a gun to trigger a spark, which in combination with his powers can create explosions. Without the spark, the stench alone can drop medium sized cows. When using his flamethrower he must say (postal glint in his eyes) "I said DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT?!?"
  11. My first GM built Mayday (a human mentalist) with ego powers on the limitation OAF (-1) Head.
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